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Iowa, or the ‘Hawkeye’ state, has gotten the title of being one of the best states nationwide. From the breathtaking tourist spots and scenic views to an abundance of fresh local produce and close-knit communities, it’s not common to see small-town meeting city life in such an inviting and unique way. Perhaps that’s why the state is one of the most coveted places in the United States.

The true charm of the town lies in its religious diversity – you’re likely to meet many locals and tourists visiting or relocating to the state to find solace in the architectural and historical churches spread out evenly throughout the town. 

All denomination and non-denominational churches co-exist in harmony, with a single focus on spreading goodness and the word of God.

Nonprofit and religious organizations in Iowa, therefore, serve several essential purposes, offering spiritual direction and shelter to anyone seeking guidance. The nearly 77% of Christians co-existing in the state also love to celebrate their milestones at the church. This is why churches in Iowa frequently rent their property for special events like weddings, funerals, baptisms, christenings, and fundraisers.

Ministries also cater to the needs of the handicapped, differently-abled, emotionally impaired, destitute, and mentally challenged community members. Food pantries, family counseling, credit, job counseling, and substance abuse support services are commonly offered to communities in Iowa.

Iowa, widely known for its craze for sports, is also home to countless football fans. Many ministries, therefore, also sponsor athletic teams and sports events. Iowans are known for taking an active part in community outreach programs and youth activities. Moreover, many churches also sponsor domestic or international evangelistic missions. Since religious organizations and nonprofits might take on various forms and unique activities, they require different measures to optimize safety and minimize risks.

Regardless of the great work that the people of its community put in, churches need insurance coverage programs to help them ride out the storm in case of property damage, lawsuits, bodily injuries, and other issues. As with any entity, a church can suffer due to numerous liabilities, making it necessary to have extensive insurance packages. However, church leaders find it relatively more complicated to find reliable church insurance providers near them, let alone those offering comprehensive and relevant coverages, not just your typical business insurance programs.

But this doesn’t mean you have no options, especially as a ministry leader in Iowa. You just need someone who specializes in the area so that you can get specific policies and coverage tailored to your ministry’s needs. 

Independent church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have a wealth of experience in providing the best services possible to ministries all over America. We’re well aware of every personal and professional liability that can take place in religious and nonprofit organizations. Our church insurance brokers seek to represent the organization’s best interests and work with church leaders to ensure they understand their rights when filing a claim.

With our tailored church insurance policies, your church will stay well-protected in the face of any calamity or a hefty lawsuit. Investing in a solid ministry insurance plan also allows you to put church resources to their proper use rather than the stress of potential catastrophes.

Why Do Ministries in Iowa Need Comprehensive Church Insurance Plans?

Churches in Iowa are especially vulnerable, given the erratic weather. Iowans witness an average of 53 storms every year, especially in peak summer and spring seasons. Inland hurricanes are also fairly common, known for causing significant, widespread damage. The state also gets plenty of snow in winters, leading to frozen pipes, mold growth, water damage, decay, and other things that wreak havoc on a building’s structure, increasing the risk of collapsing.


Many ministries in Iowa have office equipment, pews, sound systems, and other technological gear installed to provide the best services for their community members. Some churches, particularly older ones, also possess musical instruments, built-in pipe organs, ornate woodwork, and stained-glass windows that burglars find attractive. These may be expensive to replace in the event of a loss. A fine arts policy is excellent for limiting the losses associated with ornamentation, statuary, and other valuable items possessed by the church.


This is why, at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, we have initiated highly optimized insurance programs that help church leaders connect with top insurance companies offering premium packages tailored to suit their needs.


Our church insurance agents come with extensive experience and are committed to serving and delivering the best ministry insurance services for religious and nonprofit organizations all over Iowa. Identifying the risks and devising a proper risk aversion plan not only helps the members, staff, visitors, and clergy feel safer but also helps avert costly lawsuits and regulates a sense of trust and discipline amongst all. Let us devise well-thought-out plans and strategies that provide total coverage in the case of any claims and liabilities.

We’re aware of the various issues that can take place for any entity operating in Iowa, and many of the same exposures, problems, liabilities, and more apply to the churches operating in this beautiful state. We provide awareness to the people that decide to work with us and guide them on all their options. Our church insurance agents in Iowa will show you the differences in policies of church insurance companies that can affect your coverage or get the claim denied.


If you think your current church insurance policy covers the basics, your risk assessment plan might require additional endorsements to protect your ministry from a 360-degree viewpoint. Whether you’re a well-established church or a new, smaller startup, we can tailor a church insurance program for your ministry in Iowa.


Even if you’re renting, you’ll still need proper coverage for the pews, chairs, equipment, and other items. Even if a licensed college, K-12, or pre-school is part of your ministry in Iowa, we can help you connect with the relevant church insurance companies to structure the right program that covers your needs properly.


For more tips and guides, browse our website or talk to our professional church insurance agents, dedicated to helping you help others. We appreciate your dedication to serving the greater good by helping people in Iowa find comfort. Allow us to help you insure your staff, property, and other elements of your ministry from potential liabilities. We can guide you towards streamlining the best church insurance plans to protect your house of worship, affiliated schools, and denominational offices across Iowa.


Key Types of Church Insurance Coverages for Your Ministry in Iowa

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Whether you’re serving thousands of Iowans or a handful of people, every church leader must consider adding church liability insurance to their risk management plan.


General liability insurance for churches entails a ‘general’ and broad coverage and takes care of every aspect of a church. It protects houses of worship against claims of property damage and bodily injury from members, visitors, neighbors, volunteers, and employees.


With proper general liability insurance coverage added to your risk management plan, your house of worship will be shielded from reputational harm and defamation cases. Without this insurance plan, you may end up paying for these charges out of your organization’s scarce resources, which can lead to bankruptcy.

Employee Theft Insurance

Employee dishonesty and theft are fairly common in all businesses in Iowa. Even nonprofits and religious organizations aren’t safe from such malpractices. Employee theft insurance provides coverage against losses incurred during theft, embezzlement, and fraud by bonded ministry employees.

Professional Liability Insurance

Officers, directors, and trustees’ coverage includes the financial decisions they make on behalf of the ministry. It covers the trustees, board of directors, and church officials from losses caused by liability claims. Churches can also optimize protection for their pastors and ministers against liabilities for giving spiritual counseling during individual or communal counseling sessions they offer to the church members with Pastors and Ministers’ Liability Coverage.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

A workers’ comp provides critical legal and financial protection in the event of injuries at work because, like most states, churches in Iowa are subject to providing benefits to part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers who may become ill or injured. Your insurance premiums help finance the benefits while keeping you safe from non-compliance or costly lawsuits from injured employers that could force your ministry to shut down.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

Although churches are supposed to be safe sanctuaries, sexual misconduct with or by the staff, visitors, pastors, and members isn’t uncommon in Iowa. Abuse and Molestation coverage helps churches remain protected in the event of alleged or actual sexual misconduct involving the ministry.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is one of the fastest-growing insurance policies across the United States. It’s not surprising, considering the litigious world we live in. Not to be confused with Workers’ Comp Insurance, the EPLI policy provides coverage for situations when a church employee sues the church for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct, retaliation, slander, and more.


It’s also helpful for reimbursing judgments, settlements, and expenses for defending your ministry from lawsuits pertaining to employment-related defamation, mental anguish, emotional distress, and other wrongful employment acts.

Auto Liability Insurance

If your church provides transportation facilities for students, members, visitors, or clergy, it’s probably at risk of commercial auto exposure. Remember that your commercial auto policy must also cover private vehicles used for church activities. The coverage typically provides ample coverage against bodily injuries and physical damage from accidents. Some policies also offer protection from vandalism, theft, arson, and other unfortunate incidents.  


Hired and non-owned auto insurance is equally important, as every ministry will occasionally hire a non-owned, personal vehicle for church-related tasks. Whenever a person uses a vehicle not owned by the ministry to perform a church-related task, the ministry is at risk of a claim. The policy is especially helpful when a ministry gets sued after an auto accident.

Fire Insurance

While churches have the same perils as most other structures, they’re more prone to fire accidents due to the use of candles in ceremonies held at the church. Fire insurance protects to cover damages caused by the fire, depending on the limits minus potential deductibles.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Coverage Help?

The Umbrella insurance coverage is an added layer of protection to the general liability insurance plan. This insurance coverage protects your operation in the case of an exceedingly hefty liability claim. It also pays for any legal costs, medical bills, property damage from your premises to neighboring buildings, and court settlements and judgments.


There are many church insurance coverages for your ministry in Iowa to help ensure it doesn’t suffer any financial hardship if a potential claim arises against it. While ministries are also a type of business, some policies differ from conventional business insurance policies. Church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help you get coverage that goes beyond the standard Iowa insurance coverage.

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Why Trust the Church Insurance Experts at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?


Streamlining adequate church liability or church property insurance isn’t as simple as calling the local broker to get a quote. You’ll need someone who specializes in the area so that you can get specific policies and coverage tailored to your ministry’s needs. 


 Our church insurance agents are well-experienced, licensed, and extremely professional, and we do our best to devise an optimized insurance plan that ensures minimized risks of accidents and threats to your ministry. We work with our clients to first identify the vulnerabilities that pose risks to a ministry. Then, we recommend a set of policies and coverages to be added to the risk management plan.

As your church insurance agents, we seek to represent your best interests when negotiating with the leading church insurance companies in Iowa. We have numerous AM Best A-rated premier insurance companies on board with us that were meticulously selected for their renowned services and comprehensive insurance plans.


We provide customized care covering every aspect of a church operation when helping you connect with insurance carriers offering unprecedented tailored insurance at the most competitive rates. If you’re ready to optimize your church insurance, get in touch with our specialist church insurance agents right away!


Connect with us to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the church insurance claim process or our services in Iowa with our dedicated team.


Give us a call to get started. 

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