Church Property Insurance Companies

Church Property Insurance Companies

Selecting the right insurance company to work with is an important first step for any church to secure.  Integrity Now Insurance Brokers understand churches and we have access into all the major church property insurance companies that you will need.

As your preferred church insurance brokers, we align ourselves with reputable insurance companies that are A Rated with Am Best and are in good financial standing. We also partner with insurance companies that are known for taking care of our churches when a loss happens.

We are here to help your church no matter your churches size.  We have helped provide affordable insurance for small churches and churches who need property coverage for multiple buildings.

Church Property Insurance Companies

How We Select Church Property Insurance Companies

As your Church Insurance Agent, we are the insurance companies field underwriters.  This means we evaluate your church organization and determine which insurance company will be the best fit. 

We are required to review underwriting guidelines as part of our field underwriting process, to narrow down which companies are willing to consider your church.  We also eliminate those insurance companies that would not be willing to write your church due to a liability issue or property concerns.

Some church property insurance companies will not consider a church with the following characteristics. 

  • Lapse in Coverage
  • Losses that exceed a specific dollar amount based on the expected annual premium
  • Too many losses in a 5-year period
  • Types of specific losses
  • Unrepaired property damage
  • Church Building located in a high crime area
  • High Fire Hazard (Protection Class 8 or Higher)
  • Flood prone properties
  • Churches with a parsonage
  • Churches with a School and/or Preschool
  • High Liability Risk Exposures (Skate Ramps, Skydiving)
  • Age of the building(s)
  • Lack of Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating updates
  • Parking lot with major potholes
  • Not enough church members to support the property
  • Financial Statement & Balance Sheets are in bad shape
  • Lack of building maintenance


Depending on the underwriting guidelines, insurance companies may or may not accept any number of these items listed above.

This is where we come in to navigate your church and see which insurance company would be your best fit.

Do all Church Property Insurance Companies offer the Same Coverages

The short answer to this question is a resounding NO.  Often times clients will review the coverage limits, and believe they have the exact same coverage.  They put their trust in the insurance agent and move to a new insurance company, as they were able to save a few bucks.  However, the insurance limits don’t always tell the entire story and neither will the insurance agent. 

When considering church insurance, we place insurance carriers into three different categories. 

  1. Good
  2. Better
  3. Best


Good – Church Property Insurance Companies

There are some insurance companies that will provide coverage related to churches insurance, however they can be missing some of the critical coverage.  Even though they are missing some coverages that churches should have, they are at least providing some basic coverages.

Churches usually end up with these insurance companies for a variety of reasons.  It could be that their insurance agent doesn’t specialize in church insurance, so they placed your church with a company that will write churches but doesn’t really specialize in churches.  It could be that your insurance agent didn’t have any other choices, due to any of the underwriting guidelines listed above.

Claims related to churches with these companies can either end good or bad.  If your organization has a claim for a coverage that is not included, this could be a huge issue for your church.  In this example you will need to find money to cover the loss in full and an attorney to defend you. 

Better – Church Property Insurance Companies

These insurance companies will typically include additional coverages that a “Good insurance company” will leave out.  This coverage can include Directors and Officers Insurance, Abuse Coverage, Employment Practice Liability Coverage, Religious Expressions Coverage just to name a few. 

While they may include some of these coverages, the policy language can be limiting.  This means that their policies are written in favor of the insurance companies and not the church organization.  This can make it appear you have all the needed coverages, but the insurance company has placed too many restrictions or limiting language within the policy.

Claims experiences for churches can be hit or miss depending on the type of claims that is turned in.  Some churches state they have had a great experience while others want nothing to do with these companies after the claim.

Best – Church Property Insurance Companies

Having your church insurance with an insurance company that falls into this category is our primary goal as your church insurance brokers.  These companies will provide all the needed coverages, in addition, the policy language is written more in the churches favor than the insurance company. 

Churches insured with these company, typically have claims experiences that far exceed their expectations.  Churches insured with these companies, will typically remain loyal to them.  This is because the insurance company remained loyal to them in their time of need.

Seek out a Church Property Insurance Expert

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is your go to expert when it comes to obtaining church insurance.  We understand and know the insurance property insurance companies that will serve your churches best interest. 

It is our goal to place your church with an insurance company that falls into the best category when at all possible.  Not only will you obtain an affordable church insurance policy, but you will be with one of our insurance companies that are known for taking care of our church clients.

If you are running a church in CaliforniaOhioNevadaWashington, Colorado, Arizona, or Texas, Integrity Now Insurance is at your disposal. Our competent church insurance agents are determined to help churches across these seven states to find a suitable insurance company that caters to their special needs. Call us for more information.

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