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A church is a beloved place of worship that extends its services to many diverse groups of people. Churches aren’t just a place of worship and spiritual ablution, but also rent their space for special events like weddings, funerals, christenings, baptisms, and more, to the local communities. Churches also host various youth activities, community seminars, and outreach programs like interactive missionary fairs, school parties for elementary school kids, Bible classes for students, and Mother’s Day programs.


Churches serve many marginalized groups working to support the impoverished and work with health authorities to raise funds and awareness. 

Disabled people and the destitute find safe refuge within churches. There are various types of substance abuse services also being offered in Alaska, sponsored by churches; along with domestic and international missionary trips. Since these religious organizations sponsor and take on various forms of activities, accidents, damages, and loss are imminent.


This is why, whether a church is big or small, it’s crucial for a church to have a specialized insurance policy that will help protect its leaders and its congregation.


Esteemed church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance are committed to protecting ministries with well-thought-out policies that offer comprehensive coverage, optimized safety, and minimized risks so you can carry out the range of activities in Alaska. With our access to numerous A-rated insurance carriers, we offer premier church insurance services at the most competitive rates.


We can help you connect to the best church insurance companies after assessing all of your needs and tailoring insurance policies so you have ample coverage. Since a church is involved in almost every facet of the life of the believers and meets the needs of many people, these places of sanctuaries are vulnerable to fires, accidents, vandalism, and at the risk of many other liabilities.


Even the smallest of accidents can have huge consequences and your services can be at risk. Churches and ministries are in dire need of protective coverage that shields them and their operation from potential liabilities.


Church insurance policies should protect a wide range of exposures and vulnerabilities that don’t just provide basic coverage but also a proper risk assessment plan. This is why our independent church insurance agents are well-experienced in their field of work and have the necessary knowledge that will provide your ministry or non-profit organization with a suitable insurance policy.

Why Do Ministries Need Church Insurance ?

Every church or ministry, large or small, needs a proper and specialized insurance policy that protects the organization and its leaders from any tragedies. From vandalism to fires, and break-ins, churches are not immune to accidents and damages.


Churches need property insurance to protect their buildings, whether they’re behemoth or petite. There can be unexpected fires or storms that could lead to structural damage or there could be a risk of collapse. Flooding can lead to cracks in the floor and damage to the foundation of the building while fires can also lead to exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos, lead oxides, and dioxins. Property insurance will cover the entirety of the church building and other things like the pieces of equipment in classrooms, church-owned structures, and the pastor’s residence.


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Many churches and ministries also have vans and vehicle services to offer transportation facilities to the pastors and the members of the congregation. An auto policy for the church will provide ample protection to the vehicles in the case of an accident and will protect the students, members, and clergymen. Our church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers understand how ministries operate on a tight budget.


Regular maintenance, documentation, and services for all of your vehicles are crucial for safe transportation. The drivers you hire must be adequately trained and hold appropriate licenses to handle small and large vehicles. Non-owned auto coverage is also recommended for the members of the church who are driving their vehicles when going on church-related business.


Churches and ministries heavily rely on the number of volunteers they get, which is why you must ensure a background check on anyone that is working at your organization – this includes Bible class teachers, seniors, children, nursery workers, and other vulnerable members. If your organization hosts domestic and international missionary trips, you must always make sure you’re supervising each of the members properly.


You must make sure you have policies that reduce the liability risk of your congregation and sexual conduct coverage to protect your church from any claims made against your staff and the volunteers.


Ministries in Alaska can also face liabilities related to people falling and injuring themselves on your grounds. Because a large number of people are gathering during regular services at your organization, it’s important to make sure your railings, floors, pews, and the property, in general, are well-maintained and there aren’t any slippery services.


Since buildings in Alaska are especially prone to flood-related damage, floodproofing should be your top priority to prevent any adverse events. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests anchoring fuel tanks, raising electrical system components, and the installation of proper sewer backflow valves to protect your property during a flood.


One of the most important aspects of the church is its employees and this is why it’s important to consider Employee Dishonesty coverage policies as well. The reasons your employees need to be protected are wrongful termination, harassment, and failure to promote.


Compensation insurance for all your workers ensures the safety of immigrant employees, family members, minors, and also part-time employees. Every ministry is required by law to protect its employees, especially those in marginalized communities who can be more vulnerable.


Churches in Alaska can face potential professional liabilities along with counseling exposures. Ensuring licensed and experienced individuals for counseling purposes within a private and secluded space is the best option to prevent others from overhearing confidential conversations.


Legal and financial protection of all of your employees in the event of any injuries and adverse events is necessary for any church in Alaska. Getting premium insurance services will protect your operation from shutting down, and provide you with all the benefits while keeping you safe during any non-compliance or exorbitant lawsuits from employees who got injured on your grounds.


Another common reason for ministries to get insurance is crime exposure. Reportedly, there were approximately 11,784 reports of property crimes in Alaska in one year. Any employee affected during a theft or burglary at your church should be reimbursed. No large sums of money should be kept on the premises and deposits should be made regularly.


For further reading with helpful tips and suggestions, browse through our website or get in touch with our experienced church insurance agents today. Our team of insurance agents is dedicated to helping you and your organization find the best insurance agency and protect your place of sanctuary, and any affiliated schools and businesses all across Alaska.

The Types of Church Insurance Coverage for Your Ministry in Alaska

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Churches aren’t just a place of worship, but also respond to the most crucial needs of humans and assist people in making profound changes within themselves. When the masses are relying on church leaders to guide them through their life, the leaders must take care of everyone who go to them for help and make sure all of their volunteers and employees stay protected.


Since every asset of the church needs to be shielded from potential liabilities, a sturdy church insurance policy is a must-have. Following are some types of coverage that could be applied to your ministry’s insurance plan that will protect the members of your ministry.

General Liability Insurance

Whether your church has 25 members or more than a thousand, every house of worship requires general liability insurance. As the name implies, general liability insurance is general insurance coverage that covers a broad range of aspects of any ministry. But even though it’s a broad coverage, it does not mean it includes all of the coverage that a church requires. This is why it is important to consider additional coverage enhancements that can upgrade your insurance plan.


The general liability insurance protects your ministry from two main types of liabilities – bodily injury, and property damage. If someone harms themselves and suffers a bodily injury while on your grounds, they can hold the church responsible for their $175,000 medical bill including the loss of income that comes with the missing work. Property damage like large trees falling on an adjacent building due to a storm can lead to them holding the church responsible for fixing their damage.


Even a single accident can result in your organization drowning in lawsuits and a major hit to your church’s reputation. General liability insurance is a broad coverage plan that protects your ministry from any such liabilities.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your church offers transportation services, a comprehensive coverage policy will take your auto-mobiles protection into account and protect your ministry from any auto-insurance claim.

Church Property Insurance

Our church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance are experts in Church Property Insurance. Our agents are dedicated to helping establish a strong partnership between your church and the church insurance agency and provide you with top-notch customer service, loss control, and total coverage.

Pastoral Counseling Insurance Coverage

Getting insured for your church services will also protect any spiritual counselors and pastors who provide sermons and counseling sessions at your church.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

All organizations are required by law to protect their employees from any potential liabilities along with all the added benefits – regardless of the number of employees. Any work-related injury or illness due to the job conditions is to be compensated for by the church’s insurance company. Their medical treatment lost wages, and any permanent or temporary impairment has to be paid for.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Board members in the churches need to be protected for any financial decisions they make on behalf of your church. A proper insurance policy also takes all the board members of the church into consideration.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The abuse and molestation insurance coverage keep the members of the church protected in a situation where there are sexual misconduct allegations. Church insurance at Integrity Now Insurance specializes in protecting the rights of every ministry with premium safeguarding measures.

Umbrella Insurance

In the event of a catastrophic liability claim, umbrella insurance will provide extra protection that covers the total cost of the claim. This additional insurance protection will provide protection that goes beyond any existing limits and coverage of your church insurance policy.

All of our church insurance coverage for ministries in Alaska ensures thorough protection from any financial losses and potential liabilities that could arise.

Our church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance come with extensive experience and we go above and beyond for our clients to connect them with well-suited insurance agencies that offer sufficient coverage. Your insurance policy would include coverage that pays claims for the sound equipment, chairs, stained glass windows, tapestries, etc. They also offer compensation for churches all over Alaska if they face any thefts, burglaries, vandalism, weather, fire, or floods.

Why Choose The Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

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The owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers isn’t just a well-experienced insurance agent but a former Young Pastor who has been working in the youth ministry for the past 19 years. This is the reason our goals and objectives comply with the required needs and interests of the church.


We will work with you to find the best-suited insurance policy program that meets all of your church’s requirements. We help all church denominations and non-denominational churches and tailor church insurance programs for your ministries in Alaska.

What Makes Our Insurance Brokers Special?

Many insurance agencies offer primary care and support but our customized care and commitment to tailoring policies to suit your requirements are unparalleled. When it comes to providing insurance services, we practice the Golden Rule – sustaining a highly ethical and moral service that values and nurtures each client.


If you’re looking to optimize your church insurance, call our expert church insurance agents today! Our company will make sure you’re equipped with comprehensive coverage that meets all your requirements. Just provide us with your details and the available budget and leave the rest to us. Give us a call now to find customized insurance solutions at the most competitive rates in Alaska.

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