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Church Insurance For Episcopal Churches

Episcopal churches and dioceses need insurance for the same reasons that other churches do: to protect their property, financially safeguard their members and employees, and limit their exposure to lawsuits.


But Episcopal churches face some unique risks that require specialized church insurance coverage. That’s why Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers a range of insurance solutions designed specifically for them.


Some of the coverages we offer include:

  • Property insurance offering church building insurance, contents, and religious artifacts insurance coverage
  • Liability protection for the church, its members, employees, and volunteers
  • Sexual misconduct insurance for clergy and other church personnel

If you’re in an Episcopal church or diocese needing church insurance, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options.

What to Consider When Getting Church Insurance For Episcopal Churches

1. Church Insurance: Risk and Exposure

The risks and exposures involved in getting church insurance for an Episcopal church include comparing and contrasting the different types of property and liability coverage and the cost associated with that coverage. With the rising inflation, all episcopal dioceses must ensure their church buildings are adequately insured for the full replacement cost value.


2. Church Insurance: Cost and coverage

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers comprehensive property and liability protection to Episcopal Churches in the United States. To be adequately insured, churches must have a custom-tailored policy for their unique risks and needs.


The cost of church insurance for Episcopal churches may vary greatly depending on the size and location of the ministry and the type of coverage desired. Some factors that may affect the cost of property coverage include the replacement value of the buildings, the geographic location of the property, and any special coverage requested, such as religious expression insurance. 


For liability coverage, the insurance cost will depend on the type of operations conducted by the church, such as daycare, private school, congregational size, and other activities that involve people outside the church. 


Understanding the costs and coverage of church insurance for Episcopal churches is essential to ensure the church is appropriately and adequately insured. The Church Insurance Companies are experienced in providing the best church insurance coverage to meet the unique needs of churches and are eager to offer advice and risk management strategies. 


For more information or a free church insurance quote, call and talk with one of our Church Insurance Representatives at 877-854-7396.


3. Church Insurance: Types of coverage

Church Insurance for Episcopal churches provides a variety of coverage, including Property Coverage, which protects the most valuable assets of the church, such as its people, property, and finances. This coverage typically includes a blanket policy that pools together all the church’s values and the diocese so that the church is not underinsured.


4. Church Insurance: Limitations and exclusions

Church insurance for Episcopal churches has certain limitations and exclusions, varying depending on the insurance policy. Generally, limitations and exclusions may include damage or losses due to war, earthquakes, floods, riots, decay, wear and tear, and nuclear hazard.


Additionally, some policies may limit how they provide specific coverages with their church insurance policy. Working with an Episcopal church insurance agent can help prevent your diocesan feel more confident in the resources and insurance coverage offered.


5. Church Insurance: Risk management services offered

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers various risk management services in connection with church insurance for Episcopal churches. These services include:


  • Advice on appropriate dollar amounts for coverage, such as reproduction cost value, replacement cost, actual cash value, market value or sale price, or subjective value
  • Assessment of the need for boiler and machinery insurance coverage
  • Recommendations on dollar amounts for deductibles
  • Advice on whether to carry liability coverage for automobiles not owned by the parish
  • Recommend abuse coverage limits based on the size of a youth group
  • Discuss the importance of employment practice liability insurance coverage
  • Make recommendations on ergonomic office equipment to reduce injury and workers’ comp claims
  • Review certificates of insurance from independent contractors working on the premises who have their insurance policies and name the church as an additional insured.


6. Church Insurance: Claims management

The institutions of the Episcopal Church require church property insurance to protect its people, property, and finances. Working with an insurance company that offers your church congregation effective and timely claims management is vital to resolve issues quickly.


7. Church Insurance: Budgeting

Church Insurance can help churches budget by offering coverages lower than industry rates and providing discounts for parishes actively participating in Risk Management Programs for churches.


Several risk management techniques to help maintain a church budget include some of the following:

  1. Increase property deductibles, resulting in rate credits for the church.
  2. Requiring outside groups that use church property provide liability insurance and execute a building use policy agreement
  3. Identifying and fixing trip hazards located on church properties
  4. Adding playground safety material meeting industry-standard guidelines


By taking advantage of these cost savings and risk management measures, churches can better manage their budgets and be less exposed to potential losses.


8. Church Insurance: Experienced Church Insurance Agency

An experienced church insurance agency like Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers insurance protection to Episcopal churches and offers customized church insurance programs to protect its people, property, and finances. Churches can have peace of mind that they are covered in a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy.


While we never want to think about paying the insurance costs related to natural disasters, the reality is in 2022 alone; the U.S. dealt with over 20 billion dollars in weather-related disasters.  


Our church insurance agents have the experience and expertise to help reduce your financial burden and protect your nonprofit church corporation. 

Types of Insurance for Churches

Types of Insurance Coverage for Episcopal Churches

1. General Liability insurance for Episcopal Churches

Episcopal churches need general liability insurance to protect them from financial losses due to claims of injury, property damage, or negligence. General liability insurance covers the church if someone is injured on church property, is sued for libel or slander, or is injured or property is damaged due to the church’s activities. It also covers medical expenses and legal defense costs if a lawsuit is brought against the church.


Our church insurance agency offers several general liability coverage types, including property and casualty policies, which protect Episcopal churches, dioceses, and institutions. We have a wide range of risk management tools and strategies to help churches mitigate risk and reduce their financial losses in case of a claim.


2. Church Property Insurance for Episcopal Churches

It is recommended that Episcopal churches purchase a blanket policy for their property and casualty insurance rather than a policy with specific limits. A blanket property policy helps protect churches when natural disasters strike, and pricing can be artificially inflated locally.


3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessary form of insurance for Episcopal churches. It provides financial protection to employees injured or ill due to their work. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical costs, lost wages, and benefits for medical treatments and disability resulting from work-related injuries or illnesses.


4. Directors and Officers Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a licensed church insurance broker and offers Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, which provides coverage for the legal liability of the church’s board members for wrongful acts in their capacity as such. The insurance covers losses incurred due to any wrongful act, error, omission, and breach of duty, including the cost of defending the director or officer against the legal action. 


5. Pastoral Professional Liability Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Church Insurance Companies provide property and liability protection to Episcopal Churches in the United States, including pastoral professional liability insurance coverage. This insurance offers protection related to legal claims that may arise from performing clerical duties and services, such as religious counseling, religious services, and the administration of sacraments. 


6. Abuse and Molestation Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Episcopal churches have access to specialized abuse and molestation insurance coverage to protect them against potential claims of abuse and molestation. This coverage typically includes two types: abuse and molestation liability and sexual abuse counseling and treatment. 


  1. Abuse and molestation liability coverage protect against claims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This coverage includes defense costs and damages incurred due to allegations of abuse or molestation.
  2. Sexual abuse counseling and treatment coverage provides funds to reimburse victims of abuse or molestation for therapy and counseling services. This coverage also includes funds to reimburse churches and other organizations for the cost of conducting background checks on employees and volunteers who work with children or vulnerable adults.


7. Religious Belief Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Episcopal churches hold firm to their long-held religious beliefs.  Religious expression insurance provides the required protection in the event of a loss due to these beliefs.


8. Business Auto Insurance for Episcopal Churches

Episcopal churches must ensure their business vehicles are adequately protected with the right insurance coverage. Our Agency offers a variety of property and casualty insurance options, including comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, and towing. 


15-passenger van insurance must have limits of no less than $1,000,000 in liability protection, and Episcopal churches should consider adding an umbrella policy for additional liability protection.

Small Church Insurance Program for Episcopal Churches

Small Church Insurance Program for Episcopal Churches

Integrity Now Insurance brokers offer a small Episcopal church insurance program for churches that rent or own smaller church buildings. This smaller church insurance program provides comprehensive property and casualty insurance protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional policies.


Our church liability insurance program includes coverage for damage to buildings and property, liability protection, and fidelity bonds to help protect churches against fraud or embezzlement.


Small churches may want to include an affordable excess policy to protect against a significant liability loss.  

Why Episcopal Churches Need A Church Insurance Agent

Episcopal churches need a church insurance agent for a variety of reasons. The top five reasons include the following:


  1. Access to insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of religious organizations.
  2. Cost savings on premiums due to participating in a church risk management program offered by insurance companies.
  3. Increased protection of valuable assets.
  4. Knowing that your assets are protected with a church insurance provider specializing in Episcopal Church properties increases peace of mind.
  5. Dedicated and experienced Church Insurance representatives who can provide assistance and guidance.


Our church insurance agents fight to get the maximums possible coverage and an affordable price. As independent insurance agents, we work for you as our clients, not the insurance companies.


We work hard to help churches manage their risks and prevent loss. This is done through risk management strategies and tools that can help a church make informed decisions about its insurance needs. As your church insurance expert, we provide advice and answers to frequently asked questions to help church leaders and vestry members make informed choices.


Episcopal churches need our expertise as your church insurance agent to provide the best possible coverage for their property and casualty insurance needs, help manage risks, and offer guidance and advice in an emergency. Contact us to request a quote today.

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