October 2014

California Proposition 45

Insurance is Confusing! There are millions of blogs out there, with lots of information. I just read one about electronic proof of insurance. We don’t have it in California, but I didn’t even know it existed! In some states, you can flash a copy of your coverage on your IPhone, and voila, you are covered![1]

Critical Church Insurance Coverages

Critical Church Insurance Coverages You have insurance for your church now what?  Most churches assume they have all the insurance coverage they need or are supposed to have.  This assumption can be a bit misguided as many agents don’t understand insurance for churches or are only focused on price so they remove coverage to win

Politically Incorrect

Churches and Being “Politically Incorrect”

Churches And Being Politically Incorrect Many articles are in the news today about churches being sued for being “politically incorrect.” It is such a sensitive issue that many churches are split on how to deal with it.   This article is not going to be about love and grace. We will assume that your church

Churches and Lawsuits

The Need For Liability Insurance For Churches: Churches and Lawsuits Unfortunately, there are many kinds of lawsuits that can be filed against churches. There could be an accident on church property or an allegation made of sexual or other misconduct. Suddenly, the church is involved in litigation. When there are close ties to church leaders,

Texas Church Insurance

Texas Church Insurance If your church is in Texas, we are finding significant savings in this state.  I would almost dare to state that 95% of all churches in Texas in which we quote with one of our carriers do save money on their insurance.  I know what people think 95%; the facts are the

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