Church Insurance Providers

Church Property Insurance Providers

Church Insurance Providers It is important when looking for insurance for churches, to work with specific church insurance providers.  The most common thing we run into, are churches who are insured with insurance providers who do not specialize in church insurance.   As your church insurance brokers, it is our job to help our clients find […]

The Limitations to Your Employers Liability Insurance

An employer dealing with legal liabilities without employers liability insurance

The Limitations to Your Employers Liability Insurance When your employee is injured or ill due to mishaps at the workplace, the chances of your business getting sued are significant. With the rising awareness regarding employee rights and the power of social media, employees aren’t afraid to take action and accuse their employers of negligence and damage. […]

How Does Abuse and Molestation Coverage Progress?

A woman holding a sign that says, "Am I Next?"

Abuse and molestation coverage is often misinterpreted. Organizations such as churches, nonprofits, charities, and private schools, among others, are more likely to become liable to the claims of abuse and molestation. When we talk about abuse, it can mean various things. For instance, allegations of mental abuse, physical abuse, distress, humiliation, and more can be included […]

Best Church Insurance Company

Best Church Insurance Company

Best Church Insurance Company Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is constantly on the lookout for the best church insurance company available for our churches. We are not just looking for the cheapest church property insurance companies, but a combination of affordable church insurance and an insurance company that takes care of our clients. Many church insurance […]

Yes, Your Non-profit Organization Needs Insurance!

A volunteer for an NGO

Non-profit organizations and events are more common than you might think. From church picnics to school carnivals and family festivals, these events not only provide a way to raise money, but also foster an atmosphere of fun, community, and goodwill. However, with the growth of non-profit events come some unique risks.

FAQs Regarding Church Insurance

A church that has an umbrella insurance

FAQs Regarding Church Insurance If you are a church leader, you likely have a lot on your plate. First and foremost, you are responsible for the spiritual well-being of your congregation. But you are also probably responsible for keeping your church’s financial records in order, scheduling meetings, and making sure the building’s power stays on. […]

How the Size of Your Congregation Impacts Liability Coverage?

People in a church

A church can have significant cash assets, including bank accounts, valuable assets that have been donated to them, and endowments. This means that churches need special insurance considerations such as liability coverage to protect their assets as well as their employees.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Your Church

A church that has an umbrella insurance

To ensure the longevity of your church, you must take care of your employees. Group health insurance is a way to protect your employees from high-cost medical bills. Not only does this save them money and help them stay healthy, but most importantly, it protects your church from financial risk.

Pastoral Counseling as a Mode of Therapy

In need of church insurance

Mental Health is an extremely important subject to discuss. But, because of the taboo surrounding Mental Health, it’s often difficult for people to seek help. This is why spreading awareness for it is vital. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hundreds of millions of people currently suffer from some sort of mental or neurological […]

5 Ways to Prevent Lawsuits Against Your Church

 A statue made with white stone

There are many reasons church administrations face legal prosecution. These include molestation charges, property disputes, and personal injury lawsuits. The financial cost of these legal proceedings can drain a church of its resources. A church may also lose its social standing due to certain allegations. The ministry of every church needs to take necessary measures […]

Reasons Behind Church Vandalism and Tips to Prevent It

A mother playing with her child

Hate crimes and religious intolerance is increasing rapidly in the US. While religious organizations continue to spread the message of peace, many perpetrators of violence wish to tarnish the image of religious institutions. Incidents of vandalism within the country have many church ministries worried for their safety and that of their followers. To reduce the financial […]

Church Property Insurance Companies

Church Property Insurance Companies

Church Property Insurance Companies Selecting the right insurance company to work with is an important first step for any church to secure.  Integrity Now Insurance Brokers understand churches and we have access into all the major church property insurance companies that you will need. As your preferred church insurance brokers, we align ourselves with reputable […]

Churches Winning COVID-19 Lawsuits

Courts side with Churches in lawsuits

COVID-19 Lawsuits Won by Churches Over the past two years, churches have had to deal with being unfairly treated by their local government.  States have attempted to apply additional restrictions and burdens, on churches that were not placed on other businesses within their state. Many churches have been forced to seek legal representation, to force […]

How Employment Practices Liability Insurance Has Your Back

Employees at a workplace

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance? Numerous state and federal regulations protect job applicants and employees against discrimination and other unethical acts. There has been a rise in workplace lawsuits in the past years. Small businesses are particularly at risk since they lack the resources to hire employment lawyers or implement extensive employment rules and training […]

How Commercial Auto Insurance Works

Church gate

A church’s operations are larger and quite more spread out than the premises of the church building. To disseminate the message of God and serve humanity, ministries are involved with missions and activities that require them to step out and go places. This means that the ministry needs to have an adequate fleet of cars, […]

Four Tips for Managing Church Facilities

Churches, like all buildings, require maintenance, even more so because of the spiritual and symbolic value of the Holy place. It is also difficult to maintain a church due to the constant activities taking place at the building. From special events like weddings or holiday festivals to Sunday mass, churches are always brimming with a […]

Do Non profit Directors Need to Worry About Liabilities

Man holding head in hands

Most nonprofit organizations have a board of directors to manage and carry out the operations. Often, skilled and educated people are wary of joining boards of nonprofits due to potential risks of personal liabilities. This is true to some extent for unincorporated organizations, but given that even churches are now starting to obtain church insurances […]

Three Ways To Help Your Church Thrive During COVID-19

Wooden benches in aisle

The last two years have been tough on all Christians as the churches have remained closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As life continues to slowly revert to normalcy, churches are in dire need of their members, congregations, and leadership to help them sustain themselves. This effort includes various steps such as educating church management on […]

Successful Ways To Raise Money For Mission Trips

African Children smiling  

Mission trips play a crucial role in the lives of countless people. At one point, mission trips were reserved for career missionaries. However, today these trips can be short-term as they don’t necessarily include a lifetime commitment. The length of mission trips in this era ranges from a few days to a couple of years.

Background Screening Guide For Church Volunteers And Employees

Woman holding a pen and form

Volunteers and employees at churches are entrusted with the congregation’s safety and wellbeing. However, it’s the ministry’s duty to take all relevant precautions when hiring staff. The church leaders should ensure every member is appropriately qualified for the job and hired after passing a rigorous background screening assessment.

Five Creative Christmas Service Ideas For Churches

Ribbon decoration at a church    

Christmas… isn’t it truly one of the most fun times of the year? The Christmas season is also unique for churches worldwide. Churches prepare for the occasion of celebrating the birth of their savior by decorating the foyers, sanctuary, and the stage with snow, trees, nativity backgrounds, and various other Christmas decorations. Some ministries get […]

How To Host A Movie Night At Your Church

Outdoor cinema

Increasing church membership engagement is one of the goals that nearly all ministries set. One successful way to achieve this goal involves hosting a movie night at your church. Movie nights are one of the most effective, no-pressure events that can easily encourage people who might not otherwise attend to visit and learn some exciting […]

How To Buy Church Insurance

Man discussing church insurance options with an agent 

When there are various administrative responsibilities and decisions that need to be made, it can be overwhelming for church leaders to focus on meeting the needs of the community they serve. A reliable church insurance policy with comprehensive coverage can free up your leadership, allowing them to focus on the ministry. However, to ensure that […]

3 Tips For Resolving Conflict In The Church

Illustration to show conflict

Many people choose to avoid conflict rather than addressing the underlying issue as they hope it’ll go away with time. But time only causes some wounds to grow deeper, resulting in severe damages. The COVID-19 crisis, combined with heightened political and racial tensions, is triggering unprecedented conflict worldwide, including safe havens such as churches.

4 Unique Fundraising Ideas For Church

Opaque jar with donation money

Do you remember when churches would pass around collection plates for offerings during the Sunday morning sermons? Members would toss up their contributions in a cheque or cash form. Today, churches have taken it up a notch somewhat because of the perils of the devastating COVID-19 but mostly due to the various alternatives made available […]

Insurance Coverage For Sexual Harassment: A Detailed Guide

#MeToo pasted on a textured wall

Allegations of sexual violence against celebrities, politicians, and other public figures have become increasingly common in the last few years. Such allegations can ruin more than a reputation; they can destroy families, relationships, and businesses. Data reveals that over 47% of people, mostly women, have experienced some form of sexual misconduct within their workplace, and […]

Surviving A Violent Attack At Church: 4 Options For Survival


Imagine; you’re addressing a routine service in ministry when suddenly someone enters your church and starts firing bullets at the congregation gathered there. When the gun finally falls silent, it’s already too late. Several innocent people have lost their lives, including the regular churchgoer who was grappling with silent depression after losing their job. No […]

Staying Relevant, Staying Strong: Key Areas Of Focus For Nonprofits In A Post-Pandemic World

Man and woman looking at a laptop

Many nonprofits are seeing dwindling cash reserves, door closures, and donation drops due to the uncertain conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonprofit leaders are overwhelmed by the urgent short-term demand surges and a gnawing sense of uncertainty coupled with various day-to-day surprises and challenges they need to overcome to stay strong and relevant in […]

Preparing Your Church For Fall

As the weather cools and leaves fall off the trees, it is critical to review your church’s fall safety guidelines      

Why Your Commercial Insurance Policy May Not Cover Hail and Wind Damage to Your Church

Church Hail

A comprehensive church insurance policy can save your ministry from the burden of repair costs while streamlining repair work to ensure timely completion. However, many people are unsure about their current insurance plan coverage; they think the commercial policy will cover all sorts of damage, but that’s not the case. Here are a few things […]

How To Encourage Your Congregation to Start Inviting People to Church

Congregation in a ceremony

Imagine; even if every church member invites one new guest every year, the congregation can grow in leaps and bounds. Sadly, most of the members don’t feel comfortable bringing up their religious beliefs let alone inviting someone to their church. However, there are several less-intimidating and easy ways to encourage them to start inviting more […]

How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your Church

Colorful dome of a church

Although church insurance is similar to that of a traditional business, choosing suitable insurance can often be a daunting task because it differs in certain aspects. Minor differences have a significant impact which is why it’s important to work with an experienced church insurance agent who can help devise a comprehensive policy that provides full […]

Practical Tips to Increase Online Donations for Churches

Young and aged woman looking at a phone

According to Nonprofits Source, missionary societies, denominations, congregations, and religious media have consistently remained one of the largest recipients of charity in America. However, giving to religious organizations only comprises about 27% of the total charities in America (Giving USA, 2020). To put that into perspective, the number was 58% back in the 1980s.

Tips For Reopening Churches After COVID-19

Women wearing masks during a service in church

Although communities, families, individuals, and even entire nations have been affected in real and lasting ways, we don’t know how life will be after the dust settles from the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing we all understand is that we’ll be experiencing a new state of normalcy. This guide will help your church navigate smoothly into […]

Types Of Missionary Trips That Make a Lasting Impact

Illustration representing cohesion of people

The primary role of a missionary is to serve as a ‘witness’ while attempting to convert other people to their belief system by teaching them about the religion. Missionaries are given the name as they go on ‘missions’ to spread their beliefs through formal lectures, sermons, and one-on-one conversations while providing some sort of basic […]

5 Ways Your Church Can Serve the Community

A man sitting alone in a church

Churches are an essential part of a community. They foster a sense of community around a set of shared beliefs, providing joy and satisfaction to its members. In the modern-day, churches can find themselves struggling to connect with the people. However, while a change in societal norms and expectations may be transpiring, it doesn’t excuse […]

Why Do Christians Go to Church on Sundays?

Inside of a church cathedral

Some Christians refer to the ten commandments and cite that the Sabbath falls on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, raising questions about why most churches hold service on an incorrect day. Yet, most Christians attend Sunday service at their local church. These differences raise many concerns among Christians as they argue over the holy day of […]

5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Church Membership

A woman sitting in church

Churches thrive on having active communities. However, in an era of declining church memberships, many churches find it hard to retain members, let alone expand their member base. Maintaining your church operations can be challenging with a dwindling community, which is why churches should actively be putting themselves out there, trying to attract new members. […]

Seated Service: Chairs or Pews?

A church pew

When most people think of a church, the first thing that comes to mind is the rows of pews lining the church cathedral. Most people closely associate pews with churches because they’ve been the traditional church furniture for hundreds of years. However, in today’s times there have been numerous changes in church design. Surveys show that […]

4 Important Steps for Preparing a Sermon

A youth pastor ready to deliver a sermon

The life of a pastor isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Delivering a sermon in front of hundreds of members can be an extremely strenuous task. It is arguably the most visible and well-known part of a pastor’s job. However, preaching a timely and truthful message requires extensive preparation. It’s not easy to prepare […]

Types Of Insurance Churches Need

Many times just a single incident can financially cost churches a lot; keep reading to learn more about different insurances your church may need.  

A Complete Guide to Church Building Fundraising Campaigns

A church building cathedral

Fundraising is a necessary activity for churches. Most churches rely on offerings, donations, and fundraising campaigns to survive. Whether your church needs a new church building, church building maintenance, missionary support, or church insurance, you’ll need money to accomplish each of these items. Typically, churches aren’t moneymaking endeavors. Although some churches host events or perform […]

Whole Life Vs. Universal Life Insurance—What’s The Difference?

A Church insurance agent showing a client various policies.

Click to Request Quote Learning about and purchasing insurance can be an overwhelming task. There are different types of insurance to choose from, but you need to find one that meets your needs. Like home insurance, your Church’s current situation and financial goals are unique. Many ministry leaders tend to get caught up in the […]