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Churches in Illinois have a centuries-old prominent history decorated with tragedy, sacrifice, and triumph. Over a thousand Latter-day Saints fled Missouri in 1839 to avoid persecution, including a threat of literal extermination from the state’s governor, Lilburn W. Boggs.


By draining swamplands on the Mississippi’s eastern bank, the Latter-day Saints built Nauvoo, now a thriving city. As it flourished, the city, which means “beautiful place,” became a major center of Church activity and commerce in the state of Illinois.

Nauvoo’s annual spectacle, “City of Joseph,” is now staged by members of the Church. In Chicago, about 130 years after the original chapel in Illinois was demolished, a new temple was built and completed in 1985. Gordon B. Hinckley, the president at the time, dedicated the restored Nauvoo Temple in 2002. 


Today, churches in Illinois are home to communities and carry great responsibility. They are equally committed to aiding the disabled, the homeless, and those in need of a safe haven. Individuals who are battling substance abuse can rely on them for guidance. They also provide counseling services for those seeking emotional support.


Many churches also rent out their facilities for events, organize regular services, support the local and foreign populations with evangelical missions, and help people in endless ways.


Hence, it is common for religious institutions in Illinois to be legally constituted as non-profit corporations. Since corporations are “legal persons,” religious organization leaders and members are protected from potential personal accountability for the corporation’s actions.


In Illinois, churches have two options for incorporation. Many older and some newer churches can incorporate under the Illinois Religious Corporation Act (RCA), which was enacted in 1872. However, the contemporary Illinois General Not for Profit Corporation Act of 1986 (NFPCA) now governs the vast majority of Illinois churches.


Rather than just providing basic protection, church property insurance policies should include a comprehensive risk assessment plan. The plan should address all the organization’s potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Investing in a good insurance plan isn’t just a way to alleviate the stress of dealing with catastrophic losses. It also allows you to put church resources to their proper use rather than planning for disaster.


Our independent church insurance agents have a wealth of experience in providing the best services possible. You may rely on their expertise to help you get a specialized insurance policy for your ministry or non-profit.

Why Should You Consider Ministry Insurance in Illinois?

Church leaders are responsible for more than just guiding their congregations. They must also provide the financial groundwork necessary for their organizations to prosper.


This involves ensuring that the donations the church receives are used properly by the recipient organizations. It’s also important to make sure that the money given to the church is used for the benefit of its members. Here are some reasons why houses of worship need insurance:

Church Property Insurance Expert

Protecting Your Church Property

It is common for churches to have vast facilities that are only possible thanks to years of charitable donations. Church property insurance protects the investment your congregation has made in the ministry. 

A property insurance coverage will cover the cost of rebuilding your church in the event of a natural disaster – ensuring that your ministry can continue as normal. All your church’s property, including the pews that members sit on, can be insured under a reliable policy.

Safeguarding Your Church Community

It is important to think about other people’s safety while you’re in charge of their well-being.

Volunteer events, church sports, or church activities happen daily. Accident insurance can be purchased to cover the medical costs of these people if they are harmed while participating in a religious event.

In most cases, these plans take the place of the church’s liability policy’s medical payments coverage. With an accident policy, you have additional alternatives to expand coverage and increase the levels of insurance. This allows you to cover all the different activities that your participants or volunteers perform.

Insuring Your Church's Liability

There are a lot of regular activities that take place at churches. There’s always the risk of people getting harmed or property getting damaged at any time, whether it is during band rehearsals or summer camp activities. A liability insurance policy, often known as church liability insurance, safeguards the church from litigation related to its activities and operations.

Churches also require protection for the teachings they preach and their values. It is essential that you work with a specialist insurance broker to locate a policy that covers the responsibility of religious organizations. Standard insurance policies do not cover claims that are not related to bodily harm or property damage.

Talk to a licensed church insurance agent about protecting your church’s stained glass. Commercial property insurance policies are not always sufficient to protect against this.

Supporting the Leaders of Your Ministry

There are a lot of risks involved in making financial and administrative decisions for a non-profit. Even if the accusations against you are false, as a church leader, you might be held personally accountable if you are suspected of breaking your fiduciary obligations to the church.

Directors and officers (D&O) insurance can shield you from lawsuits and provide funds to employ a lawyer to represent you. Experienced board members will also require proof that you have D&O coverage to safeguard them.

The Types of Church Insurance Coverage for Your Ministry in Illinois

Church Property Insurance Expert

For many people, a church is more than just a place of worship; it is a place of fellowship, prayer, and spiritual growth. However, many churches today operate on a tight budget and risk running out of resources to provide for their community. A single incident that isn’t covered by insurance can be enough to bankrupt a church and deprive a community of support.


To make sure your church property, leaders, and community are protected from such loss, consider the following types of church insurance in Illinois:

General Liability Insurance

Members and guests have the right to file a lawsuit against the church for damages. There are two types of general liability insurance policies: coverage for claims of bodily injury and coverage for property damage. In most cases, this coverage covers both the costs of defending the plaintiff in court and compensating them for their injuries. Your church insurance agent can help you decide how much general liability coverage your church needs.

Directors and Officers Insurance

An employee, vendor, investor, customer, or a member of the church can file a lawsuit against the church organization for several reasons. This includes actual or alleged misconduct by the church management.

Church directors and officers insurance (D&O Insurance) safeguards the personal financial holdings of directors and board members. Personal assets include bank and savings accounts, investments, and even the equity in the person’s house. It also gives their spouses more protection in case they are sued on an individual level.

Along with board members, D&O protects the church and individual pastors. The insurance covers the church’s legal bills, settlements, and other expenditures in the event of a lawsuit.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A commercial auto insurance policy is essential if your church owns or rents a vehicle. You can obtain coverage for rental cars and non-owned vehicles through a commercial car insurance plan.

When church members or staff drive their own cars, their auto insurance comes first. You can turn to auto insurance after personal insurance has run out.

Church Property Insurance in Illinois

The ministry’s property offers more than just a place to worship or sleep. Consider all the ways in which you serve your congregation. It is not a luxury but a need to insure the physical property of your ministry.

Churches and ministry structures now house more expensive assets than earlier times. When assessing potential losses, it’s important to take into account everything from high-end electronics and musical instruments to speaker systems, office equipment, and phone lines.

To safeguard the church’s physical structure as well as the objects housed within, you need property insurance. For instance, the insurance will pay the costs if the structure is damaged by natural catastrophes such as fire or floods.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Illinois law mandates workers’ compensation insurance for nearly every individual who is hired, injured, or has their employment based in Illinois. This duty applies to members of the church’s leadership, even if they are not church employees. All the medical expenses of a worker injured on the job are paid for by their employer under the workers’ compensation system.

When it comes to determining the percentages by which lost wages are compensated, each state makes its own decisions. The employer’s liability coverage covers any negligent conduct that results in harm to an employee. Your church insurance agent can guide you on the exact requirements of your state.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

You need this coverage for actual incidents as well as for false claims of abuse and molestation. The expense of defending against charges of sexual misbehavior can easily reach six figures.

In many cases, the amount paid to the complainant is large enough to drive a church into bankruptcy or liquidation. Ask your church insurance agent about the minimum amount of coverage that is required for your religious organization. They might recommend a higher coverage if your church can afford it.

Pastoral Counseling Insurance Coverage

This sort of insurance covers any claim that emerges through pastoral counseling or guidance. Pastors and counselors who are accused of causing harm to their clients’ minds or bodies will have this policy in place to protect them. The maximum coverage amount for this policy should match the church’s general liability limits.

Umbrella Insurance

In today’s litigious world, no one is exempt from being held liable for someone else’s negligence. The courts award millions of dollars each year for lawsuits and claims. Ask your provider about optional excess liability coverage. Your primary liability coverage for general, automobile, and employer’s liability do not include this additional coverage.

Think of this insurance as an umbrella of protection against liability. Your ministry is liable for the rest if the court award you more than your policy’s basic liability limit. Excess Liability Insurance is a good approach to covering the gap and securing your ministry’s financial resources.

Why Can You Rely on the Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

The owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers isn’t just a well-experienced insurance agent but a former Young Pastor who has been working in the youth ministry for the past 19 years. This is why we aim to provide comprehensive coverage for churches and their property.


Our primary goal is to form a partnership between your church, our office, and the church insurance company. This way, we get to offer you coverage, risk control, value, and customer service.


We’re a leading provider of church property insurance in the United States, with a staff of knowledgeable agents dedicated to serving the insurance needs of local congregations. As an insurance agency, we devote countless hours to working with churches to ensure that they have the insurance coverage they need.

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Our goal is to serve your best interests as your agent for church property insurance. We will make sure that the insurance firm we choose for your church is a good fit for your goals and priorities.

It’s our job to make sure that the insurance firm we recommend to your church has a good financial statement and an A rating from AM Best. As a final precaution, we want to make sure that your church insurance provider has a good reputation for handling claims for churches.

Our unparalleled customized care is what sets us apart from other insurance agencies. After a detailed consultation with our clients and identifying the risks, we provide tailored insurance plans that are well-suited for their operations.

You can also check out the resources on our website to understand the complex industry jargon, statutory and compliance requirements, your rights, tips and tricks, guides, and a lot more to help you make an informed decision. Let’s schedule a call to discuss the church insurance claim process or our services in Illinois.

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