April 2022

A church wedding needs church liability insurance

Here Comes The Bride: Is Your Church Ready?

Over the past few decades, fewer and fewer people in the US have been marrying in churches. The religious ceremony is increasingly being substituted for weddings in hotels, banquet halls, and wineries. But unlike these other locations, churches do more for a wedding ceremony than simply being a venue. When you have a wedding in

church insurance policy document

Church Insurance Market Cycles: Hard vs. Soft Markets

Of all the aspects of smart financial planning, buying insurance is one of the most integral. In life and in business, there’s no knowing when you’ll be hit by bad news that leaves you in turmoil emotionally, physically, and financially. With insurance, however, you can live your days not having to worry about covering unmanageable

Spring Safety

Church Property Insurance: Spring Safety Tips

Church Property Insurance: Spring Safety Tips Each spring, churches should take this opportunity to look over their church property and perform much-needed maintenance of their church buildings and property. Maintaining our church properties, allows for people within your community to know you care about your people and the local community the church is a part

Prevent Injuries to your church employees

Prevent Injuries to Your Church and School Employees

Prevent Injuries to Your Church and School Employees Churches and private schools need to take a proactive role to prevent injuries on their property.  Nonprofit organizations, report tens of thousands of work-related injuries to their employees every year. As an employer, it is important to look for areas where you can improve safety and reduce

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