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To be sure your church is properly protected, let Integrity Now Insurance Brokers place your church insurance coverages with a church insurance company that can take care of all of your insurance needs.

In order to meet the special needs of your church, our church insurance companies offers Property and Liability coverages for churches of all denominations:   

We love working with churches and we would love to partner with you on for all of your church insurance coverage needs

Church Insurance Coverages

General Liability - Church Insurance Coverages

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers will place you with a church insurance company that will provide your church with comprehensive church insurance coverages.  One of the primary church insurance coverages falls under your General Liability insurance.  This coverage protects your church against claims of bodily injury or property damage arising out of its premises or operations for which the church may be found legally liable by a court.

It also protects your church against its liability for personal and advertising injury offenses, such as libel and slander. Medical expense coverage is also included, regardless of fault.

It is also important to ensure your Church insurance coverages protects against claims resulting from ministers’ pastoral counseling. This would be your pastors professional liability coverage. 

Your church liability insurance policy may also covers expenses resulting from a violent incident occurring during a church sponsored activity.

Those afforded General Liability protection include church members, employees, officials, staff, and volunteers acting on behalf of the church.  We are here to help your church put the correct church insurance coverages in place. 

Additional Church Insurance Coverages included within your General Liability Insurance

Some additional Church insurance coverages you we will want to review, includes items such as your buildings, personal property, signs, property in the open, and fences. The church insurance companies we work with will automatically include coverage for standard losses such as lightning, wind, fire and hail, however, they will also provide church insurance coverages for many non-standard items, such as the following:

  • Equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers, and electrical equipment.
  • Newly acquired or constructed property (our limits exceed industry standards).
  • Pastor’s business personal property.
  • Ordinance or law – building updates to meet with current building codes following a covered loss.
  • Stain glass windows.
  • Crime (Internal and External)
  • Inland Marine – equipment that is being transported
  • Personal Effects and property of others on a worldwide basis; for example, property lost on a mission trip.
  • Fire and security alarm upgrade – reasonable additional costs to upgrade your system when replaced due to a covered cause of loss.
  • Utility services interruption (direct damage and time element) for example, a storm knocks out usage of your utilities and causes damage.
  • Automated external defibrillators (AED).
  • Indirect loss, such as the loss of church income and tuition fees resulting from a covered peril, including a violent incident; e.g., a church intruder.
  • Earthquake sprinkler leakage.
  • Green upgrade coverage – pays for the reasonable additional costs to upgrade to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building elements and appliances in the event of a covered loss.
  • Key person replacement coverage – provides for the reimbursement of recruitment expenses to replace a senior or executive pastor who dies in a work-related accident.
  • Limited flood coverage – provides building and personal property coverage on a limited basis when loss or damage is a direct result of flood.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Churches

Having the right church insurance coverages is not only a requirement of a lendor, but can also be a requirement of your State.  Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Churches protects your church employees in the event of an injury.  

This coverage is required to be in place by law in all 50 States.  Depending on your state, workers’ compensation insurance coverage will either be obtained through your individual State you live in or through a church insurance company.  

The last thing your organization needs, is to have one of your church employees get injured only to find out they are not covered due to the lack of an insurance policy.

Many churches we talk with, believe they are exempted from providing workers’ compensation insurance, as they define their employees as 1099 employees.

In order to decide how to classify an employee, we have to figure out if that church member is classified as a W2 employee or a 1099 employee.  

California has the most aggressive employee means test that we are aware of.

As of January 1, 2020 California uses the “ABC test” to distinguish an employee from an independent contractor. The test focuses on the worker’s:

  1. Autonomy – If the worker is sufficiently free from the control of the company hiring them, then they may be an independent contractor.
  2. Business – If the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business, then they may be an independent contractor.
  3. Custom – If the worker is customarily engaged in an outside business organization of the same nature of the work being performed, then they may be an independent contractor.[1]
All organizations are required to pass all three test in order to classify someone as an independent contractor.  

Item two usually kicks most people out of the 1099 class and into the W2 classification as related to churches and nonprofit organizations.  Prior to January 1, 2020 law change in California, it was much easier to be classified as a 1099 employee.
[1] California Labor Code 2775(b)(1) LAB.

Business Auto Insurance for Churches

As your church grows, so will your church insurance coverages.  Many churches acquire different items over time and one of those items often given to a church is a vehicle.  If your church purchases or is given a church van or bus, you will need to obtain a commercial business auto insurance policy.

Business auto insurance works with your commercial general liability policy, as a result comes with some of the broadest auto insurance coverage you can obtain.  

The great news is commercial auto insurance for churches usually is very affordable as compared to other types of organization.  

It will be important to have a good vehicle maintenance program in place to ensure the safety of your church family.  Churches will also need to make sure the people driving are at least 25 years old.  These are good risk management practices to help reduce the possibility of an accident.  

We are your Church Insurance Coverages Expert

The Owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is not only a church insurance agent but the owner is also a Youth Pastor.  He has been working in youth ministry for the past 19 years and understands what is involved in running a church and ministry.  

He will work with you to structure a ministry insurance program that meets your churches needs.  The church insurance coverages we will help put in place, we be specifically tailored to your churches size and comfort level.

We are here to help all church denominations and non-denominational churches.  We are all here to serve and spread the word or our Lord Jesus Christ.  No matter if you are Lutheran, Calvary Chapel, Brethren, Church of God, Presbyterian, episcopal, Non-denominational, Reformed Church, Four Squares Church, Methodist, Apostolic Church, Catholic Church, or any other church denomination.  

We are here to help you save money on insurance so you can use this money you saved to further our call to the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:16-20.

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