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Current Job Opening:

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Insurance Producer

We sell employee benefits insurance and property & casualty insurance to small, medium, and large sized church throughout the United States. Our focus is working with Churches and helping them obtain the best coverage at the lowest price. We are interested in candidates that seek a sales career and has the ability to work with Pastors, Elder Boards and Administrators. This person needs to have the up-most superior Integrity and treat each prospect / client with the up-most respect.

We are looking for a sales person who is able to work independent and find new clients.  The ideal candidate should have at least two years prior work experience in a professional background and a four year college degree.  We prefer experience in writing Churches or having a full working knowledge of churches and there needs from a risk management perspective.  Qualified applicants are responsible for developing new commercial insurance prospects and clients through phone solicitation, walk-in solicitation, networking and community involvement. It is important to understand that a high percentage of the early prospecting conducted by a new producer will come via phone solicitation and walk-in solicitation.  The position requires that you have your Property and Casualty & Life and Health Insurance License prior to your employment.   It is important that you develop and maintain business relationships, marketing, account management and customer service with new and existing clients. Please send resume and cover letter to the email address below. In your cover letter, please explain your reason for interest and how your prior experience makes you a qualified applicant for the position.


Location: Nationwide

Required Competencies:

  1. The ability to set, pursue and attain achievable goals
  2. The capacity to recover quickly from rejection
  3. Ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames
  4. Accountable for and takes responsibility for personal actions
  5. A bottom line practical thinker
  6. Ability to look at the big picture
  7. Others consider you to be decisive with a proven ability to show good judgment and meet deadlines on a timely basis
  8. Can take criticism from peers and/or prospects and use it as motivation to improve
  9. Common Sense/”Street Smarts”
  10. Competitive
  11. Outgoing and extroverted
  12. No fear of failure
  13. Ability to handle confrontation and overcome rejection
  14. Detailed and analytical
  15. Innate desire to get better every day
  16. Excellent verbal/presentation skills
  17. Time Management
  18. Handle objective criticism

Salary Range: New producers are paid on a 100% commission basis.

Relocation Expenses: No

Contact: (No Phone Call’s Please)
Kevin Edwards: [email protected]

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