January 2022

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3 Ways To Equip Your Church To Give Sacrificially

The spirit of sacrifice is essential for mankind. The ability to give from your assets for a more significant cause is noble. Religious sanctuaries like churches are nonprofit entities that solely depend on donations and charities to carry out their functions and services. They need funding to cover expenses, including operational costs, seating costs, maintenance

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Insurance Brokers: What They Do and Who Needs One

Church Insurance Brokers: What They Do and Who Needs One An insurance broker is a financial advisor who helps organizations and property owners to find the best insurance policies in the market. Being well-versed with the insurance market, they are well-equipped with strategies and tips to help you find insurance policies that provide maximum coverage.

Church Property Insurance Providers

Church Insurance Providers

Church Insurance Providers It is important when looking for insurance for churches, to work with specific church insurance providers.  The most common thing we run into, are churches who are insured with insurance providers who do not specialize in church insurance. As your church insurance brokers, it is our job to help our clients find

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The Limitations to Your Employers Liability Insurance

The Limitations to Your Employer Liability Insurance When your employee is injured or ill due to mishaps at the workplace, the chances of your business getting sued are significant. With the rising awareness regarding employee rights and the power of social media, employees aren’t afraid to take action and accuse their employers of negligence and damage.

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How Does Abuse and Molestation Coverage Progress?

How Does Abuse and Molestation Coverage Progress? Abuse and molestation coverage is often misinterpreted. Organizations such as churches, nonprofits, charities, and private schools, among others, are more likely to become liable to claims of abuse and molestation. When we talk about abuse, it can mean various things. For instance, allegations of mental abuse, physical abuse, distress,

Best Church Insurance Company

Best Church Insurance Company

Best Church Insurance Company Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is constantly looking for the best church insurance company available for our churches. We are not just looking for the cheapest church property insurance companies but a combination of affordable church insurance and an insurance company that takes care of our clients. Many church insurance brokers can

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Yes, Your Non-profit Organization Needs Insurance!

Yes, Your Non-profit Organization Needs Insurance! Non-profit organizations and events are more common than you might think. From church picnics to school carnivals and family festivals, these events not only provide a way to raise money, but also foster an atmosphere of fun, community, and goodwill. However, with the growth of non-profit events come some

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FAQs Regarding Church Insurance

FAQs Regarding Church Insurance You likely have a lot on your plate if you are a church leader. First and foremost, you are responsible for the spiritual well-being of your congregation. But you are also probably responsible for keeping your church’s financial records in order, scheduling meetings, and ensuring the building’s power stays on. You

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