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Mississippi is a hub for literati, academics, visionaries, and James Beard chefs: sugar-sand beaches, oak and Magnolia trees, sumptuous columned homes, burgeoning culture, and numerous art scenes.


This state, located amid the Bible belt, is home to a sprawl of beachfront condos, restaurants serving Florentine cuisine, and centuries-old quaint neo-classical churches that exude nothing but charm and serenity.


Apart from their beautiful nature reserves and the splendid Mississippi Gulf Coast, there is nothing quite as refreshing as witnessing the people of this state serve so passionately and selflessly in the house of God.


Their penchant for religion and servitude in the house of God is inherited from their ancestors who took part in many revolutionary movements for evangelicalism, spreading their message of all-uniting spiritual equality and bringing multiple social reforms associated with the Social Gospel Movement.


The evangelists started to make their way into the state back in the 1600s when Mississippi was passed into the hands of US leaders. Today, 83% of the total population of Mississippi is a practicing Christian and is dedicated to serving their community in the house of worship.

Churches in Mississippi are more than just behemoth structures with regular masses and sermons. These houses of God serve as a home to several marginalized communities, a safe haven for the homeless, and counseling services for those dealing with substance abuse problems and seeking emotional support. These churches also rent out their facilities for grand-scale events like weddings, wakes, vigils, funerals, baptisms, christenings, etc. Ministries are also responsible for organizing regular events like domestic and international missionary travel, bible classes, parties for Elementary kids, community meals, and summer camp.

There is no end to the number of services in which the church plays an active role. Due to numerous events on church grounds every day, it is not uncommon for these organizations to be exposed to accidents and hazards. Church leaders carry a great responsibility to ensure that every person in their church is safeguarded from any potential liabilities. They need to take every precautionary step to ensure that their church members and the congregation stays safe whenever they encounter a cataclysmic event.

The church can be vulnerable to vandalism, fires, floods, burglaries, theft, accidents, etc. This is why our church insurance agents recommend investing in a sturdy church insurance policy that protects churches and ministries from any litigations and liabilities.

Churches are often running on a tight budget and cannot afford to go through the huge financial burden that comes with lawsuits and liability claims. But with a comprehensive small church insurance policy, your ministry will never have to face this financial strain.

Can’t decide how to find the perfect insurance policies that align with your operation?

Get in touch with our licensed church insurance agents in Mississippi, who can help you streamline a robust church insurance policy at the most competitive rates. At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, your church’s protection is our priority. With our deep knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry, we will ensure your ministry is equipped with reliable insurance policies that will shield you from any liability claims and maximize protection.

We have access to numerous A-rated church insurance companies in Mississippi, which we carefully selected after studying their past stellar records. Feel free to give us a call at any time and get specialized insurance plans for your church today.

Why Should Your Church in Mississippi Invest in a Specialized Insurance Coverage?

Since churches are actively taking part in several legal and personal activities every day, they need a trustworthy insurance program to soften the blow if they face any pitfalls or liabilities.


The church can suffer many liability claims, which is why every ministry must have adequate coverage policies.


Here are some reasons why churches should consider purchasing a reliable insurance plan.

Church Property Insurance Expert

Church Property Protection

Since churches have vast facilities, assets, and property, every church leader must consider investing in a church property insurance policy that will reimburse them for repair costs if their church ever sustains structural damage.


Arson, burglary, theft, water damage, and vandalism—there can be many mishaps that happen due to a single disastrous event and the repair costs can be astronomical.


Every year, there are an average of 43 tornadoes in Mississippi that wreak havoc, causing significant structural damage to buildings and homes. Other major annual disastrous events like floods and fires are also very common across all the counties in the Mississippi Delta, which inundates church leaders.


But a proper coverage plan with a reliable church insurance company will keep your organization safe from bankruptcy.

Protecting the Church Community

Church leaders are heavily relied on to provide their church members with emotional support and divine guidance. This is why every church leader must make sure that they prioritize every church member’s safety and well-being.


Regular events like support groups, missionary school fairs, bible classes, and band practice are taking place daily at the church. Purchasing a comprehensive coverage policy that will ensure every person’s safety, including minors, seniors, employees, and volunteers. An adequate accident insurance policy will pay for medical and rehabilitation bills if anyone ever gets injured on church premises.

Church Liability Insurance

While the church property insurance provides coverage for church-owned structures, the church liability insurance will help pay for any damages that others accuse of the church.


Churches are becoming increasingly susceptible to litigation and liability claims for false or actual accusations. Any person who sustains a bodily injury on church grounds can sue the church for a personal injury lawsuit and then have to pay thousands of dollars.


This is why a church liability policy will protect your church from any lawsuits and legal fees and save your ministry from reputational harm and defamation.

Safeguarding Ministry Leaders

Liability claims that church leaders commonly face can be due to the mismanagement of church financial records, performing transactions that can put the church’s tax-exempt status at risk, discrimination, and using charity donations in a manner that is against the donor’s wishes.

This is why every ministry needs to have a strong Director’s and Officers (D & O) insurance policy, so your church board members are safe from any excessive lawsuits and liability claims.

Different Types of Coverage Plans Available for Ministries in Mississippi

Church Property Insurance Expert

Every church leader must have a comprehensive church insurance plan that has additional endorsements to shield their reverential operation from any risks of potential liabilities and litigations. Every church should purchase optimized insurance policies that are well-suited to their individual needs and requirements.


This is where our well-experienced church insurance agents come in. Whether your church is just a fledgling start-up or a well-established organization, we will assist you in streamlining a robust insurance plan that will provide protection to every aspect of your ministry.


Here are some different types of church insurance policies our insurance agents in Mississippi can help you out with.

General Liability Insurance

One of the most popular insurance plans among numerous church leaders of Mississippi, general liability insurance provides broad coverage to small and large businesses and operations.

This coverage plan protects the church from two of the most common liability claims: property damage and bodily injuries from customers and employees.

Without signing up for this coverage policy, your church will be vulnerable to several lawsuits and legal charges that can become a financial strain that is hard to overcome.

As a church owner, you must also make sure that there aren’t any slippery surfaces, broken furniture, or any other factors in your church that can expose church members to injuries and hazards.

To give you an idea, the average cost of a slip and fall claim settlement can range from $10,000 to $50,000. But with the general liability coverage, your money will be safe from any expensive lawsuits.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

This coverage plan protects church leaders and pastors from alleged and actual claims of abuse or molestation. The legal defense fees for sexual misconduct charges can easily reach six figures. So make sure your church is equipped with this coverage policy before you’re on the brink of bankruptcy.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The EPLI coverage policy provides coverage for claims that arise from practices related to the employees. Any employee can accuse church members of age or gender discrimination, wrongful termination, negligence, harassment, and retaliation. But in that case, the EPLI policy will kick in and pay for attorney fees and any other liability claims.

Pastor's and Minister's Liability Coverage

Churches can ensure maximum protection for their ministers and pastors by purchasing the pastor’s and ministers’ liability coverage plan.

Sometimes people can accuse church counselors and pastors of mental, physical, or emotional harm. This is where this coverage policy will prove to be useful.

Officer's, Director's, and Trustee's Coverage

There are a lot of risks surrounding the administrative and financial decisions of the church. This is why church leaders must purchase the officers, directors, and trustees’ coverage plan to ensure church board members are safe from potential lawsuits, including financial decisions.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

The umbrella coverage policy is a must-have layer of protection that you must add to your general liability coverage plan. This insurance policy provides extra protection to your organization in the case of an excessive liability claim.

This coverage plan will protect you if any church-owned vehicle gets into a serious accident, if any church board members are facing a hefty lawsuit, if anyone injures themselves on church premises, or if a neighboring building gets damaged because of a church-related accident.

The umbrella insurance is very useful when your base insurance plan reaches its limit in a liability claim. For example, if your church is being sued for $400,000, and the general liability insurance is only paying for $300,000, the umbrella insurance policy will cover the shortfall of $100,000.

Other advantages of this insurance policy include coverage for wrongful prosecution or eviction, false arrests or imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation, and invasion of privacy.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

The worker’s compensation insurance plan is mandated in Mississippi. Hence, every church leader must invest in an adequate coverage plan that provides their employees ample protection and pays for any medical and rehabilitation bills if they sustain work-related injuries.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Churches in Mississippi often offer transportation facilities to regular churchgoers, seniors, minors, employees, and clergymen. Church-owned vehicles and rental cars require insurance if there are any accidental damages due to collisions, vandalism, break-ins, floods, and fires.

Employee Theft Insurance

Since theft is fairly common across all businesses in Mississippi, an employee theft insurance policy will safeguard your church whenever there is a case of theft, fraud, or embezzlement by bonded ministry employees.

Fire Insurance

Wildfires are becoming a common occurrence in Mississippi; this is why it’s best to get a good fire insurance policy to prevent out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to rebuilding church-owned structures.

Fires are also very common in churches due to frequent candles in religious ceremonies. But with a reliable church fire insurance policy, your church will have ample protection, so your operation will continue running smoothly.

Why Trust Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

Every church leader needs to find a church insurance company that can help them find specialized insurance plans with comprehensive coverage policy at reasonable rates. This is why at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, our primary goal is to connect our clients to A-rated church insurance agencies, so you never have to worry about debt and excessive legal charges again.


Our church insurance agents are well-versed with the insurance world’s dynamics and complexities, and with our insight and in-depth knowledge, your church is in safe hands.

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We provide optimized insurance plans that minimize the risk of hazards and accidents. We will go the extra mile to make sure your operation is never wrongfully denied and gets the justice that is rightfully yours.


It doesn’t matter if you’re running a fledgling organization or a big establishment, there is a specialized church insurance program out there for your ministry, and we will help you find it. We have partnered with numerous trust-worthy and creditable church insurance agencies in Mississippi that we meticulously selected after checking their comprehensive coverage plans and proven track records. We can help you get tailored insurance policies that will cover every aspect of your organization at the most competitive rates.


Get in touch with us today, and our representative will discuss the budget and details and provide all the information you require. After a quick consultation, our insurance agents will help you compare quotes and provide you with customized insurance policies best suited for your operation.



You can also visit our website to learn all about your rights, statutory and compliance requirements, comprehensive guides, and other tips and tricks to make an informed decision.

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