Los Angeles California Churches Returning back to normal in 2021

California Church Insurance

Church Property Insurance Expert (877) 854-7396 Los Angeles California Churches Returning back to normal in 2021! Like many other parts of this great country California was also part of the great shut-down.  Not only were every business affected by the Covid=19 shutdown, Churches were also forced to shut down or completely change how they operate.   […]

California Churches Open or Closed – Covid-19


Can my church open during Covid-19 in California? California is no exception to the rule when it comes to dealing with Covid-19.  As an insurance agent who specializes in church insurance my phone has not stopped ringing for the past 7 months with different questions related to Covid-19. Initially the churches would ask can we […]

Church Insurance News 2020

Church Building

Church Property Insurance Expert (877) 854-7396 Church Insurance News and Updates 2020 has brought about many unexpected changes and challenges for everyone including churches.  The economy was booming and everyone was enjoying life and hopefully reading lots of book and taking in God’s beautiful canvas He created.  It is important to never lose sight of […]

Criminal Background Checks – Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal background checks are an important part of every churches screening process for employees and volunteers who assist with children, youth, and seniors at your church. Many questions have been asked of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers concerning background checks, we have put together the following three questions and answers which are among the most commonly asked:   Can […]

Political Activities by Churches

Political Activities by Churches The Senate rejected a provision in the House version of the Omnibus Appropriations Act that would have denied funds for the IRS to determine that a church is not exempt from taxation for participating in, or intervening in, a political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for […]

Church Plan Clarification Act

The “Church Plan Clarification Act” was introduced in Congress in 2013 but was not enacted. It was reintroduced in 2015 as part of the PATH Act, and corrects five regulatory issues confronting church retirement plans: Controlled Group Rules. The Church Plan Clarification Act establishes rules for aggregation of church-related entities for benefits rules and testing […]

Extension and expansion of charitable deduction for contributions of food inventory

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 reinstates and makes permanent the enhanced deduction for contributions of food inventory for contributions made after December 31, 2014. For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2015, the Act modifies the enhanced deduction for food inventory contributions in the following ways: First, the 10% limit on charitable […]

Church Insurance

Church insurance has taken some new turns in the past few months.  We have a carrier that is now offering a 25% Risk Management credit for those Commercial Package Policies that exceed $20,000 a year annually.  This is an amazing deal!!!  For those churches that qualify we at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are able to apply additional insurance credits […]

GuideOne Insurance

GuideOne Insurance is a Church Insurance carrier that really understands churches.  They recently came out with a new program for Churches that includes discounts for as much as 55% off of their base rates.  Churches will need to qualify for this program however here at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers we work with each church to […]

Same-Sex Marriage: Addressing the Commonly Asked Questions

With recent court decisions being handed down in several jurisdictions regarding same-sex marriage, many religious organizations are coming across questions that haven’t been discussed in the past. To offer some insight, the following article has been provided by Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP law firm, analyzing concerns around clergy or ministers performing same-sex weddings, same-sex weddings […]

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing Insurance

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  This week, as you, your church and congregation are coming together in celebration, also remember to show appreciation for all you have been blessed with. Give thanks for good health, harmony, friendship and, of course, safety. Even in times of loss and struggle, it is important to also remember our blessings.  From all […]

California Proposition 45

Insurance is Confusing! There are millions of blogs out there, with lots of information. I just read one about electronic proof of insurance. We don’t have it in California, but I didn’t even know it existed! In some states, you can flash a copy of your coverage on your IPhone, and voila, you are covered![1] […]

Critical Church Insurance Coverages

You have insurance for your church now what?  Most churches assume they have all the insurance coverages they need or are supposed to have.  This assumption can be a bit misguided as many agents don’t understand insurance for churches or are only focused on price so they remove coverage to win the account. Also most churches […]

Churches and Being “Politically Incorrect”

There are many articles in the news today about churches being sued for being “politically incorrect”. It is such a sensitive issue that many churches are split on how to deal with it. This article is not going to be about love and grace. We will assume that your church already has love and grace […]

Churches and Lawsuits

Unfortunately, there are many kinds of lawsuits that that can be filed against churches. There could be an accident on church property, or an allegation made of sexual or other misconduct. Suddenly, the church is involved in litigation. When there are close ties to church leaders, this can really cause complications. If you peruse the […]

Church Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

We are approaching another season for evaluating our healthcare programs. What have we learned about the Affordable Care Act in regards to churches? In many cases coverage is not what consumers expected it to be and premiums are much higher. Tax implications have changed. There is not a “one size fits all” scenario. Your plan […]

Texas Church Insurance

If your church is located in Texas we are finding significant savings in this state.  I would almost dare to state that 95% of all churches located in Texas in which we quote with one of our carrier does in fact save money on their insurance.  I know what people are thinking 95%, well the […]

Church Theft Procedures & Guidelines

A local church recently found out that an estimated $600,000 was stolen from their Church.” The church who reported the theft said the theft included cash, checks and envelopes containing written credit card information. Many churches believe they are protected from these types of incidents as they trust their church family who are counting money […]

Mexico Auto Insurance

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help you obtain all of the needed insurance for your upcoming mission trip.  Check out our website to obtain the needed form in order to obtain a quote.  We can help you with coverage for your church owned vehicles and/or your private owned cars that will be driven by your […]