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Church Property Insurance

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a full service independent insurance agency specializing in Church Property Insurance.  Our primary objective is to establish a relationship – a partnership – between your church, our office, and the church insurance company; to provide you with Coverage, Loss Control, Value, and Customer Service.  We spend countless hours working with churches to ensure all of our clients have the protection needed for their individual church.

Following are a few of the services we can help with:

As your church insurance agent we seek to represent your best interest when placing your church with an insurance carrier that specializes in nonprofit organizations.  We make sure the insurance carrier we place your church with has a financially strong financial statement and is an A Rated carrier by AM Best.  In addition we want to make sure we put you with an insurance carrier that is known for taking care of churches if a claim happens.

Obtaining property insurance for your church is not as simple as calling your local insurance agent and obtaining a property insurance quote from an Insurance Agent who doesn’t specialize in writing insurance for churches.  It is critical that your insurance agent understand and specialize in in churches because you need specific coverages to be in place to cover your organization that most business and organization don’t need.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is one of the few insurance agents who specializes in church and has access to multiple insurance carriers who specializes in providing insurance for churches.   There are a lot of different insurance coverages that a church needs to be concerned with and we do our best to help your church obtain all the needed church property and liability insurance coverage at an affordable price.

Recent Church Property Insurance Success Stories:

  • Presbyterian Church (Church and Preschool) Saved: 21% or $15,250
  • Arlington Church Saved: 43.26% or $12,613
  • Grace Brethren Church (Church, Preschool and K – 6th Grade) Saved: 8.76% or $3,100
  • Liberty Temple of God: Saved 9.26% or $680
  • Apostolic Assembly of the Faith: Saved: 17% or $781

Total Savings for Churches in 2020: $172,000 (rounded) by switching to Integrity Now Insurance Brokers. 

Are you Starting a New Church or are you an Established Church:

Please understand that no matter if you are a new start up church that is renting building space or a well established church, we can tailor a church insurance program for your ministry.  Even if you have a licensed preschool, K-12 or a college that is part of your church ministry, we have the insurance carrier access to structure a program for your needs as well.

Churches and Nonprofits have a lot of different liabilities that need to be covered.  Many insurance carriers will not provide all of the needed insurance coverages outlined above.  It is important that you work with an insurance agent who specializes in church property insurance coverage.  Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has the experience you need.  Click on the church insurance coverage tab above and learn about all of the different coverages you may need to be concerned with.

The Owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is not only an insurance agent but the owner is also a Youth Pastor.  He has been working in youth ministry for the past 15 years and understands what is involved in running a church and ministry.  He will work with you to structure an insurance program that meets your churches and nonprofit needs.  Call us today (562) 606-1030.

We are here to help all church denominations and nonprofits.  We are all here to serve and spread the word or our Lord Jesus Christ.  No matter if you are Lutheran, Calvary Chapel, Brethren, Church of God, Presbyterian, episcopal, Non-denominational, Reformed Church, Four Squares Church, Methodist, Apostolic Church, Catholic Church, or any other church denomination.  We are here to help you save money on insurance so you can use this money you saved to further our call to the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:16-20.

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