Types of Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

Nonprofit written on a puzzle piece

Most people associate the term nonprofit with reputable and large public charities and well-known private foundations. However, the term Nonprofit is not synonymous with just charity and donations. In reality, nonprofit is an umbrella concept that refers to almost thirty types of organizations registered under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. All these organizations are […]

Church Management In 5 Simple Steps

A cross symbol on a church management.

Effective church management includes administrating the money, time, and people of the church. Structured business practice is required to ensure your church functions smoothly. After all, a church can only operate smoothly if efficient processes and systems are implemented. Here’s how you can establish a proper church management system:

Can a Church be Sued for Negligence?

A gray concrete church with glass windows.

A church can be sued for negligence for various reasons. Anyone can sue a church in court for violating the law. Sexual abuse, fraud, class action, extortion, and driving emotional distress among people are some reasons a church might face strict legal action. Here are some reasons a church can be liable.

What Makes A Successful Nonprofit Organization?

A man’s cap reading, ‘Love your Neighbor.’

Building a successful nonprofit organization can be challenging. Sustaining it can be even more difficult. Nonprofit firms must maintain themselves as stable, resilient, and relevant organizations in today’s ultra-competitive world. They need financial stability, strong leadership, and a passionate volunteer base to thrive and grow. If you’re currently running or starting a nonprofit organization, here’s […]

Ultimate Guide for Marketing Nonprofits | Engage Your Supporters

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Nonprofit Marketing is a vital part of running any successful nonprofit organization, but it’s tough to keep up with the latest strategies. Luckily for you non-profit companies who want fresh new ideas that will help your organization stand out from all other advertisers – I’ve got some great news! There are plenty more ways than […]

What Are The Qualities You Should Look For In A Church Pastor


Why it’s important to find the right church pastor for your ministry. It can be challenging to find the right church pastor for a local church. It’s important to consider what your congregation needs and what the pastor’s strengths are. A good fit is essential for a healthy church. Church members often look for a […]

How To Choose The Right Church Insurance Companies

How To Choose The Right Church Insurance Companies

Church insurance is a necessary precaution for religious organizations of all sizes. It’s important to evaluate your church members’ needs and research the right companies to ensure you are fully protected. Choosing the right liability insurance coverage from a reputable company is critical, as is understanding the liability coverages offered and their limits. By following […]

Importance Of Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

What Is Business Interruption Insurance And why every church needs it? Chances are you’ve never heard of this type of insurance before. That’s because it’s not well known, but it’s a very important policy to have for all churches and nonprofit organizations. Business interruption insurance covers your church in the event that something happens that […]

Why Copper Theft Is On the Rise and How It’s Affecting Churches

Why Copper Theft Is On The Rise And How It's Affecting Churches

Why Copper Theft Is On The Rise And How It’s Affecting Churches In recent years, copper theft has become a serious problem for churches across the country. Thieves are targeting copper roofing, gutters, downspouts, and even the wiring inside buildings. The cost of repairs can be significant, and the disruptions caused by the thefts can […]

Abuse Prevention: A Risk Management Perspective

“Church too” written on the hands of a woman - Abuse Prevention

All churches and ministries strongly advocate the need for abuse prevention policies, claiming zero-tolerance for the issue. However, there is a huge difference between being an advocate and taking the necessary preventative measures. Churches and ministries have a long history of abuse and molestation, with new stores and incidents coming to light daily.

Easy Ways to Create a Safer Church This Sunday

Create A Safer Church Environment

For most, Sunday service is a family affair with people coming together to remember God and spread his message. However, the increasing threats and risks have forced people to stay at home and forgo this practice. Churches need to prioritize the safety of members and take necessary measures to help them feel safe.

Surprising Factors Affecting the Cost of Commercial Auto Insurance

A man thinking about the cost of commercial auto insurance

It’s important to have a dependable auto insurance policy as an organization with vehicles. It will ensure the safety of your workers and property, saving you from any extensive repairs and medical costs. Accidents happen, and even the best drivers are not immune to such mishaps.

Insurance Insights for Nonprofits

Teamwork concept

Given the tight budgets on which nonprofits operate, it’s difficult to add insurance to the budget. Nonprofit organizations help the less fortunate get equal access to services like education and entertainment. While the sole purpose of these organizations is to serve others, they can only do so if they are strong and safe.

18 Things You Need To Know About Church Insurance

Church Insurance Agency

18 Things You Need To Know About Church Insurance: What to Look for When Shopping for Coverage Church insurance is a specialized type of insurance that is designed to protect churches and religious organizations from liability and property damage. It is important for churches to have insurance, as they are often held liable for things like […]

3 Common Commercial Auto Insurance Myths – Debunked!

Car-insurance A traffic accident

Planning to invest in a commercial auto insurance coverage plan? Well, you are not alone. Each year, millions of drivers and vehicle owners get their vehicles insured. Yet, some people are still not sure whether buying auto insurance is a smart decision.

Creating a Business Continuation Plan: Where Do I Start?

A group of people working on a business continuation plan for nonprofits

It is essential for nonprofit organizations like NGOs, churches, and religious ministries to have a solid business continuation plan. A business continuation plan should be shared among employees and evaluated regularly for any upgrades.

Making Room in Your Budget: Why You Should Not Cut Your Insurance

Looking at insurance documents with a magnifying glass to manage a church budget

Church Insurance is key to managing risks and ensuring long-term wellbeing of the nonprofit organization. You forward the risk and loss to the church insurance company when you buy it. However, many people still find it hard to include insurance in their churches budget, leading to drastic consequences.

Things To Consider Before Filing a Property Claim

Damaged property How to file a Property claim

Serious damage to your church property can stop operations in their tracks. It can leave your congregation displaced for the foreseeable future, causing a hindrance in your mission of spreading the word of God, especially when your church insurance company balks at your property claim and looks for ways to avoid reimbursing you for the […]

Reducing Your Homeless Shelter Liability Insurance Risk

homeless shelter family

Reducing Your Homeless Shelter Liability Insurance Risk Homeless shelters service their local community by providing a safe place to stay for those who are homeless.  They also provide many additional services such as providing food, hygiene supplies, drug and alcohol recovery programs, spiritual guidance, showers, and many additional services.  While providing shelter is what brings […]

Affordable Small Church Insurance

Affordable Small Church Insurance

Small Church Insurance Are you looking for an affordable small church insurance policy? We understand insurance can be expensive no matter the size of your church.  No matter if you are just getting started and you are renting a church building, own a small church, or your church can hold thousands of members.  The price […]

Church Insurance Claims Process

Church Insurance Claims Process

Church Insurance Claims Process Church insurance claims can be made when a church believes their is an accident that may be covered by an insurance company.  This accident can be related to church owned property, property of others, or an injury to an individual related to a church incident.    When an insurance claim is […]

How Can Church Insurance Protect Me?

Church Insurance Protection

How Can Church Insurance Protect Me? The need for church insurance can seem obvious for some but for others it can be viewed as simply unneeded.  Churches can go years without needing the help of a church insurance company.  They can also fear filing a claim, as they don’t want to be cancelled or deal […]

Church Liability Insurance Cost

Church Liability Insurance Cost

Church Liability Insurance Cost No one wants to pay too much on their church liability insurance cost, but you also don’t want to find out you are not covered at the time of a claim.  It is important to properly balance your church liability insurance cost, with the needed insurance coverage. As church insurance brokers […]

Safety 101: A Church Leader’s Guide To Risk Management

church risk management ideas

The majority of the responsibilities that churches and other charitable organizations have in their daily operations are legal: governance, employment, tax issues, intellectual property, real estate, and more. They also have a range of stakeholders to account for, including church members, contributors, personnel, national affiliates, and so on.   Risk management is more critical than […]

Why Religious Institutions Need Specialized Church Insurance Policies

The Christian Cross

Churches are primarily places of worship, but they also feature unique socio-legal and cultural environments. At present, churches are used for a variety of purposes in educational, social, and goodwill-related domains. Your local church might run Sunday school, host wedding ceremonies and funerals every now and then, and at the same time run donation drives […]

Things to Consider When Deciding to Terminate a Church Employee

A clergyman in a church

Letting go of a church employee is never an easy decision, and it’s understandable if you choose to deal with the situation as a last resort. Our church employees are usually part of the church family which can make for a messy situation.  If the member has been part of the church organization for a […]

The Pandemic Continues: Tips to Get Your Members Back in Church

A church insurance poster for social distancing and mask awareness

Life is returning back to normal for most people and businesses after the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes churches as well, which have seen members return to their congregations gradually.   Despite the return of church members, the number of members is still not even close to the number before the pandemic. If you’re concerned about […]

Ways to Stay Engaged with Fellow Church Members during the Pandemic

Worshippers at church wearing face masks

It’s been 2 years since the coronavirus first hit the US, and the pandemic is showing no signs of letting up. Despite improved protection from vaccines and booster shots, we’ve all learned to come to terms with the fact that the illness and deaths that came with the virus have become a reality that we […]

Here Comes The Bride: Is Your Church Ready?

A church wedding needs church liability insurance

Over the past few decades, fewer and fewer people in the US have been marrying in churches. The religious ceremony is increasingly being substituted for weddings in hotels, banquet halls, and wineries. But unlike these other locations, churches do more for a wedding ceremony than simply being a venue. When you have a wedding in […]

Church Insurance Market Cycles: Hard vs. Soft Markets

An insurance policy document

Of all the aspects of smart financial planning, buying insurance is one of the most integral. In life and in business, there’s no knowing when you’ll be hit by bad news that leaves you in turmoil emotionally, physically, and financially. With insurance, however, you can live your days not having to worry about covering unmanageable […]

Adult Care Ministry: Planning Helps Avert Liability Risks

Senior citizens playing chess presents low liability risks

There are more ways than one to share the love of Christ, and sometimes it involves looking beyond ourselves and caring for the needs of the wider community. Humanitarian outreach is at the heart of worship, and planning an outreach ministry doesn’t have to require a hefty budget. It can be as simple as spending […]

Church Property Insurance: Spring Safety Tips

Spring Safety

Church Property Insurance: Spring Safety Tips Each spring, churches should take this opportunity to look over their church property and perform much-needed maintenance of their church buildings and property. Maintaining our church properties, allows for people within your community to know you care about your people and the local community the church is a part […]

Prevent Injuries to Your Church and School Employees

Prevent Injuries to your church employees

Prevent Injuries to Your Church and School Employees Churches and private schools need to take a proactive role to prevent injuries on their property.  Nonprofit organizations, report tens of thousands of work-related injuries to their employees every year. As an employer, it is important to look for areas where you can improve safety and reduce […]

Church Insurance Agency

Church Insurance Agency

Independent Church Insurance Agency Churches are different from most organizations, and so should the church insurance agency you work with.   The average Agent does not have the experience or knowledge of what types of coverage a church needs to adequately protect them. Nor do they have access to the specialty insurance companies that provide the […]

Rising Inflation Affecting Church Building Insurance

Rising Inflation creating gap in church building insurance

Rising Inflation Is Causing A Church Building Insurance Gap Rising Inflation is creating a church insurance coverage gap, that could have a negative affect on your church building insurance coverage.   Most church property insurance coverage, includes an inflation guard of 1 to 3 percent.  Church insurance companies attempt to keep up building insurance coverage through […]

Essential Policies For Nonprofit Organizations

Essential policies for nonprofit organizations

Essential Policies For Nonprofit Organizations It is important to have all of the required essential policies for nonprofit organizations in place from the very beginning.  Every organization has their must have legal documents, but does your organization have the Essentials? As you are either setting up your nonprofit organization, or running a multi-million dollar nonprofit […]

Tree Safety – Trim Or Remove Dead Trees Safely

Tree Safety: Proper Tree Trimming And Removal

Maintaining Church Property: Proper Tree Safety – Trimming And Removal As church insurance agents we have received numerous phone calls related to tree safety issues from small churches to large church organizations. Damage caused by one or more of a churches trees falling, can create a huge cost for the church and insurance company.  Trees […]

Instantly Reduce Church Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums

Reduce Church Workers Compensation Insurance

3 Ways To Reduce Church Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums If you are trying to figure out how to save money and reduce church workers compensation insurance, we will show you a few tricks to accomplish this task. As churches attempted to recover from covid-19, religious organizations are trying rebuilt. This means building up their church […]

Church Construction Project Insurance

Church Construction Project Insurance

Church Construction Project Insurance When a church is planning a major renovations, it will be important to purchase a church construction project insurance policy. As your church insurance brokers, we want nothing more than for our church clients to continue to grow. We have help find the right church insurance program for these churches who […]

Church Insurance Specialist

Church Insurance Specialist

Church Insurance Specialist When you are in need of insurance for your church building and liability insurance, it is important to work with a church insurance specialist.  There are many different insurance agents throughout the US, however 99% of them do not specialize in insurance for churches.   Most businesses require coverages that are limited in […]