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Churches in Wisconsin have a long and illustrious history. A group of pioneer members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints entered the Wisconsin area in 1841 to gather timber. This was after they had cleared the swampland and established the settlement of Nauvoo, Illinois, further east. As they built the Nauvoo Temple and some other structures, they floated the pine wood down the Black River.


By 1843, the Black River Settlement was home to around 150 people. Members of the Church who discovered they were cutting down trees on Native American land voluntarily paid for the timber and preached to the locals.


Many Latter-day Saints from Wisconsin made the journey west when persecution compelled them to leave Nauvoo in 1847. In 1878, missionaries returned to the state, by 1899, they had established a congregation and by 1907, they had constructed a chapel on Wisconsin grounds. To this day, Wisconsinites still rely on their local churches for a sense of belonging and security.


If you care about the well-being of your congregation, community, employees, and assets, you should consider purchasing a thorough insurance policy for your church. Church insurance policies can be complex, but the experts at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers will work tirelessly to make sure you get the protection your church needs.

Why Does Your Ministry in Wisconsin Require Thorough Church Insurance Policies?

Churches are more than just a place to worship; they serve a vital community function. Wisconsin is home to numerous places of worship where people can find solace, support, and rehabilitation. Many important life events such as weddings and learning experiences like school field trips will be hosted by your church. The buildings and other valuables owned by your church have spiritual, monetary, and even symbolic significance.


Your responsibility as a religious leader includes safeguarding the members of your congregation as well as the church’s possessions. And the best way to do this is by getting a comprehensive church insurance policy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting church insurance in Wisconsin:

Making Sure Your Church Building is Secure

Churches are able to keep their imposing structures up and running thanks to charitable contributions. To protect the investment of time and resources that the congregation has made in the ministry, it is important to insure the church’s physical assets.

If a natural disaster were to damage your church, the property insurance would cover the costs of rebuilding it so that regular services can continue. The pews and walls in which the congregation worships are just one of many items that can be insured under a church’s umbrella policy.

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Protect Your Church with Risk Coverage

Churches in Wisconsin have become community hubs where people gather every week. Anyone who enters or resides in your religious building runs the risk of injury or property damage. A church can safeguard itself against legal action arising from church activities by purchasing general liability insurance.

Churches also require safety measures since the teachings they preach and the values they uphold are of paramount significance in society. Anyone can claim they were physically or psychologically hurt by pastors and church members and the right insurance policy will protect your congregation against such claims. If you’re looking for church insurance that properly addresses the unique risks faced by churches, we recommend contacting a qualified church insurance agent. 


Stained glass windows in many churches often display breathtaking works of art from the Bible. You should insure the stained glass and tinted windows of your church in case they get damaged by an unfortunate and unforeseen event. This is a danger that is not always covered by commercial property insurance policies – so make sure you discuss this with your church insurance agent in Wisconsin.

Maintaining the Safety of Your Church Community

Churches in Wisconsin welcome hundreds of people through their doors and it is the church leadership’s responsibility to care for churchgoers’ safety. If someone gets hurt during a church-sponsored activity, the corresponding medical expenses can be covered by an insurance policy.

The right church insurance policy can help you pay hefty medical bills and potential lawsuits. You can choose the types of coverage and limitations available under your policy depending on your needs and budget.  This allows you to maintain a record of church activities and the people involved in them.

Building a Solid Foundation for Ministry Leadership

There is a great deal of uncertainty involved in overseeing the finances and operations of a nonprofit. If a church leader is falsely accused of breaching his or her fiduciary duties, the leader’s personal assets could be at risk regardless of the truth of the claims.

If you or another insured officer or director face legal action or a claim is filed against you, D&O insurance can help cover the costs of defending yourself or being represented in court. It’s also necessary to demonstrate that you have D&O insurance if you want to recruit experienced board members.

Protecting Your Church and Ministry

Protecting the well-being of everyone attending your church, from school-going children to elderly folk. You should practice a regular and comprehensive system for screening workers and volunteers, which includes doing background checks. It’s better to make sure your church members are honest, reliable individuals from the get-go, rather than wait for unfortunate events to expose dishonest members.

Types of Coverage Plans Available for Your Church in Wisconsin

General Liability Insurance For Churches

Since your church has several interactions with the public, it exposes itself to liability claims coming from people inside and outside your congregation. General liability insurance protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage sustained by customers, delivery staff, or other visitors. If you want to host a fundraiser or other special event, you’ll likely need this insurance in order to get a venue or fulfill a client contract.

The primary purpose of liability insurance is to provide financial compensation to those who have suffered injuries from an incident involving your church. Investing in this type of coverage can save churches and other nonprofits from the potentially ruinous financial impact of an injury lawsuit.

Most liability plans cover the cost of a lawyer and other legal fees. To find out what kind of church insurance coverage your congregation needs, it is best to speak with our church insurance brokers in Wisconsin.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Insurance for directors and officers (D&O) can help protect a business from the financial fallout of bad decisions, but it won’t protect a company from allegations of unfair dismissal or other infringement of employees’ legal rights. Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) safeguards your church from the financial impact of legal action arising from employee complaints or misconduct.

When it comes to charges of an inappropriate work environment or unethical hiring practices, this policy has you covered. If an employee files a lawsuit against your organization for wrongful termination, demotion, or disciplinary action, EPLI will cover the costs of defending yourself in court, including attorney fees, settlements, and verdicts.

Church Property Insurance in Wisconsin

If your Wisconsin church has a covered loss, such as a fire, theft, or natural disaster, the insurance policy will pay to replace or restore the damaged property. Your church can save money in the event of property loss, damage, destruction, or theft if it has both real and personal property insurance.

Your church’s real property includes the land on which it sits and the structures in which it operates, while its personal property includes things like furniture, electronics, and books. The amount of insurance coverage necessary for your church will be based on the financial worth of your tangible assets. Discuss your insurance needs with a knowledgeable Wisconsin church insurance broker for the best protection of your congregation’s property.

Employee Theft Insurance

The issue of employee theft and misconduct is pervasive across society and does not spare the charity and religious sectors. If bonded ministry employees in Wisconsin steal from their employer, embezzle funds, or conduct fraud, the church’s administrator may be able to reclaim some or all of the losses through an employee theft insurance policy.

Umbrella Coverage

You can think of commercial umbrella insurance as a safety net for your church. Your first line of defense against legal action should be your other insurance coverages like general liability policy. Umbrella insurance kicks in once your primary policy’s limits are exhausted.

When a contract requires coverage limits that go above those provided by a standard policy, commercial umbrella insurance can be used to fulfill those obligations. For instance, if your church is facing a fine of $2.5 million but your basic liability policy only covers $2 million, commercial umbrella insurance will help you pay the remaining $500,000.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

You can’t run an organization without a board of directors to provide strategic oversight and decide on crucial issues. Directors often set strategic goals, provide resources, and determine employee compensation. Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance shields the board of directors and officers of your firm against financial loss and legal action stemming from their decisions.

Your church’s board members can be accused of wasteful spending and a failure to comply with legal and ethical duties. This form of insurance protects your leadership’s liability which is why it is often called management liability insurance.

Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance is a smart investment for any business with a board of directors or an advisory council. Contact a licensed insurance broker in Wisconsin who specializes in nonprofit management to learn more.

Workers Compensation Coverage For Churches

Wisconsin law mandates that all businesses, except the ones that are exempt or self-insured, provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees. If an employee gets injured in an accident on the job, this policy will pay for their medical expenses and provide disability pay if applicable.

Wisconsin’s Workers’ Compensation Act offers nearly unanimous coverage, however there are some exceptions based on the nature of the work. It does not include:

  • Domestic helpers
  • Certain farmhands
  • Volunteers, including those working for nonprofits and receiving weekly compensation of $10 or less in cash or kind.
  • Members of certain religious sects
  • Workers in Native American casinos and other tribal businesses would be eligible for state workers’ compensation programs only if the tribe voluntarily waived its sovereign immunity to do so.
  • Almost all real estate professionals, including brokers, agents, and salespeople
  • Workers who fall under federal workers’ compensation programs.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The world is seeing a rise in efforts to support and empower victims of abuse to speak up. Churches are often the first to lend support and soothe victims and their families, but they are also among the most vulnerable institutions when such allegations come forward.

Abuse and molestation insurance will pay for legal representation if allegations are made against your congregation. There is no alternative insurance or coverage that will protect a company from legal responsibility in a sexual misconduct lawsuit. 

Commercial Auto Insurance In Wisconsin

Medical expenses and property damage caused by an auto accident can quickly add up, but commercial auto insurance can help cover some or all of those costs. This insurance protects you from the cost of legal representation and associated fees. Some policies include coverage for theft, vandalism, and other damages or losses in addition to accident coverage.

If an employee is involved in an accident and they decide to sue the church, the liability coverage included in most business auto plans will protect the church from financial ruin. In fact, most states require businesses and organizations to have some form of commercial auto insurance for company cars.

Commercial vehicle owners should familiarize themselves with the rules and requirements for this type of insurance. Talk to a trustworthy church insurance agent in Wisconsin about the business auto insurance needs in Wisconsin.

Note: Commercial auto insurance normally does not extend to non-business automobiles. If you or your employees frequently drive vehicles that are not owned by the business, you should look into renting or buying non-owned auto insurance.

Why Should You Rely on Our Insurance Agents in Wisconsin?

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The founder of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is an accomplished professional with a background in youth ministry and the insurance sector. Our Wisconsin church insurance brokers are experts on the nuances of protecting places of worship.


Customer satisfaction is our primary priority, which is why we provide customized services. Because every client’s needs are different, we take the time to find out what concerns them most, what their top goals are, and what risks they face before making a recommendation for an insurance policy.

You may learn more about church insurance and why it’s important for your church in Wisconsin on our website. Give us a call at (877) 854-7396 for a free consultation with one of our certified church insurance agents in Wisconsin.

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