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FAQs Regarding Church Insurance

You likely have a lot on your plate if you are a church leader. First and foremost, you are responsible for the spiritual well-being of your congregation. But you are also probably responsible for keeping your church’s financial records in order, scheduling meetings, and ensuring the building’s power stays on.

You must also be vigilant about potential damages in and around your church property. There’s no way around it! Every church is at risk of dealing with something that may require much time and money to fix. A good church insurance policy can help the church avoid the downtime and stress of needing a lot of money quickly.

Understanding the basics of church insurance is essential for any church considering insurance coverage for religious organizations. While the insurance landscape constantly changes, a few coverage aspects remain standard in every policy. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you learn more about church insurance.

Why the Need for Church Insurance?

Church Insurance is a financial tool that allows churches to mitigate the unpredictability of life. It also reduces financial risks from your day-to-day activities and protects churches against unexpected losses and damages, given the rise in natural disasters and crime. Church insurance can help organizations get the repairs done correctly and without putting a strain on their church’s limited budget.  Church Insurance is divided into two main categories: Church Property Insurance and Church Liability Insurance.

What Types of Insurance Should a Church Consider Purchasing?

A church must have many types of insurance as part of its operations. Different church insurance products can protect members of the church, volunteers, and employees from any harm that might happen as part of their responsibilities to the church. Insurance policies can also protect the valuable assets of the religious institution. Examples of insurance that a church can buy include business personal property insurance, protection against natural disasters, liability insurance, umbrella insurance, church property insurance, and workers’ compensation. They can even get commercial auto insurance since a church may have employees and volunteers driving church vehicles.

Does our Church Insurance cover our Coffee Shop?

Many larger churches now offer a full coffee bar at their local church building.  If your church is offering coffee at no charge, no additional requirements are needed from an insurance perspective.  However, if your church charges for your coffee and donuts, you must report the gross income to your church insurance company.  The insurance company will include a small additional insurance premium based on the annual gross sales of the coffee shop.

Does Hosting Community Events at a Church Have an Impact on Church Insurance?

Hosting community events at a church can be a great way to build relationships with neighbors, provide a service for your community, and garner exposure for the congregation. These events are protected under the church’s general liability insurance policy. This helps protect a church’s property, facilities, and people for regular church events. To be extra safe, it is essential to review the policy and ensure that proper coverage is provided to the church for all activities.  It is essential to contact your church insurance brokers to ensure the event you are hosting will be covered by your church property insurance companies policy.  For instance, a skate park could be expressly excluded from coverage.  Hosting a BBQ would not be an issue and would be covered automatically.

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Get Comprehensive Insurance for Your Church

Church Insurance is something that church leadership tends to think about in the back of their minds at all times. They know they need to have it, but they don’t take the time to research what they need and how they can protect their church.

We at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are at the forefront of helping churches make this critical decision. Our professional insurance agents help churches in ArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, NevadaOhio, Texas, and Washington get the best protection for their churches. Our comprehensive suite of services includes church property insurance, church liability insurance, ministry insurance, religious organization insurance, business auto insurancereligious expression coverage, and more.

Email us to get a church insurance quote today.

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