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Each church in Indiana has a distinct story to tell. Powerful sermons, engaging community, peaceful worship, and great kids’ programs make ministries in Indiana precious entities that need to be protected at all costs.


Churches in Indiana carry the great responsibility of helping the homeless, the differently-abled, and those in need of a safe haven. They also provide counseling services for those dealing with substance abuse or seeking spiritual and emotional support for anything they’re dealing with in their lives. Many ministries also rent out their facilities for events, organize regular services, support the local and foreign populations with evangelical missions, and help people in endless ways.

It’s an understatement to say that churches do a lot for the people, and for that reason, it’s required to give back to the church and help it stay in good shape. For this purpose, they mainly require coverage to safeguard them from the various issues that can impede their work of God.

Churches That Stand Tall to Protect Require Church Insurance Protection Too

Churches and nonprofit organizations are involved in numerous legal and personal activities. This requires them to have an insurance program to deal with the possible pitfalls and liabilities they could face.


Regardless of the great work that the people of its community put in, churches need insurance coverage programs to help them ride out the storm in case of any issues. It can be more complicated for church leaders to find reliable church insurance providers near them, let alone those offering comprehensive and relevant coverages, than your typical insurance program.


As with any entity, a church can suffer due to numerous liabilities, making it necessary to have extensive insurance packages. At the very least, churches require liability and property coverage, with various additional policies to help the involved ministry protect what matters to them. Although not many service providers offer proper church insurance coverages, this doesn’t mean you have no options, especially as a ministry leader in Indiana. You just need someone who specializes in the area so that you can get specific policies and coverage tailored to your ministry’s needs. 


Independent church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have a wealth of experience in providing the best services possible to ministries all over America. We’re well aware of every personal and professional liability that can take place in religious and nonprofit organizations. Our church insurance brokers seek to represent the organization’s best interests and work with church leaders to ensure they understand their rights when filing a claim.


With our tailored church insurance policies, your church will stay well-protected in the face of any calamity or a hefty lawsuit. However, investing in a good ministry insurance plan isn’t just a way to alleviate the stress of dealing with catastrophic losses. It also allows you to put church resources to their proper use rather than planning for disaster.

Types Of Church Insurance Coverage Available For Religious Organizations In Indiana


Even if your current church insurance policy covers the basics, your risk assessment plan might require additional endorsements to protect your ministry from a 360degree viewpoint. Our agency’s independent church insurance agents possess the experience and knowledge necessary for finding the right insurance coverage for your ministry or nonprofit organization in Indiana.


Whether you’re a well-established church or a new, smaller startup, we can tailor a church insurance program for your ministry in Indiana. Even if you’re renting, we recommend getting adequate coverage for the pews, chairs, equipment, and other items. If you’ve got a licensed college, K-12, or pre-school as part of your ministry in Indiana, we can help you connect with the relevant church insurance companies to structure the right program that covers your needs properly.

Church Property Insurance for Protecting the Ministry's Property and Assets

Theft, burglary, arson, weather-related disasters, vandalism, assault, water damage, and many other mishaps could lead to structural damage that can increase the risk of your ministry collapsing.


Electrical surges, terrorist attacks, slip and fall hazards, and many other malicious activities could result in personal and professional liabilities, leading to bodily injuries or lawsuits.


Proper coverage by a reliable church insurance company can help keep your ministry afloat, regardless of the severity of the damage. Getting adequate church property insurance is the best way to protect your ministry’s financial health from disasters beyond your control.



General Liability Insurance for Churches in Indiana

General liability insurance for churches entails a ‘general’ and broad coverage and takes care of every aspect of a church. It protects houses of worship against claims of property damage and bodily injury from members, visitors, neighbors, volunteers, and employees.


If the person holds the ministry liable for property damage or bodily injury, such claims can heavily jeopardize the reputation and success of a ministry. General church liability insurance is the policy you need to get optimal coverage for your ministry in cases where the situation may turn into one beyond its financial capabilities. The policy helps pay for slip and fall injuries, third-part lawsuits, property damage, and more. Along with a hefty medical bill, these charges also include the loss of income incurred when the person misses work.


Whether you’re delivering sermons to more than a thousand people or holding small ceremonies for a handful of people, every church leader must consider adding church liability insurance to their risk management plan, which should also include some of the following policies.

Employee Theft Insurance

Employee dishonesty and theft are fairly common in all businesses in Indiana. Sadly, as opposed to what one might think, houses of worship aren’t safe from such malpractices. Employee theft insurance covers theft, embezzlement, and fraud by bonded ministry employees.

Pastors and Ministers' Liability Coverage

Churches can optimize protection for their pastors and ministers against liabilities for giving spiritual counseling during individual or communal counseling sessions they offer to the church members.

Auto Liability Insurance

If your church provides transportation facilities for students, members, visitors, or clergy, it’s probably at risk of commercial auto exposure. Remember that the auto policy must also cover private vehicles used for church activities. If you rely on volunteers or outsourced transportation services providers for small group transportation, your non-ownership exposure increases.


Maintenance without downtime for activities can be a major issue; that’s why having equipment breakdown insurance can be a major benefit. Any liabilities will add to extra costs, and you can prevent major upsets with the right insurance package.


Church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help you streamline a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy and a non-owned coverage for optimizing adequate protection from accidents resulting on the road or church premises in privately owned or church-owned vehicles.

Fire Insurance

Whether it’s the rising number of fires caused by arson, short circuits, or natural disasters, it can devastate the ministry within minutes. Generally, churches are more prone to fire accidents due to the use of candles in ceremonies held at the church. Fire insurance protects to cover damages caused by the fire, allowing you to rise from the ashes much more easily and quickly.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Many churches in Indiana shifted to online sermons to stay connected and reach new members during the lockdowns. If you got an additional computer system, heating or cooling system, sound system, or other equipment, this coverage could kick in to pay for replacements and repairs if the equipment breaks down. You should also consider getting protection against cybercrimes if you deal with the sensitive personal data of your staff, members, clergy, volunteers, and so on.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

An Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy provides coverage for situations when an employee sues the church for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct, retaliation, slander, and more.


It’s helpful for the reimbursement of judgments, settlements, and expenses for defending yourself from lawsuits pertaining to employment-related defamation, mental anguish, emotional distress, and other wrongful employment acts.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

A workers’ comp provides critical legal and financial protection in the event of injuries at work because, like most states, churches in Indiana are subject to providing benefits to workers who may become ill or injured. Your insurance premiums help finance the benefits while keeping you safe from non-compliance or costly lawsuits from injured employers that could force your ministry to shut down.

Officers, Directors, And Trustees' Coverage

 Officers, directors, and trustees’ coverage is another policy to consider as it covers the trustees, board of directors, and church officials from losses caused by liability claims, including the financial decisions they make on behalf of the ministry.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

While churches are supposed to be pure and safe houses of worship, sexual misconduct with or by the staff, visitors, pastors, and members isn’t uncommon. Abuse and Molestation coverage helps churches remain protected in the event of alleged or proven sexual misconduct involving the ministry. Background checks must be conducted on all individuals, including volunteers who work with youth groups, seniors, children, or other vulnerable members.

Umbrella Coverage

The Umbrella insurance coverage is an added layer of protection to the general liability insurance plan. This insurance coverage protects your operation in the case of an exceedingly hefty liability claim.


For example, if your ministry is facing a lawsuit for $3 million, but the general liability coverage only provides $2.5 million, the umbrella insurance plan will cover the total shortfall of $500,000.


The umbrella insurance coverage also pays for any legal costs, medical bills, property damage from your premises to neighboring buildings, and court settlements and judgments.

Optimize Protection for Your Ministry Insurance with Unbelievably Reasonable Premiums


You need to find a church insurance company that specializes in offering the most relevant policies and coverage in Indiana. The church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are the go-to choice of ministry leaders in Indiana for many reasons.


Our church insurance agents are well-experienced, licensed, and extremely professional, and we do our best to devise an optimized insurance plan that ensures minimized risks of accidents and threats to your ministry. Our goal is to help ensure your claim doesn’t get denied wrongfully or that you don’t spend more for a service that’s of no use to you.

It doesn’t matter whether your church is big, small, ancient, or brand new, there’s a church insurance program out there for your ministry, and our services are dedicated to finding them. We partner with premier church insurance companies that were meticulously selected for their renowned services, comprehensive insurance plans, and proven track records. They’ve all made a creditable name in the industry for providing unprecedented tailored insurance policies covering every aspect of a church operation at the most competitive rates. Partner with us to get multiple coverages with several policies added in to help protect against specific risks unique to your situation.

What Makes Integrity Now Insurance Brokers the Top Choice for Ministries in Indiana

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned by a Youth Pastor with ample experience in serving as an insurance agent. He works in tandem with the qualified team to structure the most effective church insurance program that offers comprehensive protection for your ministry in Indiana.


When you get in touch with us, we’ll first arrange a session with you to learn about your church, its operations, existing risk management policies, and other things exclusive to your ministry. After a detailed consultation, we’ll recommend tailored insurance plans that are well-suited for your organization and within your budget.


As your church insurance agents, we make sure you’re getting maximized security and coverage for serving the community at your ministry in Indiana. Our services are based on transparency and the ability to help clients compare what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, and how the coverage will roll out once you need it. You’re fully on board in the process.


Our unparalleled customized care sets us apart from other insurance agencies. Plus, our church insurance brokers are well-versed and equipped with the niftiest tips and tricks due to their extensive work experience in the industry.


Let’s schedule a call to discuss the church insurance claim process or our services in Indiana. You can also check out the resources on our website to understand the complex industry jargon, statutory and compliance requirements, your rights, tips and tricks, guides, and a lot more to help you make an informed decision.

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