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Washington’s biggest religious communities pre-dating 1900 were Baptist, Methodist Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian. Washington State has always had a sizable Catholic and Protestant population. One of the first Protestant groups east of the Cascades was the Methodist Episcopal Church. Vancouver welcomed the first Methodist preachers in 1848, and Olympia and Seattle followed suit in 1853.


Roman Catholicism is among the state’s oldest and most prominent religions. Presbyterianism was the first major Christian denomination to establish itself in the Oregon Territory. As early as 1850, missionaries from the Latter-day Saint Church in Utah began making their way to the Pacific Northwest to spread the faith. Though major missionary attempts didn’t start till the 1880s and 1890s, the church is now one of the major religious organizations in the state.

Many people in the state of Washington find their community and sense of safety in local churches. To ensure the safety of your church members, community, employees, and assets, you should consider getting a comprehensive insurance plan for your church.


Insurance policies can be complicated, but the church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have years of experience and will work hard to make sure you get the care you need. 

Why Does Your Ministry in Washington Require Thorough Church Insurance Policies?

Churches play a role that goes beyond that of a place of worship. Many churches in Washington are safe spaces where people come for guidance and hope. Your congregation will often host events like weddings and school trips. Your church has buildings and precious possessions that hold financial, religious, and sentimental value.


As a church leader, it is your duty to protect your congregation’s members and church assets. And the best way to do this is by getting a comprehensive church insurance policy. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting church insurance in Washington:

Keeping Your Church Property Safe

Donations over time allow churches to maintain large buildings. You should insure your church’s property to safeguard the money and time your congregation has put into the ministry.


If your church is destroyed by a natural disaster, property insurance will pay to repair it so that worship and service can resume as usual. Insuring the pews in which your congregation worships is just one part of a comprehensive policy that can cover everything your church owns.

Risk Insurance for Your Church

Churches serve as community hubs for many people because of the many weekly events they host. Injuries and property damage can happen at any time and to anyone who visits or dwells in your church. When a church purchases general liability insurance coverage, it can protect itself from lawsuits that could arise from the organization’s normal business practices.

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Churches need security because of the importance of the messages they convey and the beliefs they uphold. Consult a qualified church insurance agent if you need help finding coverage that includes protection for religious institutions’ legal responsibilities. Claims that aren’t related to bodily injury or property damage typically aren’t paid for by a standard insurance policy.


Many churches feature stained glass windows that depict stunning biblical art. If your church has tinted or stained glass windows, you should get them insured.  Not all commercial property insurance coverage will cover this type of risk, so make sure you discuss this with your agent as well.

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Protecting Your Church Members

When you are responsible for the well-being of others, their safety should be your first priority. Churches host various activities and groups every day. Accident insurance will pay for the medical care that arises from any accidents that occur at church events.


These plans typically serve as an alternative to the medical payments coverage provided by a church’s liability insurance policy. You can choose from a variety of options to adjust your accident policy’s coverage and coverage limits to your specific needs and budget. This will help you account for the wide range of tasks carried out by your volunteers and participants.

Strengthening Your Ministry's Leadership

Managing a nonprofit organization’s finances and operations comes with a lot of risks. If you are a church leader and you are accused of violating your fiduciary responsibilities, it doesn’t matter how unfounded the allegations are; you could still face personal liability.


D&O insurance can protect you from legal action and help pay for legal representation in the event of a claim being made against you or another covered officer or director. Proving that you have D&O insurance is also a need for attracting experienced board members.

Safeguarding Your Congregation and Ministry

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The safety of the people in your church, both young and old, is your top priority. It is always best to start with a thorough and consistent process for screening employees and volunteers, which includes carrying out background checks. Moreover, regular review of protocols with your employees and volunteers regarding fundamental measures will help keep your church leaders and parishioners out of uncomfortable situations.

Types of Coverage Plans Available for Your Church in Washington

General Liability Insurance

Many of your organization’s hazards come from its interactions with the general public. Damage to property or injury to customers, delivery personnel, or other visitors can result in legal action – a general liability insurance plan safeguards against such claims. This insurance is often necessary to secure a venue or complete a client contract if you plan on holding a fundraiser or other type of special event.


Liability insurance’s primary function is to pay damages to persons who have been hurt in an accident involving your church. Churches and other charitable organizations can protect themselves from the potentially devastating financial impact of an injury lawsuit by investing in this coverage.


Most liability policies also include provisions for paying for legal representation and other legal fees. Consult with a licensed church insurance broker in Washington to learn more about which coverage your congregation should get.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance can help protect your organization from financial loss caused by poor decision-making, but it won’t shield you against claims of wrongful termination or other violations of employees’ legal rights. Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects policyholders from the financial burden of legal action arising from employee complaints or misconduct.


This policy covers employee harassment, discrimination, and claims of hostile work environment or improper hiring practices. EPLI will protect your church from legal fees, settlements, and judgments if an employee sues your organization for unfair dismissal, demotion, or disciplinary action.

Church Property Insurance in Washington

Church property insurance in Washington will reimburse you for the cost of repairing or replacing your possessions for covered losses such as fires, theft, or natural disasters. Your congregation can avoid suffering a financial loss due to property damage, destruction, loss, or theft if you invest in real and personal property insurance.


Your church’s real property consists of the land itself and the buildings it uses, while its personal property consists of things like furniture, technology, books, and other easily transportable assets. The value of the church’s property and assets, both tangible and intangible, will be the primary factor in determining the required level of insurance protection. If you want the finest insurance coverage for your church’s assets, you should talk to a qualified church insurance broker in Washington.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance helps mitigate the financial costs of an accident, such as medical bills and repairs to damaged property. If you are sued, this policy covers your legal fees. In addition to accident coverage, some policies offer coverage for theft, vandalism, and other damages or losses.


The liability insurance included in most commercial auto policies protects your church from financial loss if an accident involving one of your employees results in legal action. Having commercial auto insurance for company cars is a legal requirement in almost every state.


Business owners should research the commercial auto insurance regulations in their state. To learn more about Washington’s commercial auto insurance requirements, talk to a reputable church insurance agent in Washington.


Note: Commercial auto insurance typically does not cover non-business vehicles. Consider purchasing rented and non-owned automobile insurance if you or your workers use non-company vehicles for work purposes.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

The board of directors of your nonprofit is responsible for guiding the organization and making major decisions. Directors typically establish organizational priorities, allocate resources, and determine compensation for staff.


Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance protect your company’s board of directors from financial losses and legal action arising from the board’s decisions. This includes claims of financial mismanagement, failing to uphold regulatory requirements, or carry out official obligations. It is also known as management liability insurance.


D&O insurance is useful for any organization that has a board of directors or an advisory panel. Find out more by consulting with a certified church insurance agent in Washington who focuses on coverage for charitable organizations.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Employees at your church are in danger of serious injuries like slipping and falling on the church floor. Trips to the emergency room are expensive, and that’s only the beginning of what could be a long list of medical expenses. If an employee is hurt on the job, workers’ compensation coverage will pay for their medical care and a portion of their lost wages. Every employer in the state of Washington must carry workers’ compensation insurance.


Washington is a monopolistic state alongside Ohio, North Dakota, and Wyoming. In a monopolistic state, workers’ compensation insurance is exclusively available from government-run state insurance provided. The state’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) administers workers’ compensation.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

Due to the high stakes involved, increasing effort is being put into raising awareness and providing services to encourage victims of abuse to come forward. Although churches are frequently the first to arrive at the scene of a disaster to offer comfort and support to victims and families, they are also among the most vulnerable organizations in such a situation.


Whether or not the charges are true, abuse and molestation insurance will cover the cost of defending against them. No other form of insurance or coverage will shield an organization from legal liability in the event of a sexual misconduct case.

Employee Theft Insurance

Charity and religious organizations are not immune to the problem of employee theft and misconduct, which affects all sectors of society. Church administrators in Washington who suffer financial losses due to the theft, embezzlement, or fraud committed by bonded ministry employees may recoup some or all of those costs through an employee theft insurance policy.

Umbrella Coverage

Commercial umbrella insurance is like a safety net for your congregation. Your first layer of defense against legal liability should be your other insurance policies. Your umbrella coverage kicks in when the limitations of your primary insurance are exhausted.


Typically, commercial umbrella insurance helps you meet the requirements of a contract that calls for coverage limitations above and beyond what a typical policy provides. If, for instance, a covered lawsuit exhausts your general liability policy’s limits, but you still have damage payments to make, commercial umbrella insurance can help.


When leaders in your ministry have Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, they can rest easy knowing that their personal assets are protected. A portion of this coverage may also go toward legal defense costs, but this depends on your insurance provider. Some policies cover the spouses of church leaders who participate in ministry activities.

What Makes Our Church Insurance Agents Special?

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The founder of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a man with extensive experience in both the insurance industry and the youth ministry. Our church insurance agents in Washington are well-versed in the special insurance requirements for houses of worship.


Our clients are our top priority, which is why we provide customized, client-focused services. Each client’s situation is unique, so we take the time to learn about their worries, their priorities, and the dangers they face so that we can recommend an insurance policy that will provide them peace of mind.

If you are a church leader in Washington State, you may find out more about church insurance and why it is necessary by visiting our website. Call us at (877) 854-7396 to speak to one of our independent insurance agents today.

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