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Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a full-service independent insurance agency specializing in Church Insurance throughout California. We have worked hard to become one of the trusted Church Insurance Companies in California and have built this website in hopes of making it easier for you to locate an insurance agent who understands all the insurance needs that churches can face, such as church property insurance and church liability insurance.  We understand the church insurance market because the Owner is also a Pastor himself.  This is the main reason we now primarily focus on churches across the US, including California.

As your church insurance agent in California we seek to represent your best interest when placing your church with an insurance carrier that specializes in churches located in California.  Because we are an independent insurance Agent / Insurance Broker, this makes you our top priority as our client verses us being managed by the insurance carrier as one of their employees.  With this freedom we are able to tell you the good and the bad of all church insurance policies that we are presenting and also showing you what may not be right with your current church insurance policy. 

As your Church Insurance Broker we will shop your churches insurance policy with all available insurance carriers that specialize in churches.  We will ensuring you are obtaining the best coverage and the lowest price.  We are not married to a single insurance carrier so this enables us to switch insurance companies when we see the church insurance market shifting to a better option. 

It is important that the church insurance carrier we place you with has a financially strong financial statement and is an A Rated carrier by AM Best.  This A rating helps to protect your church from an insurance carrier from going insolvent.  In addition we want to make sure we put you with a church insurance carrier that is known for taking care of churches if and when a claim happens.  These are our top priorities!

Following are a few of the services we can help with:


Unfortunately, we have found many churches simply call their local insurance agent and obtain coverage from them.  As that insurance Agent does not specialize in Church Insurance these churches end up buying a low priced insurance policy that is missing many of the critical coverages they need to provide the needed protection.  It is not until either we show them the issues (which is the best case scenario) or they go to file a claim and are denied coverage as a result of not having that coverage that these churches scramble to find an expert for help.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is one of the few Church insurance agents in California who specializes in churches and has access to multiple insurance carriers who specializes in providing insurance for churches.  We are your church insurance expert!

How has Church Insurance Changed due to the California wildfires?

The Church Insurance market has changed in California and we have enter into what is known as a harding church insurance market.  While we are still relatively soft as compared to other states, the years of damage caused by wildfires has caused pricing to increase and deductibles to go higher for all churches. 

Church Insurance Carriers are doing their best to help contain their insurance premium cost by raising deductibles to $2,500 for property losses.  Only last year the overall average deductible in California was $1,000.  Which is a significant increase from a deductible point of view, this change will help the carriers contain their cost and in turn help keep church insurance premium in California under control.   

As your Church Insurance Agent in California we are constantly monitoring all of the Church Insurance Markets to see which insurance carrier is offering the best overall coverage at a reasonable price.  

Church Insurance Agent in California

Church Insurance Coverage and Covid-19

Like many different organization throughout California and our Country, churches have faced major challenges when it comes to Covid-19.  My own church which is located in Long Beach, California closed down and like many others went to holding church over zoom.  We then went from zoom meetings to meeting in the churches parking lot and of course keeping socially distant.  Like you we are eager to get these mask off and getting back to normal operations. 

On the front end of Covid-19, we received many phone calls from our church clients asking about defying the stay at home order.  Unfortunately, we had to tell them that by willfully defying the State mandate they could create a potential coverage issue.  While we could not stop our clients from defying the stay at home order, we had to give them the hard truth

Covid-19 has also played into the role of the hardening insurance market.  Many insurance carriers have stopped writing any new business as a result of this pandemic.  The great news is our insurance carriers we work with related to churches exposures have continued to accept new business.  If your church is looking to save money on your churches insurance needs we encourage you to reach out and we can help you exam your insurance coverages

Can New Church Start-up obtain Insurance?

Many of our clients that we serve are brand new churches.  One of the key factors that needs to be answered is the following. 

Does your church meet in a home or a commercial space for your main church services? 

If your main church services are located at a commercial space then yes we can help obtain the needed insurance for your church.  

If your church is only meeting out of a home and not a commercial space then we are not able to provide the needed insurance.  This is because most home churches do not have the needed guidelines in place to protect their church members.

It is important for all churches to have all of the needed written policies and procedures in place to protect all of their members.  If you do not  

Church Insurance

Church Property Insurance for an Established Church

If you are an established church and you are looking to save money on your churches insurance we have the church insurance carriers to help you.  As your church insurance agent in California we have access to all of available insurance carriers that write churches.  As mentioned not all insurance carriers are best for your church as there are some insurance carriers that include language within their policy that make obtaining coverage at the time of loss next to impossible.  

We have done the vetting process to ensure our clients, especially our clients who need their church property insurance coverage are aligned with an insurance carrier that will will stand by them in their time of crisis.   

About the Agency Owner

The Owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is not only an insurance agent but the owner is also a Youth Pastor.  He has been working in youth ministry for the past 20 years and understands what is involved in running a church and ministry.  He will work with you to structure an insurance program that meets your churches and nonprofit needs.  Call us today (562) 606-1030.

We are here to help all church denominations.  We are all here to serve and spread the word or our Lord Jesus Christ.    We are here to help you save money on insurance so you can use this money you saved to further our call to the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:16-20.

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