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For the longest time, churches and other houses of worship have been an important part of any community in which they’ve found a home. They offer a place for people to engage in spiritual activities, offering places for religious services and prayers. They’re also an informal form of the community center, providing people a great place to engage and interact while maintaining great decorum. After clearance from the church, people can arrange all kinds of events ranging from school events, awareness drives, and educational activities for both scholastic and religious purposes. They’re also grounds for numerous other activities, like matrimonial ceremonies, recreational events like sports activities on the church grounds, and more. Churches and any house of worship bring the community together under one roof.


Churches have also provided refuge for people in trying times. Anyone going through issues related to mental health, disabilities, destitution, or requiring a temporary place to stay, work, or a center for counseling may find some help at their local church. Churches will also run missionary campaigns and some programs to provide relief to drug, alcohol, and substance abuse victims looking to get some help. It’s an understatement to say that churches do a lot for the people, and for that reason, it’s required to give back to the church and help it stay in good shape. For this purpose, it mainly requires coverage of the various issues that it could face.


It doesn’t just rely on the goodwill of its loyal workers, as churches have their forms of insurance coverage programs to help them stay stable. Most people face issues finding church insurance in their area, and the same applies to Hawaii. It’s a niche market, according to many, hence limited availability. But there are fairly diverse forms of options that you might want to look into.


You can find a collection of both liability and property coverage, allowing you to choose from some picks that might be better for your own needs. Churches are vulnerable in many aspects, so you’re getting lots of options to prevent all those issues.


At Integrity Now Insurance, you can work with our experienced church insurance agents and brokers that enable you to fully focus on your regular ministry activities and other aspects of the church, knowing that your church is ensured from the various other issues. Our business is among the top church insurance agents in Hawaii, being your access to numerous church insurance carriers. With our help, you’ll be covered by the church insurance companies A-Rated by AM Best.


We’ve customized our services to account for the many problems that a business in Hawaii could run into, focusing on some general and specific exposures, problems, liabilities, and more that apply to the churches operating in this beautiful state. Not only do we guide our potential clients about them, but we also recommend various ways you can deal with them.

Generally Recommended Practices

Various crimes in church, as it involves peoples’ money, are related to matters of dishonesty regarding financial aspects like money and securities. Experts recommend that two different individuals should count collections made by the church to prevent fraud. Similarly, deposits and disbursements should follow the same protocol.  


It’s also best to prevent keeping any valuables of great value in the church. Similarly, the church should have regular audits, ideally from a 3rd party, to prevent any issues. Having a detailed discussion with a church insurance agent can do well to figure out the certain liabilities that might apply to you.

Church Property Insurance Expert

Risks & Exposures to Churches

Property Exposure

Property is a major liability in the case of churches and other holy places of worship. The consensus is that you should have some members there for security purposes at all times. Still, due to its lack of feasibility, a church can often be unoccupied and unguarded at various times of the day. Many items of value are placed in the church from donors and other sources, which thieves or looters might be after.

There are also risks of fires, electrical damage, and more that you can prepare for with some installations. You also benefit from CCTV installations and security personnel.

Workers’ Compensation Exposure

Employers in Hawaii are required to offer Workers’ compensation to their workers. The church is required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for various members attending the church and performing various duties. Many of the lawsuit cases against various churches and other institutes in the US are from workers that don’t receive their due Workers’ Compensation.

Anyone in the workforce, ranging from the minister to the staff, can fall sick or suffer from any workplace injury working with materials available.

Premises Liability Exposure 

Thousands of people across the US suffer from an injury as they fall, trip, or slip to the floor. The main points to focus on to prevent these are the floors, stairways and any railings people lean on. They should be cleared up, covered, and made prominent visually. In case of any power issues, there should be some lighting and backup energy sources to power up the basic electrical appliances.

Coverage Types Available for Church

Church Property Insurance Expert

More than 60 million people attend church every week. The people have a strong reliance on the church. Therefore there are very few downtimes to these places as they’re a major haven for the populace. There are different liabilities that churches could deal with. Still, with the help of our church insurance agents in Hawaii, you have the reliable resources and information to offer you coverage and carry on the good work. Some of these include:

General Liability

General liability coverage is one of the most sought-after options. Many people acquire basic protection from this package, including various people attending the church, many of its staff, employees, and officials. Those who work for the church or church grounds also get compensation for their services if they’re injured. Considering how packed churches can be at times and acquire public attention, such events are possible.

There can be some members of the public looking to harm the church and its members, which may require extra security on your end.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Coverage

In various cases, the Directors and Officers of the church are often the first to face some ramifications in case of accusations. Since they’re involved in various legal and financial aspects of the church, they’re likely to be sued. In other cases, their spouses may be the target of some legal action.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Coverage protects these figures of the church and their spouses. These people provide valuable services to the church and require some form of coverage to conduct their matters.

Auto Liability Insurance

Many people are unaware of this, but church-owned cars and privately owned vehicles may also acquire a commercial auto insurance policy. These are applicable for incidents that take place on church grounds as well. Road accidents are common across the US, so you’ll benefit from having these resources to keep you covered.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance for Churches

Cases of abuse and molestation can be a trying time for anyone involved in the legal proceeding, and the entire community feels a setback. There’s a major need for proper resolution in such cases because of the mental stress, trauma, and even the public setback from it.

The goal of abuse and molestation insurance can help provide some security to the church and its involved ministers and employees.

If anyone works with vulnerable parties, such as children or youth groups, there should be checks and balances to ensure a due background check is performed.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

An Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is available when members of the church or sued in any professional capacity, preventing them from the various damages. This form of insurance accounts for numerous forms of issues, but discrimination, sexual misconduct, libel, slander, and more are major


These result in various forms of financial pitfalls for the people involved in the cases, and the church faces some issues from it, needing financial funds to work out the damages and lawsuits. Other cascading effects need dealing with as well.

parts of it.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

To keep them powered, warm and cool respectively, churches have fairly intricate electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems that require a great deal of maintenance and repair to ensure they’re in the best shape possible.


Maintenance without downtime for activities can be a major issue; that’s why having equipment breakdown insurance can be a major benefit. Any liabilities will add to extra costs, and you can prevent major upsets with the right insurance package.

Why Work with the Church Insurance Experts at Integrity Now Insurance Broker?

Finding church liability or church property insurance is considered a challenge by many. Firstly, it has fairly limited availability in various parts of the country. Secondly, you have to find the most relevant policies and coverage for your use case, so you don’t spend more for a service that’s of no use to you. Therefore, you require working with someone that’s experienced and capable of finding the right deal for you.

It doesn’t matter whether your church is big, small, ancient, or brand new, there’s a church insurance program out there for your ministry, and our services are dedicated to finding them. Many people assume that these insurance policies don’t apply to rental equipment. That’s not true, and you’re saving yourself some severe damage by insuring them as well.

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Our church insurance agents in Hawaii arrange a session with you to learn about your church and recommend you accordingly. Knowing how your church operates and its specific details, we know best what issues you face. Our services are based on transparency and the ability to help clients compare what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, and how the coverage will roll out once you need it. You’re fully on board in the process.

Reasons to Work with Us at Integrity Now Insurance Broker

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned and operated by a Youth Pastor. We’re mostly aware of your church’s daily struggles and requirements, allowing us a deeper insight into the matter. We’ve been working in the industry for a while now, allowing churches to become stress-free in their mission to champion the faith of their local populace. We’ve got a talented team on board to help people make the most of our church insurance program, going through the various options applicable to the churches in Hawaii.


To get started with the proceedings of our church insurance, get in touch with our specialist church insurance agents! We help out all of the non-denominational and denominational churches across Hawaii. We require only the basic details and the budget for your insurance plans that you’ve worked out, and then we go through all the options in the state that apply to you. Give us a call if you still have any questions or queries about the church insurance claim process or our services in Hawaii.


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