March 2023

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Church Insurance For Episcopal Churches And Diocese

Church Insurance For Episcopal Churches Episcopal churches and dioceses need insurance for the same reasons that other churches do: to protect their property, financially safeguard their members and employees, and limit their exposure to lawsuits.   But Episcopal churches face some unique risks that require specialized church insurance coverage. That’s why Integrity Now Insurance Brokers

inexperienced church insurance agent

Mistakes Inexperienced Church Insurance Agents Make

Inexperienced Church Insurance Agent Can Cost Your Small Church Insurance Program Millions Suppose your church is looking for a church insurance agent. In that case, the last thing you want is inexperienced church insurance agents providing you with a quote missing all of the essential churches insurance coverages.   Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a

denominational vs non denominational churches

What’s the Difference Between Denominational vS Non-Denominational Churches?

Everything You Should Know Between Denominational VS Non-Denominational Churches? When it comes to Christianity, there are a lot of different flavors out there. But what exactly is the difference between denominational and non-denominational churches?   In short, denominational churches belong to a specific Christian church organization, such as the Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Evangelical Church,

Business Interruption Insurance for churches

Business Interruption Insurance For Nonprofit Organizations

Importance Of Business Interruption Insurance For Nonprofit Organizations: How To Get Business Interruption Coverage Business owners know that it is crucial to have insurance to protect their company in the event of a disaster. But what about nonprofit organizations like a church? Nonprofit organizations are just as susceptible to business interruptions as for-profit businesses. Whether

How Are Church Trustees Elected To An Elder Board?

How Are Church Trustees Elected To An Elder Board?

How Are Church Trustees Elected To A Church Trustee Board At A Local Church? Electing church trustees of the local church trustee board can vary from congregation to congregation. Some churches may have a nominating committee that puts forth a slate of candidates for the congregants to vote on.   Other ministries may allow any

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