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The last two years have been tough on all Christians as the churches have remained closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As life continues to slowly revert to normalcy, churches are in dire need of their members, congregations, and leadership to help them sustain themselves. This effort includes various steps such as educating church management on the importance of church insurance and digitizing the mode of financial support to support the crunched finances.

Some also say that a post-pandemic church will be different from before, with an estimated 20-30 percent drop in attendance of the churchgoers. But, with the support of devoted churchgoers and the leadership’s involvement, churches can still continue to thrive and overcome the impact of the pandemic life. It is also safe to say that you can capitalize on the opportunities of the new era and help your church in these three ways.


Often, it is seen that religious leaders and clergy are unaware of the importance of church property insurance, liability insurance, or worker insurance. They, devoted to the service of God, spend their life without any safety net. Your duty as a member or churchgoer to your local church is to educate your church’s leadership about the importance of coverage. It is important for two reasons,

  1. As the congregations would resume post-COVID and churches allow everyone to come in, the church will need to ensure it’s free of liability from any mishap that occurs due to negligence of its attendees (like not wearing a mask or attending church in fever, etc.)
  2. The church may need to disinfect or is required to remove certain furniture if a COVID case emerges from its premises.
  3. A church’s workers and custodians are the most important part of the ministry. Worker insurance will be necessary if a member falls sick or needs medical aid.


Like everything in the world, churches have gone online with prayers and sermons. During the last year, live streaming of Sunday prayers was common, and millions participated. Now when it’s time for the churches to open their doors fully, they also need to continue to cater to the needs of churchgoers who still may not be comfortable in physical attendance.

For this, you can help upgrade the church’s electronic equipment such as laptops, cameras, tripods, etc. Ensure that your church’s message is able to reach as many people as it reached before the pandemic toppled the world. Also, don’t forget to invest in property insurance for the church’s equipment.

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Community Support

Whether it’s filling up the donation box at the end of the mass prayer or creating online fund pages to support your church, every bit of your help is more than essential to be continued. On the same note, you need to continue to advocate for your church’s rights and protections to guarantee that mishaps – that are more than ever likely to happen – don’t disrupt your church’s service.


If you wish to help your church in Arizona, Washington, Ohio, Nevada, Texas, or California, have them reach out to us at Integrity Insurance Now. We are a group of devoted Christians who have made it our lifelong mission to help churches find the right kind of ministry insurance coverage across multiple states.


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