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Church Insurance Providers

It is important when looking for insurance for churches, to work with specific church insurance providers.  The most common thing we run into, are churches who are insured with insurance providers who do not specialize in church insurance.

As your church insurance brokers, it is our job to help our clients find an insurance company that will not only write a church but actually provides the needed insurance coverage.

There are many insurance companies that can provide you with church building insurance and liability coverage, however a high percentage of these insurance providers do not offer a comprehensive insurance policy.

We do not want your church to fall in the wrong insurance companies hands.

Did you know there are over 1,500 insurance companies.  Of those insurance companies,  less than 3% will offer coverage to a church, and less than 1% offer a complete package policy that covers your churches insurance needs.

church insurance providers

What Coverages Should Church Insurance Providers Offer

Church insurance providers should offer a broad range of church insurance coverages.

Assuming your church has is considered a great risk, meaning you have not had a lot of losses in the past 3 to 5 years, your church buildings are well maintained, and your financial statements are in good order, your church should qualify for one of our top tier church insurance companies.

By having access to our top tier church insurance companies, some of the coverages available should include the following:

These are just some of the major insurance coverages your church insurance providers need to offer your church.

How to Find the Best Church Insurance Providers

Finding the best church insurance company can sometimes be easier said than done.  We know in this day and age of the internet, it is really easy to conduct a search and pick the first company you see.  Unfortunately, depending on the keyword that company is ranking for can lead your organization down the wrong path.

I recently did a search for “good insurance company for small churches”, and all of the paid advertising that showed up were for lead companies.  These lead companies will then sell your information, within seconds to random insurance agents. Unknown to you, these insurance agents do not specialize or have access to insurance companies that specialize churches.

Working with church property insurance companies that are considered the best in the industry, is Integrity Now Insurance Brokers primary focus when it comes to insurance.  We have helped thousands of churches across the country obtain high quality church insurance coverage at an affordable price.

We also recommend talking with other local churches and see who is their church insurance brokers.  While this is not full proof, it can be helpful as part of your investigation.

It is important that your insurance provider is also an “A Rated” insurance company.  We always want to ensure the company will be able to pay claims for our clients.  You also want to know the company can provide the needed support for things you may need in the future.

Having support from the church insurance providers, is vital to our success as your insurance agent.  If we are able to obtain the needed coverage, endorsements and service in a timely manner, this helps everyone stay content with everyone involved.

What Do Church Insurance Providers look for

As your church insurance agent our job is to represent your interest first.  This means we review your organization and see how we can assist you in in being that perfect fit for all of the different insurance companies.

Church insurance providers look at a number of key factors, when they are considering offering their best church insurance quotes.

Here are a few of those factors:

  1. Size of the account (Annual premium size under $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000+)
  2. Number of losses in the past 5 years
  3. Types of losses in the past 5 years (Property, Liability, Bodily Injury, Multiple Small Losses or 1 Large Loss)
  4. Will the insurance company insure all lines or a single line of coverage (General Liability, Property, Workers Comp, Auto, Umbrella)
  5. How many church members apart of the organization
  6. Church building maintenance 
  7. Prior Insurance Coverage or any lapse in insurance in past 5 years
  8. Financial Statements in good order
  9. Conducts background checks for staff and volunteers who work with kids.
  10. Has written policies and procedures manual
  11. Experienced church leadership
  12. Any unrepaired damage to any church buildings

These are just a few of the items an insurance company reviews, when considering their pricing. This is why we spend time getting to know you, and we will ask different questions as part of the application process.  Some of the questions are for the application and others are for us so we can share specific discount opportunities with the underwriter.

It is important that we are not only looking at the outside of your church buildings, but also the inside of each building.  While this may not always be possible, it does allow us the opportunity, to make additional safety recommendation for our clients to implement.

Most churches do not realize that the first church insurance quotes we receive, are not the quotes we present.  The first quote is where our negotiations begin with the companies (when we know there is room to negotiate).

When we are offer insurance for small churches, we already know the price is fixed.  However, as the insurance premium increase, that can open up opportunities for us to continue to work for our clients.

Hire the Best Church Insurance Providers

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has access to all of the best church insurance providers.  We are here to make the process of obtaining insurance for your church as easy as possible.

Our agency has worked with churches for many years and have provided the needed insurance coverages.

If you’re looking for a specialized church insurance company to get your church insured, get in touch with one of our experienced church insurance agents.

They offer an extensive range of comprehensive policies, including house of worship insurance, commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, church property insurance, church general liability insurance, ministry insurance, and more to safeguard the ministries across WashingtonArizonaNevada, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and California.

Call or email us now to get started. You can also visit our website to explore more about our services.

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