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Ministry Insurance

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers specializes in ministry insurance.  We have helped thousands of churches of all sizes obtain the needed ministry insurance coverage. We work with church insurance companies that are A Rated and specialize in church ministry insurance. 

It is important for churches to have the proper insurance in place to protect their members, visitors, and their church property.  Many churches start off in someone’s home and quickly grow into needing a commercial space to rent.  It is at this point of moving into a commercial building that you need to obtain insurance for your church.

As your churches continue to grow, it will be important that you consider increasing your ministry insurance limits and/or add new insurance coverages to help protect all of the different ministries within your church organization.  

If you are currently insured and you would like for us to conduct a review of your insurance policies we are here to help.

We would love to partner with your church, by guiding you through the needed insurance coverages that will help protect all of your ministries.

What our clients are saying

Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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I have been extremely impressed by my experience working with our insurance broker, Kevin Edwards. His company is Integrity Now Insurance Brokers and the insurance company he placed us with. I have had numerous conversations with Kevin since becoming a key part of a leadership team at my church. Recently we were tackling some difficult and sensitive issues related to COVID-19 and needed to check out how our church liability insurance coverage dealt with this topic. Kevin was very helpful in walking me through possible scenarios, wisely helping me formulate an approach to address the issues to best protect our church. He is very well informed and easy to communicate with. It's quite obvious that he cares about his clients. We highly recommend Kevin and his company as a church insurance agent expert!
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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One of the best decision our church could have ever made. They helped up obtain a church insurance policy to protect our liability and property insurance. We have been totally satisfied with every aspect of our relationship with Integrity Now Insurance Broker. We can highly recommend this company for their professionalism and their honesty.
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Our Church Insurance Agent was a pleasure to work with. From the first phone call he was polite, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. Over the course of several conversations he was always responsive, patient with my many questions and a subject of which I had a very limited knowledge of. I have already recommended him to several of my Pastor friends. You would not be disappointed with his service and the church insurance companies they represent.
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Our Church Insurance Agent Kevin was very knowledgeable. He showed us different options and helped us choose the best option for our church organization. We didn't feel like we were being sold more insurance than we needed for our small church.
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Our church used Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, for our churches liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and group health insurance policy. We have completely satisfied with their services. They are very responsive and truly care about helping our church not only save money but providing good insurance coverage.
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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We have used Integrity Now Insurance Brokers for over 10 years. When they asked if we would be willing to write a review, I couldn't be more happy to provide them one. Prior to moving over to them, our church insurance was lacking to say the least. They not only increased our coverage limits but also saved us money. The church insurance company they placed us with, has also been there when we needed them. Your church will not be disappointed.
Church Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Kevin Edwards was awesome. He was professional, honest, friendly and extremely helpful. I was looking for property insurance for my church and he found an A+ rated insurance company that provides more insurance coverage than our current church insurance company. In addition, these additional coverages were provided at a lower premium for both property & liability combined. What a blessing. My church is very grateful to Kevin at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers.
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What Ministry Insurance Coverages Does my Church need

Below are a few of the ministry insurance coverages you will need to have in place to protect the members of your church.  While is this not a complete list of insurance coverage it does provide you with some of the must haves as you are contemplating purchasing insurance for the ministries of your church organization.  

General Liability Insurance

Most churches, initially seek out general liability insurance for their church not fully knowing what that may involve.  This coverage is usually required by their landlord to ensure the landlord is protected.  It is not until after the church has their first claim, that they feel a sense of peace knowing they are also protected. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It is important for your ministry insurance include workers’ compensation insurance to cover the employees that are working on half of the church organization.  This helps not only protect the church from a financial crisis, it also protects your people in the event they become injured and are unable to work.  Workers’ compensation insurance for your ministry is also required by law to have in place. 

Directors and Officers Insurance

Churches are considered nonprofit organizations which means you are required to have board members.  These board members will need to be protected for the financial decisions they make on behalf of the church.  Many church insurance companies will also include Directors and Officers insurance as part of their package policy. 

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

While this may be an uncomfortable reality for churches, it is vital that your ministry insurance includes this important coverage.  As we evaluated your church, have adequate limits in place to help protect the financial condition of your church.  It will be important that the ministry of your church, has the proper child safety policies and procedures in place. We can help your church with setting these very policies. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your church may have the opportunity to purchase a new church van or bus.  Your ministry insurance will have specific coverages to help protect your church from an auto insurance claim.  You will also want to have a coverage that is called: non-owned & hired auto insurance. 

Even if your church does not own a vehicle, you may still have vehicle liability that you may not be aware of. 

Pastoral Counseling Insurance Coverage

Your ministry insurance policy will automatically include pastoral counseling coverage if you are insured with a church insurance company that specializes in churches.  It is important for the pastor of your church to be protected for the things they teach on throughout the week. 

Church Property Insurance

Church Property insurance is there to not only protect your church buildings but also your church business personal property.  No matter if you are renting or your church owns a building, it will be important to have all your property insured to the correct values. 

Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes a church faces a catastrophic liability claim.  In these instances, your church may need some extra protection to cover the full cost of the claim.  Many church insurance companies can extend up to $5,000,000 or more, to be included as part of your ministry insurance.  It is important to consider additional insurance protection as your ministries grow. 

We are your Ministry Insurance Expert

No matter how big or small your church ministry is, our ministry insurance agents are ready to help you structure an insurance policy that best meets your church’s needs.  We strive to make the insurance process as quick and smooth as possible. 

To get started, feel free to give us a call and/or fill out the contact form. Our ministry insurance experts will assist you throughout the entire process, providing unique insurance and risk management solutions for your Church.