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Islands with horse-drawn carriages, oceanfront maritime museums, rugged mountains, and delectable cuisines, Michigan is the land of summer fun, diverse agriculture, and the longest freshwater coastline exuding picturesque charm quite like nothing else.


This state isn’t just reminiscent of colonial America with its Clydesdales and enlivening summer playgrounds, but Michigan serves as a radical escape for people committed to serving in the house of God.


The first Christian church in Michigan was established in 1825, and today 70% of the state’s total population is a practicing Christian. The successive waves of industrialization and commercialization taking place in the state have deep religious roots, and their people are devout servants of God. Their evangelical history has numerous stories of bravery, and today you’ll find several Gothic-revival churches in the state that are nothing but a treat for the eyes and the soul.


Being one of the most dedicated organizations in the state, the churches of Michigan are known for their endless work for the community. These houses of worship are inclusive and make sure to provide a safe space for every vulnerable person that comes to them for help. The church extends its services to the destitute, disabled folks, people struggling with substance abuse, marginalized communities, and homeless communities. There is no end to the services that the church provides.



This is why church leaders in the state carry a great responsibility on their shoulders. They provide counseling services for people seeking emotional support, organize regular services and youth outreach programs, support local and foreign populations with evangelical missions, and rent out their facilities for grand-scale events like weddings, vigils, wakes, and funerals.


Because of the large number of legal and personal activities happening on church grounds, every church leader must include a comprehensive church insurance policy in their risk assessment plan to ensure their congregation and operation are well-protected. The church is vulnerable to several potential liabilities and litigation claims that lead to hefty legal charges and lawsuits.


Liabilities like floods, fires, burglaries, vandalism, and accidents are very common when so many activities take place on a regular basis. But a robust church insurance plan will safeguard your organization and ministry from any financial losses.


Our experienced church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are well aware of the kinds of professional and personal liabilities that can take place in a ministry. This is why we make sure every church in Michigan is equipped with a sturdy insurance policy that keeps it safe in the face of any calamity or a hefty lawsuit. With our access to several A-rated church insurance agencies in Michigan, your organization and the congregation will receive maximized protection with the most premium church insurance policies. You can call us now and book a free consultation to get started today!

Why Does Your Ministry in Michigan Need a Specialized Church Insurance Policy?

Non-profits and religious organizations are responsible for more than just providing people with spiritual direction and counseling. Church leaders must also ensure they do the proper financial groundwork, which is necessary to minimize risks for any organization in order for it to prosper. This involves making sure that the charitable donations the church receives are used properly in a manner that is respectable to the donor’s wishes and that these assets are being used to benefit the church members.

Here are a few things to consider when investing in a church insurance policy.

Church Property Insurance Expert

Protecting Church Property

Churches commonly have vast facilities and equipment that are used when different communities join together at the church to participate in its religious activities. A proper church property insurance plan will protect every congregation’s investment in your organization.

Every church should have property insurance that protects its building from unforeseen natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and floods. Extreme weather events are fairly common in Michigan and can cause irreparable damage.

On average, Michigan has 15 tornadoes per year, and they develop very rapidly causing significant damage to whichever building they come nearby. Apart from that, firefighters in Michigan respond to 10,000 to 12,000 wildfires every year, and these fires spread very quickly, mainly due to the dry weather conditions and low amounts of moisture in the air. Destructive flooding is also not uncommon in this state, and every year people have to make sure their homes and property remain safe from massive property damage.

These adverse weather conditions can also lead to structural damage like cracks in the floors, foundation damage, mold, and exposure to toxic materials like asbestos, dioxins, and lead oxide.

This is why every church leader must make sure that they take all the necessary steps to protect their church property in extreme weather conditions. With a comprehensive church property insurance plan, your church will be compensated for every piece of equipment, church owned-structures, and the pastor’s residence without paying any hefty bills.

Protecting Ministry Leaders

There are a lot of risks that revolve around the church board members and ministry leaders since they are making a lot of important administrative and financial decisions. They can be held personally responsible for any negligence in their duties and sued for breaking their fiduciary obligations to the church.

This is why our church insurance agents recommend getting the Directors and Officers (D &O) insurance policy that can shield your church board members from lawsuits and excessive legal fees.

Insuring Church Liability

There are a lot of social activities that take place at the church, like summer camp, Bible classes, parties for elementary kids, community meals, and band rehearsals. This is why the church is always at the risk of being accused of liabilities due to accidents and people getting injured at church premises.

A church liability insurance policy will shield the church from any litigations related to its activities and operations. Whether your church is just a start-up or is a well-established organization, church leaders can be held responsible for any cases of injuries and accidents that take place during mass service.

Churches must also acquire protection for their teachings and values, so they don’t have to face bankruptcy when someone sues their pastors for emotional and mental harm during counseling sessions.

Consulting with a licensed church insurance agent will help you identify how vulnerable your organization is to any risks and what kind of insurance policy you should invest in that covers all the bases.

Safeguarding the Church Community

Another essential factor to consider when it comes to ministries is protecting the church community.

Several volunteer events, church sports, and religious social events happen daily. Accident insurance can ensure that the medical bills of anyone who sustains bodily injuries on church grounds are covered. This insurance policy will provide comprehensive coverage, including diagnosis, medical bills, and rehabilitation for anyone who gets harmed on church premises.

The Types of Church Insurance Coverage Policies Available for Your Ministry in Michigan

Church Property Insurance Expert

For the people of Michigan, the church is more than just a place of worship. It is a safe refuge where they go to find solace in troubling times and receive divine guidance from spiritual healers. On the other hand, churches operate on a tight budget, and it becomes difficult for them to plan regular events to help their community since they risk running out of resources.

A single incident can bankrupt the church and deprive church members of the emotional support and spiritual healing they deserve.

To ensure that church-owned property, leaders, and the community are protected from this loss, consider the following types of church insurance plans for your ministry in Michigan.

General Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance plan, as its name suggests, is a ‘general’ insurance policy that provides broad coverage. This insurance plan protects the organizations against two main types of claims: property damage and bodily injuries from customers and employees. Without this insurance, your church will have to pay for hefty lawsuits out of your operation’s income, which can lead to huge financial strain.

But if you’re equipped with the general liability insurance coverage, your organization will be safeguarded from any reputational harm and defamation cases that are prevalent when it comes to organizations that operate on a big level.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The abuse and molestation coverage plan will protect your staff and any ministry leader from alleged and actual claims of sexual misconduct.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The EPLI is a coverage plan that provides ample coverage for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, or any other inappropriate workplace conduct. Church leaders must ensure there is a robust insurance plan that protects their operation if they ever face expensive charges when getting sued by their employees.

Pastor's and Minister's Liability Coverage

This insurance plan offers protection to pastors and counselors of the church who can be accused of causing harm to their clients’ minds and bodies. The maximum coverage amount for this policy should match the limit present in the church’s general liability plan.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Church officers and board members make complex administrative and financial decisions on the church’s behalf every day. There is always a possibility that they make a mistake and then get sued for their negligence. But their safety can be maximized with the Director’s and Officers’ insurance coverage whenever there is a personal liability claim (civil, criminal, or administrative).

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Any sophisticated church insurance agent will recommend embellishing your general liability policy with umbrella insurance coverage. This insurance plan provides an added layer of protection to your operation, so you never have to worry about paying out-of-pocket expenses if your ministry is sued.

For example, if your ministry faces a lawsuit for $2 million, the general liability coverage will only pay $1.5 million. But the umbrella insurance plan will cover the shortfall of $500,000.

This coverage policy also pays any legal costs, medical bills, property damage from your premises to neighboring buildings, court settlements, and judgments.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The worker’s compensation insurance provides vital benefits to any ministry’s employees who fall sick or sustain work-related injuries. This insurance coverage will cover medical treatments, lost wages, ongoing care bills, and even death benefits.

Every ministry in Michigan is mandated by law to ensure that its employees are protected with an appropriate coverage plan regardless of the number of employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Any organization that offers transportation facilities to their pastors, clergymen, or regular churchgoers must also invest in commercial auto insurance to protect their ministry from vehicle liability claims.

Employee Theft Insurance

Sadly, no business in Michigan is safe from theft and fraud from employees. This is why every church leader should purchase employee theft insurance so they will be compensated if there is ever a case of fraud, theft, or embezzlement.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Churches often have old and outdated electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems. It isn’t easy to take money out of your budget to repair and reinstall these systems whenever there is a flood, heavy storm, or fire.

This is why church leaders should make the wise decision to invest in the equipment breakdown insurance, so any repair and replacement expenses are covered in an unexpected situation.

Why Work with Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers

Finding the right insurance plan that meets every specific requirement of your operation in Michigan can be a very tedious process. A robust insurance plan will cover all the bases and ensure that you never have to worry about any financial strains and out-of-pocket expenses whenever your ministry is hit with a calamity.


This is where our well-experienced church insurance agents come in. At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, our church insurance agents are well-versed with the industry’s dynamics and complexities, and we make sure to go above and beyond for our clients to help them streamline the best insurance policies well-suited to their budget and operation.

Church Property Insurance Expert

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned and operated by a Youth Pastor who has years of experience in the field and is committed to helping churches across Michigan to get them the insurance plans they deserve. We will connect you to our network of A-rated church insurance companies and thoroughly go line by line through every insurance plan to know you have optimized coverage.


To get started, get in touch with our specialist church insurance agents by giving us a call. We help all denominational and non-denominational churches across Michigan.

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