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Arkansas Church Insurance Agent

Arkansas is a sophisticated state known for its rugged woodlands, limestone and diamond bluffs, and pristine waters. This extraordinary state isn’t just a land of adventure but also contains a refreshing art scene, upscale dining, and offers exemplary wilderness adventures that are great for the soul.


Apart from the Arkansans’ eclectic taste in music and art, the state is also home to numerous denominations, and 79% of the total population practices Christianity. According to many reports, Christianity began taking root in this state back in the mid-16th century when the Roman Catholics started to find their place in the state and preached sermons.


Because of Christianity’s rich history, several historic quaint and behemoth churches dot the streets of Arkansas with captivating ecclesiastical architecture and intricate detailing. The historic charm of these churches and the profound connection of the locals with the religion gives the state of Arkansas an undeniable spiritual and charming appeal.

This is why people from all over the world come to visit this state for spiritual ablution, to find meaning and purpose, and to dwell in the soul-refreshing ecclesiastical feeling of peace and tranquility.

Due to these tourism rates and a mass following of the churches, there is a lot of responsibility on church leaders to look after their clergymen, employees, volunteers, and the ministry’s premises. With ministries and organizations come potential professional liabilities that can take a major hit on the church’s reputation.


Churches aren’t just a place of worship, but they rent out their premises for several special occasions like weddings, funerals, baptisms, christenings, and community seminars for the local communities. Alongside numerous youth activities, there are also several outreach programs this, like interactive missionary fairs, parties for Elementary kids, Bible classes, and substance abuse services held in the church.


Church services are also highly inclusive of people with disabilities; they sponsor many programs and raise funds for the impoverished, serving as a safe abode for the destitute and the mentally challenged people. Due to their large-scale activities like hosting domestic and international missionary trips and arranging seminars, and raising funds, these ministries always have an imminent threat of accidents, damages, and potential liabilities that can only be prevented with a specialized church insurance policy.


This is why at Integrity Now Insurance, we have initiated a highly optimized insurance program that helps members of the church connect with A-rated church insurance companies that offer premium packages that are tailored to suit your needs.


Our insurance agents come with extensive experience and are committed to serving and delivering the best church insurance services for ministries and nonprofits all over Arkansas. Our church insurance agents devise well-thought-out plans and strategies that provide total coverage in the case of any claims and liabilities. We have access to numerous insurance agencies that are not only cost-effective but offer comprehensive insurance policies that protect everyone serving in the house of God.

Why Does Your Ministry in Arkansas Need Detailed Church Insurance Plans?

Even though churches are primarily a place of worship featuring several social and cultural events, churches are also exposed to a wide range of imminent threats and damages like vandalism, theft, erratic weather conditions, accidents, fires, flooding, and many other personal and professional liabilities.


Churches in Arkansas are especially vulnerable to floods and fires due to the recent crescendo of the climate change crisis. Arkansas also has the eighth-highest property crime rate in the US. Because of this high crime rate, adverse weather conditions, and low public funding, churches are always in dire need of a comprehensive insurance plan that protects them and their congregation.


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Undesired circumstances like inland flooding, the scorching summer heat, major accidents due to heavy storms, and hazardous asbestos exposure, lead oxides, and dioxins don’t only pose structural threats to your building but also pose a threat to the life of the people who work in your organization. Church leaders have to ensure that the particular areas of vulnerabilities like the church-owned property, pieces of equipment, and the people who work for them are under minimized risk and are protected from any imminent dangers and accidents at all costs.


There were a total of 35 tornadoes that hit Arkansas in the year 2021, wreaking havoc all across the state. Tornadoes are violent and can rip a building to shreds turning shards of glass into debris.


This is why it is recommended for all ministries and churches in Arkansas to have an extensive church insurance policy that protects them when their organization comes face to face with any liabilities. Church leaders should always ensure the church insurance program they opt for provides optimized protection and shields them from a broad range of potential exposures to threats and accidents.


Our church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance are always ready to consult with you to devise a proper church insurance plan that covers all the risks and concerns a ministry must-have. We ensure you have the most premium insurance policies that protect everyone that is serving at your organization, including Bible teachers, clergymen, nursery workers, and other vulnerable members of the community.

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Find Reliable Church Insurance Agents in Arkansas

Finding the right church insurance brokers can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to optimizing your insurance policies that are best suited to all your needs. Whether you own the building or rent a space to serve the local communities, ministry insurance coverage is a necessity that protects every member and visitor and ensures the proper safety and growth of your organization.


Churches are sued from time to time for liabilities, and there is nothing more damaging to a church’s reputation than an expensive lawsuit with a church liability insurance claim that can quickly lead to bankruptcy.

Vandalism, burglaries, electrical surges, and flooding can also cause several significant losses. But with proper church insurance that adequately covers every aspect of the organization, your ministry and operation will remain unaffected.

Church-sponsored domestic and international missionary trips also involve many risks and medical expenditures that need proper coverage. In the face of any structural damages due to extreme weather and fraudulent liability claims, church property insurance will make sure your organization is properly protected and save you from any disasters, and financial distress.


When applying for a church insurance plan, you have to make sure the insurance policies take everything into account, like the structures, pews, stained glass, statues, and all the church-owned equipment that is used to run your operation.


Now that you’re well aware of all the reasons to get proper church insurance, get in touch with our professional church insurance agents, that are here to meticulously guide you through the hectic process of deciding on an insurance plan. We offer specialized church insurance policies and connect you with premier insurance agencies that offer a wide range of coverages that every church requires.


You can also visit our website or further resources and read about statutory and compliance requirements, liability insurance costs, risk management guides for church leaders, and church insurance safety tips.

What Does General Liability Church Insurance Coverages For Ministry in Arkansas Cover?

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Whether you’re preaching to a mass of a thousand people or just a handful of members, every responsible church leader must be well-equipped with risk management plans that shield their congregation in times of a crisis.


If you’re unsure of which liability insurance to opt for, the “general” liability insurance plan is perfect for coverages for a broad range of activities. For maximized protection, we recommend first getting in touch with our church insurance agents, that are readily available to discuss possible risks and any additional coverages that you can add to your insurance plan.

The general liability insurance coverage protects your church against claims of bodily injury, property damage that arises out of your premises, and operations that the church is found legally liable for. This extensive church insurance plan also protects the church against any liability for personal and advertising injury offenses like libel and slander. Regardless of fault, medical expenses for injuries all also included.


There’s nothing more upsetting than having someone suffer a bodily injury during a church-sponsored activity on your grounds. Along with a hefty medical bill, these charges also include the loss of income for that person that comes with missing work. Always make sure your railings, floors, pews, and overall property is well-maintained to prevent any falls and accidents that pose a threat to any member of your congregation.


Church leaders are expected to display due diligence during accidents and damages and should always make it their top priority to minimize any risks and threats that could happen on their premises.


One thing to always add to your insurance plan is church insurance coverage for the minister’s pastoral counseling. All ministries and organizations in the state of Arkansas are required by law to shield their employees and volunteers from any work-related injuries and offer full compensation for illnesses that occur due to the job conditions. This is where the comprehensive church insurance company can help. A proper insurance policy will compensate for any lost wages, permanent and temporary impairments, and medical treatments.


Even a single accident on your premises can lead to exorbitant lawsuits and liability claims that can permanently affect your church’s reputation. You should always consider additional church insurance coverages like internal and external crime, equipment breakdown, newly acquired and constructed property, stain glass windows, automated external defibrillators, indirect losses, fire and security alarm upgrades, and green updates coverages that pay for additional costs for energy-efficient upgrades with sustainable building materials.


Legal and financial protection of all of your employees with the right church insurance coverage will keep your ministry up and running because your workers are properly being compensated for any injuries and illnesses.


If your operation also offers a transport service, your vans and buses will also require a business auto insurance plan that is a part of the general liability insurance. Regular maintenance, hiring licensed and experienced drivers, and checking documentation for all the vehicles will ensure a safe and trusty transportation service at your ministry.


Another part of the general liability insurance plan is the abuse and molestation coverage. This insurance policy is necessary to protect the reputation of any ministry or organization that could be facing any claims of alleged or actual sexual misconduct. Protecting the ministry’s health and reputation with employee theft insurance is another necessity that covers theft, fraudulent claims, and embezzlement charges by bonded ministry employees.


Churches in Arkansas heavily rely on volunteers, and protecting them from potential liabilities with a well-planned church insurance plan will ensure your operation finds a firm footing in a very competitive field and maintains a good reputation. Make sure to perform a thorough background check on every one of your volunteers and employees, which is the best way to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future.


Another important aspect to cover is the Employee Dishonesty coverage policy. If any employee feels wronged and proceeds to file a case against your organization for any reason, the Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) has proven to be a helpful insurance policy that reimburses for settlements and any expenses that come with lawsuits.  

Why Hire Church Insurance Agents At Integrity Now Brokers?

The church insurance agents at Integrity Now are the number one go-to insurance agents that seek to represent the best interests of your organization. Our church insurance agents are well-experienced, licensed, and extremely professional, and we do our best to devise an optimized insurance plan that ensures minimized risks of accidents and threats to your ministry.


We have numerous premier insurance agencies on board with us that were meticulously selected for their renowned services and comprehensive insurance plans. We offer unprecedented tailored insurance policies and customized care covering every aspect of a church operation, and we offer them at the most competitive rates.


Ready to optimize your organization and protect your operation from potential liabilities? Reach out to us today for the best church insurance policies and protect your operation with extensive umbrella policies and comprehensive coverage plans today. Call our church insurance agents here and feel free to discuss budgets, risks, concerns, and any other questions. Our services are available for churches all over Arkansas.

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