Group Health Insurance For Churches

At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc., our church insurance specialists work with you to tailor a group health insurance program that meets your churches needs.  We know that group health insurance for churches is not inexpensive, so we will do our best to find a plan that is as budget minded as possible. 


We are able to accomplish because we have access to all of the group health insurance companies, so when you come to us, we truly are your one stop shop for all of your church insurance needs. 


We even have access into some alternative programs designed for people of faith.  These programs are not perfect for everyone, but it should be a discussion to explore.


Some of the alternative programs are considered faith based sharing groups.  This is when the organization as a group, agrees to share in some or all of your medical expenses.  However, it is clearly stated that they are not required to share in all of your medical expenses. 


Depending on your churches finances, a faith based sharing group may be your best option.  Or after reviewing how these programs work, you may decide to stick with traditional insurance.  Due to the exclusions related to pre-existing conditions and some that include payment caps, some churches have decided it would be best to avoid these sharing groups, due to their limitations.   


It is important to mention, that faith based sharing groups are not an insurance product.  So there are no guarantees by an insurance company or your State Department of Insurance. While many have had great experiences with these programs, others have found them to be lacking in many ways.  

Group Health Insurance For Churches

As your church insurance brokers, it is our job to represent your best interest.  We are here to discuss how each program works, which will enable your church board of directors to make an informed decision. 

Group Health Insurance Coverage Offerings For Churches

When it comes to group benefits for churches or any nonprofit organization, it is important to consider all cost and benefits that are available.  Any time a specific coverage is not purchased, your employees take on that additional burden.  However, as the employer you take on the responsibility to make sure you can cover all costs associated with group health insurance for churches.  

Following are some specific coverages your church may want to consider:

Your church may want to consider other types of insurance coverages, such as a individual life insurance policy.  These life insurance policies can be structured to make the spouse the beneficiary.  In addition, your church may want to also consider a separate life insurance policy that makes the church organization the beneficiary.  This can help stabilize the church in the event of an unexpected loss of your senior leadership.  This coverage can help provide a cushion for your church, while you search for someone to take their place.  We have found during these unexpected losses; church offerings decrease while you transition.

There are a lot of decision that churches need to make related to their churches benefit package they offer to their church staff.  Some years churches have an abundance of funds, while other years churches are barely scraping by financially.   

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is here to help you with your churches insurance needs.  As a full service insurance broker, we are here to help you with everything from Group Benefits to General Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, Abuse and Molestation Insurance, Church Property Insurance, and more.  Please let us assist you with more information on your interest and receive a free no obligation group health insurance quote, just for you. You can call my office at (562) 606-1030 and set an appointment to find a solution to meet your church or family insurance needs.

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