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You may find a wide variety of stunning churches in Oklahoma, from the very old to the very modern. These stunning structures are carefully designed as major gathering spots. These religious structures draw ideas and inspiration from all across the world and serve as models for architects. Oklahoma is located in the heart of the Bible Belt and the state houses more than 4,400 churches.


Most churches in Oklahoma do a lot more than just hold services on Sundays. Every religious organization faces the risk of being sued by congregants, visitors, or other groups. No matter how careful you are, mishaps, property damage, personal injury, legal responsibility concerns, theft, and other undesirable occurrences are still possibilities.

Church members, no matter where they worship, should be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy in case of any unforeseen incidents. Since we are also active members of the church, we can see the big picture and identify coverage gaps as well as propose cost-effective solutions for churches and other religious organizations.

What sets Integrity Now Insurance Brokers apart from other church insurance agents in Oklahoma is our ability to provide you with high-quality insurance tailored specifically to your church’s needs.

Why Does Your Ministry in Oklahoma Require Comprehensive Church Insurance Plans?

All places of worship should have insurance coverage, and churches are no exception. Coverage includes everything from public liability to employee practices to the vehicles used by your church.


Here are just a few benefits you can look forward to when you get church insurance in Oklahoma:

Church Property Insurance Expert

Protecting Church Property

Churches receive countless donations in the form of material goods, including pricey pieces of furniture, state-of-the-art office equipment, instructional props, instruments, etc. This calls for safety measures to prevent damage to or theft of church property from natural disasters such as floods and storms.

The most robust of structures, including highways and bridges, can fall victim to natural calamities. The humid Oklahoma weather causes condensation, mold and mildew growth, staining, tripping hazards, equipment damage, erosion and degradation of the building fabric, and poor insulation performance – leading to considerable damage that can have exorbitant repair costs.

Oklahoma is no stranger to tornadoes all year round; hence, it is crucial to purchase comprehensive church property insurance in Oklahoma. The right policy will provide adequate coverage for the cost of repairing or rebuilding church property in the event of a tornado or other natural catastrophe.

Protecting the Church Community and Employees

Every religious leader has a responsibility to look out for the spiritual and physical well-being of their congregation. Accidents and injuries can happen at any time and place. Church administrators should save up for an appropriate accident insurance policy to pay for the treatment and care of anyone injured during worship services.

Church insurance also safeguards the church against a claim made by one of its employees. The legal system has already decided that religious organizations can use religion as a basis for making distinctions in employment and other policies. However, they need to be consistent, and they should make sure that no other forms of bias, such as those based on ethnicity, gender, or age, are at play when making hiring or firing decisions.

Ensuring Church's Accountability

Church insurance in Oklahoma provides coverage if an insurance company files a claim against you for negligence. There are several grounds for negligence suits against religious authorities. The failure to hire moral and trustworthy church workers or to properly oversee church duties falls into this category.

A church’s administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of its congregation by maintaining the property, fixing any damaged furnishings, and eliminating any potential trip hazards.

Anyone hurt in a physical sense on church property has the right to file a personal injury claim against the church. If the church is found to be at fault, it must pay the costs associated with the individual’s diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent rehabilitation required to restore the individual back to full health.

However, if your church has liability insurance, it will be protected from such claims and will not have to worry about paying expensive legal fees and settlements.

Protecting Religious Officials and Ministry Leaders

Church board members and directors of religious organizations can be held personally liable for a variety of wrongdoings, including the mishandling of financial records, engaging in activities that jeopardize the organization’s tax-exempt status, and spending donor money in a way that conflicts with donor intentions.

Managerial and executive employees need the same protection as officers and directors from personal lawsuits. There have been several recent attempts to hold corporate leaders and directors personally liable for their activities. If a member of the church board is found guilty of an act done in the course of their official duties, they will be protected by the insurance policies that cover both directors and officers.

A Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy can shield board members from potentially financially devastating lawsuits. It is a good idea for church leaders to consider getting it once they’ve got a firm grasp on the legal dangers involved.

Types of Coverage Plans Available for Your Church in Oklahoma

Church Property Insurance Expert

Church Property Insurance in Oklahoma

Along with being a place of worship and shelter, the church’s property also provides several other benefits. Think about all the ways you’ve served your church community. Insurance for the ministry’s physical assets is a necessary precaution.

Churches and other places of service typically house much more valuable possessions than they did in the past. High-end gadgets, musical instruments, office speakers, and phone lines are just some of the things that you should consider when calculating the cost of probable damages.

It is important to have property insurance to protect both the building and the contents of the church. For instance, the insurance will cover the cost of repairs in the event of damage to the building due to fire or water.

General Liability Insurance in Oklahoma

Everyone who attends a church service or who visits the church has the legal right to sue the church for any injuries they may sustain. These lawsuits are common in the nonprofit sector and can do lasting harm to your organization’s reputation if not handled properly. With a general liability insurance plan, however, you can protect your employees, church members, officials, and volunteers from defamation lawsuits and other threats to its reputation.

General liability insurance covers both personal injury and property damage claims. Coverage under this policy typically extends to both the cost of defending a lawsuit and any damages awarded to the injured party. Your church insurance agent can assist you in determining the amount of general liability insurance your congregation needs.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy protects employees from common legal issues like discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. It also covers defamation, refusal to promote, breach of privacy, careless evaluation, and similar wrongful acts.

Pastoral Counseling Coverage

Pastors and other church leaders need to be shielded from legal action and other potential risks when engaging in pastoral counseling or delivering sermons. When church leaders or the board of directors are sued or accused of wrongdoing, the liability coverage plan for pastors and ministers is a huge help. This policy covers your congregation in the event of financial, psychological, physical, and emotional loss.

Employee Theft Insurance

It’s important for churches to remain vigilant against fraud and theft since these crimes can add costs that congregations may not be able to shoulder. To safeguard against embezzlement, theft, and fraud, it is essential for churches to look for a good employee theft insurance policy.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

A church may be sued for a variety of reasons by church employees, vendors, investors, customers, or members. This involves any allegations or confirmations of wrongdoing by the church’s leadership.

Insurance for church board members and executives is known as directors and officers liability or D&O. This coverage is meant to protect the assets of church leaders. Among a person’s possessions and resources that they own outright are their home’s equity, a bank or savings account, and investments. It also shields their partners from individual lawsuits.


Umbrella Coverage

Anyone can be held responsible for the actions of others. Each year, the courts hand out multimillion-dollar settlements for disputes and allegations. Learn more about excess liability protection by contacting your insurance provider or a reliable church insurance agent. This supplementary coverage is like an extra layer of protection to your standard general, car, or employer liability policies.

This coverage acts as a safety net to shield you from potential legal trouble. The ministry is responsible for any damages awarded that exceed the policy’s basic liability limit. Umbrella coverage or excess liability insurance is a great way to bridge the gap and safeguard your ministry’s financial resources.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Nearly everyone employed, injured, or working in an Oklahoma-based job is required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This also applies to church leaders, even if they are not paid staff. According to the workers’ compensation system, an employer is responsible for covering all medical costs incurred by an employee who sustains an injury on the job.

Each state decides its own amount of compensation for lost wages. If an employee is hurt because of the employer’s negligence, the business will pay for their medical bills. Our church insurance agents will advise you on meeting all applicable state and local regulations.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

You need this insurance not only in case of real incidences but also in case of fabricated allegations of abuse or molestation. The cost of defending yourself against sexual misconduct allegations can be costly in terms of the monetary payment involved and the damage to your congregation’s reputation.

Sometimes the amount paid to the complainant is so high that the church has to close its doors or declare bankruptcy. A sexual abuse allegation involving the ministry can be devastating to a church, but an abuse and molestation coverage plan can keep it safe. If you are unsure of the bare minimum coverage needed for your religious institution, consult with your church’s insurance broker. 

Business Auto Insurance

Several nonprofits and religious institutions provide transportation services for ministers and the elderly. You can rest easy knowing that any church-owned or rented vehicles are covered in the event of an accident, vandalism, flood, fire, or collision if you get a reliable business auto insurance policy.

What Makes Our Church Insurance Agents Special?

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has been dedicated to serving the unique insurance needs of churches and religious organizations for the past 19 years. Our original and ongoing goal is to make sure churches, Christian organizations, and ministries throughout Oklahoma have access to comprehensive insurance protection. With decades of expertise, we can relate to the difficulties you’re facing and help you make sense of the solutions and insurance plans available.


The founder of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is an experienced insurance professional and a well-regarded Young Pastor who has served in the youth ministry for the past 19 years. We provide customized care to each of our clients and work hard to design comprehensive church insurance policies. This helps us provide the best protection for your Oklahoma church.

Church Property Insurance Expert

For almost two decades, it has been our privilege to serve as your community’s church insurance agents. We believe that the graces that have been showered upon us are a reward for our efforts to serve others with a spirit of gratitude. 


Let’s get together and get to work! Check out our website by clicking here or for immediate assistance; please call us at (877) 854-7396 and get your free quote today!

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