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The Bible Belt’s buckle, Tennessee, is known for its strong religious culture. Most Tennesseans consider their church to be their second home and their congregation to be their extended family.


The number of churches and religious gatherings in Tennessee surged during the 1820s and 1860s. The Methodists and Baptists, two of the newest evangelical Protestant churches, attracted many followers and expanded quickly.


Protestants of the Wesleyan and Baptist traditions valued a more sentimental and personal approach to worship.

They made an effort to communicate with common folk in remote areas. In the Methodist Church, ministers often travelled from church to church by riding circuits. They did a lot of traveling on horseback, across towns and churches, to preach the gospel.


The religious fervor of early nineteenth-century Tennessee gave rise to new religious movements, including the Cumberland Presbyterians and the Disciples of Christ (commonly called the Church of Christ).


Many people were able to worship together and build community through activities including camp meetings, revivals, routine services, prayer sessions, and Sunday school programs. For many, a young person’s passage into adulthood marked by baptism or confirmation was a significant milestone.


The role of the church in resolving conflicts and enforcing social norms cannot be overstated. The new religious groups rejected vices like dancing, gambling, and intoxication and promoted morally rigorous lifestyles.


To this day, houses of worship continue to welcome innumerable newcomers and serve as major hubs of activity and engagement in their own neighborhoods. However, it is important to remember that churches are non-profit organizations. They need to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their financial assets and property. Luckily, there are several ministries’ insurance plans in Tennessee that give you the coverage you need.


Your congregation can rely on Integrity Now Insurance Brokers for all your insurance concerns. If you are a religious leader, no matter how large or small your congregation is, we can help you choose the ideal policy options for your church. You can count on our church insurance agents in Tennessee to find the best insurance solutions since we’re dedicated to finding the plan that best fits your budget.

Why Does Your Ministry in Tennessee Require Comprehensive Church Insurance Plans?

It is important for every church, no matter how big or small, to have ministries insurance in Tennessee. You want to be prepared if a tragedy strikes your sacred church since no building is safe from disaster. Recognizing and reducing risks is crucial, but so is having a church insurance coverage designed to safeguard your institution and its members.


Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting church insurance in Tennessee:

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Guarding Church Property

Every religious institution should have protection for its physical assets. Imagine a catastrophic event, such as a storm or fire, that completely wipes out your infrastructure. Do you think it could afford to rebuild your church in this scenario? In addition to protecting the physical structure of the church, property insurance can extend to the grounds and the contents of the building (including any furniture or supplies). This also includes any other buildings held by the church (including the pastor’s home or a community center).

Children's Activities and Volunteers

Volunteers play a much larger role in many churches’ operations than they do in most small companies. One way to protect children’s safety is to carry out background checks on all caregivers, including those who teach Sunday school, work in nurseries, and have regular contact with children. Be sure that your church has safeguards in place to protect its church and community members from unnecessary harm. Churches can get sexual misconduct coverage as an extension of their general liability insurance to safeguard themselves from claims made by congregation members, staff, or volunteers.

Church Employees

There are several ways in which church staff could endanger the organization, so it’s important to secure appropriate insurance coverage. If an employee steals money or church property, your church will be protected by employee theft insurance. Employee-Related Practices coverage protects employees against injustices like harassment, unfair termination, and failure to promote.

Automobile Accidents and Bodily Harm

Buses and vans are common in churches, and some even provide their minister with a car. If an accident occurs and the vehicle or passenger gets hurt, church auto insurance will safeguard against financial loss due to vehicle damage and medical expenses incurred by church members. If members of the congregation use their own cars for church-related travel, they can add non-owned auto coverage to their existing policies.

Tripping Hazards

If someone is hurt at your church event or while visiting the church grounds, you could be held responsible even if you take good care of the property. For example, a member of the youth group might get hurt on a field trip. You will be held accountable for that injury, and the injured person can file a lawsuit against your church.

Types of Coverage Plans Available for Your Church in Tennessee

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Church Property Insurance in Tennessee

Churches and other places of ministry typically house more valuable resources than they did in the past. Everything from expensive gadgets and instruments to office stereos and telephone lines should be accounted for when calculating the possibility of loss.

Having church building insurance in Tennessee will ensure that the church building and its contents are safe from any unforeseen events. For instance, the insurance will cover the costs of repairing the building if it gets damaged by an uncontrollable disaster such as a fire or flood.

General Liability Insurance in Tennessee

The general liability insurance plan offers comprehensive insurance coverage that provides employees, members of the church, personnel, officials, and volunteers with basic security. Specifically, this coverage shields religious organizations from lawsuits arising out of bodily injury or property damage.

While it would be devastating for a member of the congregation to get hurt while visiting your church, accidents happen. Non-profit organizations that operate on a large scale are particularly vulnerable to these types of claims, which can do irreversible harm to their reputation.

This insurance policy, however, will protect your ministry from defamation lawsuits and other threats to its reputation. If you’re not sure about the amount of coverage your congregation needs, our church insurance agents can help.

Workers Compensation Coverage

According to Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Law, employees need to provide compensation benefits to their employees. The workers’ compensation system says that if an employee gets hurt on the job, the employer is responsible for paying all of the employee’s medical bills under the workers’ compensation system.

The amount of wage loss compensation is determined on a state-by-state basis. If a worker gets wounded on the job due to the company’s carelessness, the company will foot the expense for their medical care. Our church insurance agents will ensure your congregation complies with all legal requirements in your area.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

You need abuse and molestation coverage in case of both genuine and false charges of sexual misconduct. Protecting yourself from sexual misconduct claims can be expensive, both in terms of the money you’ll have to pay and the reputation of your church.

In extreme cases, the settlement sum may force the church to become bankrupt or shut down. A church can be protected from the potentially devastating effects of sexual abuse allegations against ministry personnel by purchasing abuse and molestation coverage. Get in touch with your church’s insurance agent if you have questions about what sort of minimal protection your organization needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your church owns or leases a car, you should consider getting commercial auto insurance. Business auto insurance typically includes protection for drivers who use rental cars or non-owned cars for church-related business reasons.

When members of the congregation or personnel drive their own cars, they must first obtain their own auto insurance. If your own policy has run out, you can still get financial protection through car insurance. Obtaining a reliable commercial auto insurance policy will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are protected against theft, vandalism, water damage, fire, or an accident.

Umbrella Coverage

When combined with a standard liability policy, the Umbrella coverage provides an extra cushion in case anything goes wrong. You may rest easy knowing that even if a huge liability claim were filed against your business, this policy would safeguard your organization.

For instance, if your ministry is sued for $5 million, but your general liability insurance policy only covers $3 million, the umbrella policy will pay the remaining $2 million in damages.

Umbrella insurance protects you from the financial burden of legal fees, medical expenses, repairs to surrounding properties damaged by accidents on your property, and legal settlements and verdicts.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

When it comes to safeguarding church property, Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) plays a crucial role. This insurance plan protects the church if an employee files a claim of discrimination, harassment, unfair dismissal, sexual misconduct, retaliation, defamation, etc. When your ministry gets sued, this insurance policy will come in handy for paying any resulting judgments or settlements.

Pastoral Counseling Coverage

This policy will shield ministers and therapists from litigation if they are ever accused of harming their clients’ mental or physical health. The limits of this policy should be equal to the church’s general liability limits.

Pastors and ministers benefit greatly from the liability coverage plan if the church or its board of directors is sued or accused of misconduct. The policy protects the church body from monetary, psychological, bodily, and emotional harm.

Employee Theft Insurance

Theft and dishonesty among employees is a widespread problem in Tennessee. Places of worship are not immune to such misconduct. Employee theft insurance protects the bonded ministry from theft, fraud, embezzlement, and other financial damages caused by dishonest employees.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

There are many potential parties that could file a lawsuit against a church, including staff, suppliers, investors, customers, and members. In this respect, “wrongdoing” by the church’s leadership includes both accusations and admissions.

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance protect the church board and leaders against legal action. This coverage safeguards the financial security of religious authorities. An individual’s possessions and resources include the equity in their home, a bank or savings account, and investments. D&O liability coverage also protects their partners from being personally liable for any legal action taken against them.

Both the church and its members can feel secure knowing they have D&O liability insurance. By purchasing this coverage, the church can avoid bearing the financial burden of litigation defense or settlement costs.

What Makes Our Church Insurance Agents Special?

Our church insurance brokers in Tennessee have extensive training and experience and help you find a policy that safeguards your ministry against all possible risks. We can connect you with a collection of A-rated church insurance providers that are renowned for their attentive customer service, a wide range of policy options, and solid track records. 


The founder of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has been actively involved in the youth ministry for the past 19 years, and he is also a highly qualified insurance agent. This is why we strive to offer complete insurance coverage for churches and their assets.

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We have a team of experienced agents who are committed to meeting the unique insurance requirements of churches around the country, making us a top provider of church property insurance in the US. Our business spends a great deal of time working with churches to provide them with the appropriate insurance benefits.


When recommending an insurance company to your church, we make sure that the company has a solid financial foundation and an A rating from AM Best. We also ensure that your church’s insurance provider has a solid track record of successfully resolving claims.


What sets us apart from other insurance companies is the level of customized care we offer. Our insurance solutions are customized for each customer based on a thorough discussion of their business and an analysis of the risks they face.


You may find a wealth of information on our website to help you make a well-informed choice.  Contact us at (877) 854-7396 to learn more about our church insurance services in Tennessee.

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