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By definition, vandalism is defined as the intentional destruction of property, including public and private property. People who commit vandalism cause deliberate property destruction for various reasons. Each year, property damage causes people millions in financial losses and the damage multiplies if there is no insurance coverage. Despite the severity of vandalism, it is still classified as mischief or a misdemeanor. As a result, the punishment for vandalism involves brief jail time or penalty, to say the least.


Church vandalism is on an upward trend. Bored youngsters don’t hesitate before drawing graffiti or damaging church infrastructure out of sheer disregard and disrespect. However, there are plenty of preventative measures that can be taken to mitigate such instances. Church management needs to practice substantial measures to keep criminals at bay and secure church property in a way that prevents easy access.


Here are some proven ways to secure church properties and bring down instances of church vandalism.


Installing Adequate Lighting to Reduce Vandalism

Most criminals take advantage of poor lighting around the properties to cause damage. Since there is no fear of being seen due to poor lighting, they don’t feel threatened and can take their time when causing vandalism. By installing bright lights, criminals fear being seen and caught either physically or on cameras. Church authorities can opt for bright lights and get them installed around the church’s proximity.


Unbreakable Security Glass

It’s easy to break in and damage property that has ordinary glass windows. It gives criminals easy access to church property. Most criminals’ damage inventory as soon as they break-in. Strong glass windows and doors are harder to break, thereby preventing the entry of criminal’s altogether. Although there are no guarantees that strong glass windows and advanced security features will prevent crime.  Church insurance companies, may provide discounts to their insurance premiums for churches that have a protective barrier over their windows.  Not only does this help protect your churches windows it also adds to the protection of your churches personal property.


Security Fences

Church management can install security fences within the church’s proximity to discourage the entry of any intruders, trespassers, or criminals. Besides, it would be wise to double fence areas that are more vulnerable to break-ins. For instance, backyards, passageways, or church corners. The management can start with securing the latter areas for ensuring better security.  For churches who also have school ministries, the added layer of protection also helps parents feel safer when leaving their kids throughout the week.


Repair Damage to your Active Security Measures to Reduce Likelihood of Vandalism

By quickly repairing the damage, church authorities can stop criminals from taking credit. In addition, by maintaining the security of your church property, this will assist in providing an active deterrence for future issues. A well maintained property also helps deter individuals from gravitating towards your church property as they can visually identify there is an active presence of people they will have to contend with.  However, churches often fail to carry out repairs owing to a lack of finances and insurance.  The great news is, churches are great in coming up with fundraising ideas and getting the needed support from their church members and local community.


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