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California, famous for its legendary roads, dramatic views from the Big Surr, the Monterey, and small sights of splendor, is full of people with a profound love for God and for serving the community. This state serves as a radical departure for people who want to move away from the conventional city life and experience refreshing unforgettable sights by venturing through the chaparrals and looking at the migration of the Monarch butterflies.


Alongside their nautical and whimsy oceanfront restaurants, lush fields, and Californian oaks dotting every street, the people of California have always been dedicated servants of God. 36% of the total population of California is Christians, their evangelical commitment dating back to the 18th century. This is why you’re more than likely to find several behemoth Gothic Revival churches in the state that have charm and exude grandeur.


Being a huge religious organization, the church hosts various forms of events. This is the reason they are always at a risk of being exposed to many accidents and hazards that could lead to excessive lawsuits and charges. This is why every church must have a specialized insurance policy that helps to protect its leaders and the congregation.


Being a beloved place of worship, the church also extends its services to a diverse group of people ranging from the destitute to the disabled. Many churches rent their spaces to the local communities for hosting weddings, baptisms, Bible school, wakes and vigils, community meals, and seminars. There are several youth activities where the church hires volunteers and interactive host programs like missionary fairs and school parties for Elementary kids.

Churches are a safe refuge for marginalized communities and have several groups working to support the impoverished. These ministries raise funds and awareness in California and host numerous substance-abuse services, and don’t exclude any person when it comes to giving to the community.

Due to the number of services and activities held in these churches, every church leader must take every precautionary measure possible to ensure their employees and volunteers are protected at all costs in the face of any calamity or professional liabilities.

Experienced church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers realize this. They are 100% committed to protecting ministries with well-planned insurance policies that offer comprehensive coverage and minimize risks at the most cost-effective rates. With our access to several premium church insurance agencies in California, we ensure your organization and the congregation receives maximum protection from any litigations and liabilities. Our customized care features tailored insurance policies that suit your business and ministry perfectly.

The church is vulnerable to many personal and professional liabilities, such as fires, floods, vandalism, accidents on the premises, and burglaries. But with our well-thought-out insurance plans, your organization is in safe hands. Our experience with independent church insurance agents ensures you get a practical church insurance policy for the most effective coverage plan that shields your operation from any liabilities.

Why Does Your Ministry in California Need an Insurance Plan?

Every church or ministry, big or small, is always in dire need of a specialized insurance policy that offers maximized protection and other benefits that come with an insurance plan. The church is always at risk of imminent accidents, fires, and damages.

The churches have many legal responsibilities that involve tax issues, intellectual property, real estate, and employment. Their operations involve several stakeholders like church members, national affiliates, and contributors that the church accounts for. But due to inadequate resources, church leaders often overlook risk management plans even though they must always keep an eye out for any risks around vulnerable areas.

Church property isn’t just an intriguing piece of architecture but has a much greater cost than other ordinary buildings. Churches in California hold historical value, and in the event of a disaster or adverse weather conditions, there can be a significant amount of damage with astronomical repair costs.

Church Property Insurance Expert

California, being one of the most flood-prone states, still has flood management designs according to the hydrological conditions of the previous century. This shows how vulnerable valuable properties are with the recent events of the climate change crisis. The high tides and precipitation and the rising sea level create a deadly combination in front of which the current flood management systems are inefficient. Unexpected tornadoes and coastal fires also put your property at risk and can lead to disastrous structural damages that could travel down to the foundation of the building.

Specialized church property insurance will cover the entirety of the church building and is the best solution to protect your property from any damages from accidents and extreme weather conditions. With proper church property insurance, your building will be protected, but other church-owned pieces of equipment, the pastor’s place of residence, and other structures will also be provided with ample protection.

If your operation involves transportation services or your church has the opportunity to purchase a new church van or bus, your responsibility is to ensure regular maintenance of the vehicles, documentation, and licensed, experienced drivers that can handle small and large vehicles.

An auto policy is also super important because that will provide ample protection to the vehicles. In the case of an accident, your members, clergymen, and students will be protected. Our church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers know all the liabilities with the church transportation facility.

Ministries in California can also face personal liabilities related to bodily injuries people can get on their grounds. Due to several large gatherings held in the church, several risks could result in people injuring themselves on the premises. As the church leader, you must always ensure your property is safe – ensure all the surfaces in the church are not slippery and well-maintained, and the railings, pews, and floors are well-kept and don’t have any cracks and damages.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), you should always anchor the fuel tanks, raise the electrical system components, and properly install the sewer backflow valves to keep your building safe during a flood.

Another essential aspect to consider is the Employee Dishonesty coverage policies for events like wrongful termination, harassment, and failure to promote. Full compensation insurance for all your workers will protect all of your employees, including immigrants and people from ethnic communities that are more vulnerable to liabilities.

Other professional liabilities churches can have are counseling exposures. Make sure your preachers who counsel are licensed and experienced in their work field. You should also ensure a secluded and private space for counseling purposes to prevent other people from overhearing confidential conversations.

Since the property crime rate in California was 2,071 per 100,000 residents in the year 2020, any employee affected during a theft or burglary on the premises should be insured and reimbursed. Keep in mind to never keep large sums of money in the church and make regular deposits.

 Now that you’re well aware of why you should get church insurance, streamline the most suitable church insurance plan today with Integrity Now Insurance. Our church insurance agents are well-experienced and offer premier insurance services that minimize any risks and offer full coverage for your ministry. Get in touch with our church insurance agents now for tailored insurance policies that suit your operation. 

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The Types of Church Insurance Coverages You Can Get For Your Church in California

Church Property Insurance Expert

Since hundreds of people rely on churches to provide them with profound spiritual knowledge and divine guidance, the church leaders must take it upon themselves to protect the people who give them credence for finding life solutions.


A sturdy church insurance policy is a must-have to shielding the church from any sort of potential liabilities and litigations. Here are some types of ministry insurance plans that you must opt for when applying for a church insurance plan.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers a broad range of aspects of any church or ministry. This broad coverage plan is perfect for protecting your organization from two main types of liabilities: bodily injury and property damage.

If someone hurts themselves or suffers an accident on your grounds, they may be charging you with a lawsuit. Churches are sued all the time with hefty charges that include the injured person’s medical bills and the loss of income from missing work.

Property damage like large trees falling due to a storm on any neighboring building can lead to expensive consequences and lawsuits where the building owner will hold the church responsible for causing the damage. But with the general liability insurance, your ministry will be protected from such claims and provide full coverage from any lawsuits that could lead to bankruptcy.

Pastor's and Ministers' Liability Coverage

Getting insurance for pastors and board members of your ministry is also important. This insurance will include pastoral counseling coverage and ensure safety for all the members of your organization who offer to counsel and deliver sermons.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage helps to protect your church from any alleged or actual accusations of sexual misconduct. Our church insurance agents are experts at providing optimized safety insurance policies to protect your rights and the ministry’s rights.

Auto Liability Insurance

A comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy and non-owned coverage provide adequate protection from accidents resulting on the road or church premises in privately owned or church-owned vehicles. The auto policy must also cover private vehicles used for church activities.  

Umbrella Insurance

Any catastrophic liability claim can irreversibly affect your church’s reputation along with lawsuits that can leave your organization bankrupt. An umbrella insurance plan is additional insurance protection you should consider for your church that goes beyond existing limits to protect your operation.

Our church insurance policies at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers will shield your church from any liability claims that result in financial loss. We ensure proper protection from extensive lawsuits, and our church insurance agents are well-equipped with all the necessary tips and tricks that come with a long-term experience in the industry.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Since every organization in California is required by the law to protect their employees and volunteers, you must make sure you compensate for any work-related injuries and loss of wages due to an illness with a proper church insurance plan.

Churches in California are prone to coastal fires and can sustain a lot of damage to the building. There is also liberal use of candles during funerals and other religious ceremonies held inside a church; it is essential to have fire insurance that protects your church building from any fire damages that can occur.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Whenever an employee sues the church for wrongful termination, sexual misconduct, discrimination, or retaliation, it’s best to have reimbursement of the settlements and the expenses that come with lawsuits where you’re defending yourself.

Employee Theft Insurance

Employee Theft Insurance will provide coverage whenever there is a case of embezzlement, fraud, or theft where your ministry’s employees are involved.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your organization also offers transportation services to the pastors and the clergymen, the commercial auto insurance will safeguard your ministry from vehicle liability claims.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Every church has pieces of expensive equipment that could get damaged or break down during adverse weather conditions. This coverage plan will ensure you’re being compensated for replacing or repairing any damaged equipment.

Why Choose The Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance ?

The owner of Integrity Now Insurance has been working in the youth ministry for the past 19 years and was also a former Young Pastor who has been working in the insurance industry for a long time. We are California’s leading church insurance agency due to our extensive experience and tailored policies that serve all your interest.


Church Property Insurance Expert

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