August 2021

A man sitting alone in a church

5 Ways Your Church Can Serve the Community

Churches are an essential part of a community. They foster a sense of community around a set of shared beliefs, providing joy and satisfaction to its members. In the modern-day, churches can find themselves struggling to connect with the people. However, while a change in societal norms and expectations may be transpiring, it doesn’t excuse

Inside of a church cathedral

Why Do Christians Go to Church on Sundays?

Some Christians refer to the ten commandments and cite that the Sabbath falls on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, raising questions about why most churches hold service on an incorrect day. Yet, most Christians attend Sunday service at their local church. These differences raise many concerns among Christians as they argue over the holy day of

A woman sitting in church

5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Church Membership

Churches thrive on having active communities. However, in an era of declining church memberships, many churches find it hard to retain members, let alone expand their member base. Maintaining your church operations can be challenging with a dwindling community, which is why churches should actively be putting themselves out there, trying to attract new members.

A church pew

Seated Service: Chairs or Pews?

When most people think of a church, the first thing that comes to mind is the rows of pews lining the church cathedral. Most people closely associate pews with churches because they’ve been the traditional church furniture for hundreds of years. However, in today’s times there have been numerous changes in church design. Surveys show that

A youth pastor ready to deliver a sermon

4 Important Steps for Preparing a Sermon

The life of a pastor isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Delivering a sermon in front of hundreds of members can be an extremely strenuous task. It is arguably the most visible and well-known part of a pastor’s job. However, preaching a timely and truthful message requires extensive preparation. It’s not easy to prepare

A church building cathedral

A Complete Guide to Church Building Fundraising Campaigns

A Complete Guide to Church Building Fundraising Campaigns Fundraising is a necessary activity for churches. Most churches rely on offerings, donations, and fundraising campaigns to survive. Whether your church needs a new church building, church building maintenance, missionary support, or church insurance, you’ll need money to accomplish each of these items. Typically, churches aren’t moneymaking

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