Church Insurance Brokers

Church Insurance Brokers

Top-Tier Church Insurance Brokers For Ministries Looking To Optimize Protection With Reliable Church Insurance coverage

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a full-service agency that specializes in church insurance.  Church insurance brokers specialize in helping churches obtain the needed insurance for their organizations. 

As church insurance experts, we have access to all of the needed insurance companies that also specialize in church insurance.  Far too often we talk with churches who have obtained an insurance policy from an insurance company that doesn’t specialize in church insurance, as a result, these churches are missing the critical coverage needed to protect them.

We are one of the top church insurance brokers in the country, and we have helped thousands of churches with their insurance needs.

How do Church Insurance Brokers Help

Church Insurance Brokers are typically very involved in not only church insurance but also their own churches ministries.  For instance, the owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has been a Youth Pastor for over 20 years.  This is what helped steer him towards helping churches with their ministry insurance.   

Because we are both church insurance Agents and a leader within a church, we understand the needs of churches.

Small Church Building

When you work with one of our church insurance brokers, we will ask you about your current insurance program and obtain the needed details on your church.  This will help us structure an insurance policy that is specifically designed around your churches insurance needs. 

Church come in all shapes and sizes, so no two church insurance policies are set up exactly the same.   A small church with less than 50 members will need a church insurance policy that includes the needed coverage, however, their insurance limits will be set at a lower amount.  While a church with 500 or more members will need a more robust church insurance coverage with much higher limits.   

What Coverages do Church Insurance Brokers Recommend

Church Insurance Brokers will recommend your church is protected from an A Rated Church Insurance Company.  It is important your church is insured with an insurance company that is financially strong and will be there for you at the time of a loss.  It is also important to have the property church insurance coverage in place.  

General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy can include a broad layer of insurance protection.  Typically, this coverage is viewed by many as your slip trip and fall coverage.  If someone gets injured or their property becomes damaged as a result of something related to your church organization, your churches general liability insurance will help protect your church.  Your church insurance coverage should also include a host of other coverages within the general liability coverage.  These include coverage for Pastoral Counseling, Directors and Officers, Abuse and Molestation, Employment Practice Liability Insurance, Crime, Religious Belief coverage, and more.  

Church Property Insurance

No matter if you own a church building or you are simply renting a space.  Your church will need to have church property insurance.  This coverage can include coverage for the church building insurance and/or the churches personal property such as your sound equipment.  

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As your church grows so will your need for additional insurance protection.  Workers’ compensation insurance for churches, protects your church staff and Pastors in the event they experience a work related injury.  

Business Auto Insurance

Many churches acquire vehicles to help support their ministries.  Business auto insurance for churches includes coverage for your 15-passenger vans or even a church bus.  No matter what type of church-owned vehicles, your church insurance brokers are here to help find your church an affordable church insurance company.  

Group Health Insurance

Your church staff will need health insurance for them and their family.  While group health insurance is not cheap is critical insurance coverage for churches.  This includes coverage for health insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, and Short Term and Long Term Insurance coverage.   

We want to be your #1
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Insurance Brokers

Your church insurance brokers are there for you from the very  beginning.  We pride ourselves in serving our church clients and helping them obtain the needed church insurance.  Each of our churches are confident that they are protected as we have considered all of their church insurance needs.

To get started, feel free to give us a call and/or fill out the contact form with any questions or queries you might have. One of our church insurance brokers will assist you throughout the entire process, providing unique insurance and risk management solutions for your church

Take the first step toward having adequate church insurance protection today at an affordable price! Whether it’s for your churches general liability insurance or church property insurance, we’re just a phone call away. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for any queries or questions regarding our services.

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