How Much Does Church Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Church Insurance Cost: Church Insurance Quotes

As a church leader, you want to protect your congregation. That’s why you’re considering purchasing church insurance.


But how much does church insurance cost?


The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size of your church, its location, and the types of coverage you need.


Request quotes from multiple insurers to get an accurate estimate of how much your church insurance will cost. Be sure to compare apples to apples by requesting quotes for the same amount and type of coverage.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a Nationwide Independent insurance agency specializing in church insurance. We are here to help keep your insurance cost minimal while providing superior church property insurance coverage.

What Costs Make Up The Overall Church Insurance Premium?

1. General Liability Coverage Premium


The general liability coverage premium for churches can vary depending on the general liability coverage amount, square footage of the church, services provided, claims history, and other ratable factors. Generally, general liability insurance for churches will have the following coverage amount:


  • $1 million per occurrence
  • $2 million aggregate
  • $5,000 medical expense
  • $1 million personal and advertising
  • $1 million damages to rented premises

Small church insurance premiums can range from $700 to $3,000 for general liability coverage alone. This policy protects from risks, accidents, and injuries that may occur on church premises, such as slip-and-fall accidents, damaged visitor property, libel, and other advertising injuries.


This policy also covers court defense costs in case the church receives lawsuits due to these risks.


2. Church Property Insurance Premium


The cost of church property insurance will depend on various factors, such as the size of the church property, the type of property coverage needed, and the deductible chosen. The premium for church property insurance will typically include the following costs:


  1. Coverage for the church building and its contents
  2. Coverage for fixtures such as pews, pipe organs, stained glass, and exterior signs
  3. Coverage for computer equipment, communication systems, and library property
  4. Coverage for weather-related damage, equipment breakdown, food contamination, fine arts, trees, and sewer water backup; coverage for building ordinance costs
  5. Coverage for religious artifacts, stained glass, sculpture, paintings, scriptures, and prayer books
  6. Coverage for burglary, vandalism, and arson; and coverage for employee theft and electronic data processing.


3. Directors and Officers Insurance Premium for Churches


The costs that make up the directors and officers insurance premium for a church include:


  • Legal defense costs,
  • Settlements,
  • Any other related expenses associated with the mismanagement of funds,
  • Failure to perform official duties, or defamation by a board member or officer.

When bundled with a church insurance package policy, directors and officers insurance can cost a couple of hundred dollars. When obtained on a standalone basis, the price can go up to $500 or more annually.


4. Abuse and Molestation Insurance Premium


The abuse and molestation insurance premium for a church will vary depending on the coverage amount and the number of church members. Coverage limits available for sexual misconduct coverage include:


  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000
  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000

For one hundred thousand dollars in coverage, the cost is around $350 annually, while a $1,000,000 can cost from $800 to several thousand dollars. Most church insurance providers will not offer an umbrella policy to extend this coverage.


When requesting higher insurance limits, the church insurance company will expect additional underwriting requirements of a church.


5. Pastoral Professional Liability Insurance Premium


Pastoral Professional Liability Insurance is a policy designed to protect pastors and churches from claims of malpractice, negligence, or other issues that may arise from pastoral counseling. This coverage protects pastors and their organizations from financial losses due to lawsuits resulting from errors or omissions in their services.


The premium for this coverage varies based on the type of coverage and the specific needs and can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Churches that do not charge for spiritual counseling receive the lowest premiums.


For churches that provide paid mental health therapy from licensed marriage and family therapists (MFT), premiums will be based on the number of therapists, the number of clients seen, and the type of therapy offered.


6. Employment Practice Liability Insurance Premium


Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is an important policy for churches to have in place to protect them from any job-related issues employers may face. This policy covers claims related to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and more.


The premium for employment practices liability insurance for churches will depend on various factors, including:


  • The number of employees
  • Coverage limits requested
  • Management experience
  • Written policies and procedures
  • Prior claims
  • Deductible amount

Premiums can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars annually.


7. Theft and Crime Insurance Premium


The theft and crime insurance premium for a church is the amount of money the church pays for crimes such as forgery, embezzlement, theft of money, and computer fraud not typically covered by a commercial property policy.


Insurance premium for money and security insurance coverage ranges from under $100 annually to several thousand dollars, depending on the coverage amount.


8. Commercial Auto Insurance Premium


The costs that make up the commercial auto insurance premium for a church include the following:


  1. Comprehensive coverage (theft coverage),
  2. Collision coverage (collision with another vehicle),
  3. Liability coverage limits,
  4. Medical expense limit if an employee or church member is injured while driving a church-owned vehicle,
  5. Property damage coverage limit in the event of an accident
  6. Underinsured and uninsured coverage
  7. Rental reimbursement coverage
  8. Towing coverage
  9. Waiver of collision deductible coverage


Depending on the type of vehicle, the coverage request, and the church’s location will impact the overall insurance premiums for business auto insurance for churches.


9. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium


The workers’ compensation insurance premiums for churches are based on the number of employees, the type of services they offer, and the amount of payroll they have.


This premium covers medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits associated with a work-related injury. In some cases, churches may also have an additional premium for part-time and full-time volunteers injured while working.


10. Umbrella Liability Insurance Premium


Umbrella liability insurance for churches is an additional layer of coverage that provides limits beyond the primary policies such as general liability, commercial auto, directors & officers, and workers’ compensation. On average an excess liability policy will cost between $500 to $1,000 per million, depending on the insurance company and the overall size of a religious organization.


11. Health Insurance Premium


When it comes to group health insurance for churches, the costs will vary based on the following:


  • The number of employees
  • Health plan type selected (HMO or PPO)
  • Coverage included in plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans)
  • State a church is located
  • Dental and vision coverage included
  • The average age of the group

Many church employers will have over a hundred plans, and pricing will vary wildly. It is best to talk with one of our licensed health insurance agents to request a quote for your church.


12. Earthquake Insurance Premium


Earthquake insurance is not typically included in a church’s insurance policy and must be purchased separately. Factors that affect the premium for earthquake insurance include:


  • Property Location
  • Age of the buildings
  • Building limits required
  • Deductible amount
  • Retrofitting

We often find the cost for earthquake insurance to be close to the same amount as your church insurance policy but can be higher or lower based on the overall risk location.


13. Flood Insurance Premium


Flood insurance is obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program. This means that no matter which insurance company obtains the requested flood insurance, the premiums are the same.

How Much Does Church Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Church Insurance Cost?

Church insurance is necessary for any religious organization, protecting from financial loss due to a third-party claim or other situation. But how much does it cost?


Church insurance is often a business insurance policy that includes layers of coverage not found in most standardized insurance policies. At the same time, a traditional business insurance policy will not have the required ministry insurance coverage.


A church insurance plan typically includes four primary coverage:


  1. General Liability Insurance
  2. Property Insurance
  3. Workers’ Comp Insurance
  4. Business Auto Insurance

Within these policies, liability insurance for churches will be endorsed to include professional liability, management liability, employer liability insurance, employee benefits liability, and sexual misconduct coverage,


Because of the various sizes of church buildings, weather-related issues, services provided, and congregational size, insurance premiums vary drastically from one church to another. Many church plants will start with a church renters insurance policy and pay $1,500 on average and then move to a small church insurance program when they buy their first church building.


These small church insurance programs can cost $3,500 to $15,000 or more, depending on the church building size. Large church insurance programs can cost $20,000 to several hundred thousand dollars.

Ways to Save on Church Insurance Costs

1. Investigate insurance types and church insurance coverage options


It is vital to research and compare the need for liability and property coverage for your synagogue. This includes reviewing the church building insurance coverage limits, property deductibles, wind and hail deductibles, and liability limits.


2. Compare church insurance providers


Comparing insurance providers can help churches save on their insurance costs by allowing them to compare multiple quotes from top carriers in one place. By using Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, churches can access our team of church insurance consults to obtain your needed insurance quotes.


By using our church insurance brokers at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, you will avoid common mistakes other insurance agents make.


3. Investigate church insurance programs offered by Integrity Now Insurance Brokers


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers provides specialized church insurance programs to help churches save on insurance costs by identifying which policies best meet their particular needs. By evaluating coverage options and studying providers, churches can determine which coverage is necessary and which policies provide adequate coverage for their church-related activities and events.


4. Compare auto insurance coverage


Comparing auto insurance coverages can help save on church insurance costs by allowing you to tailor your policy to your organization’s specific needs. You can choose the right type of coverage and deductibles for your church and ensure you are getting the most value for your money. By comparing different policies and coverages, you can ensure you get the best possible coverage and save on church insurance costs.


5. Think about increasing your church property insurance deductible


Increasing the deductible means the church pays a more significant portion of the cost of an insurance claim, leading to lower premiums. Higher deductibles also provide an incentive to increase risk management activities and take defensive measures against potential losses.


Risk management strategies, such as regularly updating church bylaws and improving financial health, can help reduce the likelihood of large insurance claims and ultimately save the church money in the long run.

How Our Church Insurance Agency Helps Save Money on Your Church Insurance Premiums

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a church insurance agency providing many services to help you save money on your church insurance premiums. We can help you identify any potential discounts that may be available. Our licensed business insurance experts can also work with you to tailor a policy to meet your needs and budget.


We can advise you on factors that can affect your premiums, such as your location, experience modification, the extent of coverage, size of the church, congregation, services, payroll, and church-owned artifacts. Finally, our team can help you find the best church insurance company that offers a competitive price.


Contact one of our California church insurance agents that helps religious groups across the United States. Call us today and request a quote.

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