December 2021

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How Employment Practices Liability Insurance Has Your Back

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance? Numerous state and federal regulations protect job applicants and employees against discrimination and other unethical acts. There has been a rise in workplace lawsuits in the past years. Small businesses are particularly at risk since they lack the resources to hire employment lawyers or implement extensive employment rules and training

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How Commercial Auto Insurance Works

How Commercial Auto Insurance Works A church’s operations are larger and quite more spread out than the premises of the church building. To disseminate the message of God and serve humanity, ministries are involved with missions and activities that require them to step out and go places. This means that the ministry needs to have

Church Building Insurance

Four Tips for Managing Church Facilities

Churches, like all buildings, require maintenance, even more so because of the spiritual and symbolic value of the Holy place. It is also difficult to maintain a church due to the constant activities taking place at the building. From special events like weddings or holiday festivals to Sunday mass, churches are always brimming with a

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Do Nonprofit Directors Need to Worry About Liabilities

Do Nonprofit Directors Need to Worry About Liabilities Most nonprofit organizations have a board of directors to manage and carry out their operations. Often, skilled and educated people are wary of joining boards of nonprofits due to the potential risks of personal liabilities. This is true to some extent for unincorporated organizations. Still, given that

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Three Ways To Help Your Church Thrive During COVID-19

The last two years have been tough on all Christians as the churches have remained closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As life continues to slowly revert to normalcy, churches are in dire need of their members, congregations, and leadership to help them sustain themselves. This effort includes various steps such as educating church management on

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Successful Ways To Raise Money For Mission Trips

Successful Ways To Raise Money For Mission Trips Mission trips play a crucial role in the lives of countless people. At one point, mission trips were reserved for career missionaries. However, today these trips can be short-term as they don’t necessarily include a lifetime commitment. The length of mission trips in this era ranges from

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Background Screening Guide For Church Volunteers And Employees

Background Screening Guide For Church Volunteers And Employees Volunteers and employees at churches are entrusted with the congregation’s safety and well-being. However, the ministry must take all relevant precautions when hiring staff. The church leaders should ensure every member is appropriately qualified for the job and hired after passing a rigorous background screening assessment.

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Five Creative Christmas Service Ideas For Churches

Christmas… isn’t it truly one of the most fun times of the year? The Christmas season is also unique for churches worldwide. Churches prepare for the occasion of celebrating the birth of their savior by decorating the foyers, sanctuary, and the stage with snow, trees, nativity backgrounds, and various other Christmas decorations. Some ministries get

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