Best Insurance Companies for Churches: How to Select the Right Church Insurance Company

Best Insurance Companies for Churches and Religious Organizations: How to Select the Right Church Property Insurance Company

As a church leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to protect your congregation from risks. That’s why it’s crucial to have the best insurance company for churches working on your behalf.


But with so many business liability insurance companies, how do you know which is right for you? Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is here to make finding the best church liability insurance companies easy.


Here are some things to look for when selecting a church insurance company.

How to Find the Best Church Insurance Companies?

Utilize independent church insurance brokers who work with some top companies, such as Church Mutual Insurance, GuideOne Insurance, Philidelphia Insurance, and Great American Insurance. At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, we streamline finding a suitable carrier for you.


When choosing between church insurance providers, we consider factors such as rates, company reliability, policyholders, providers, etc. We compare policies from various companies to ensure you get comprehensive coverage that meets your needs at an affordable rate!


Churches and other religious organizations must ensure that their business and commercial property insurance includes protection of all property and liability insurance. As your independent agent, our job is to represent your best interest and not the insurance company’s best interest.

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What Should you Consider when Choosing an Insurance Company for Your Church?

1. Church Insurance: Company AM-Best Rating

An AM-Best rating can help you choose an insurance company for your church by providing insight into that company’s reliability and financial strength. The rating company ranks companies based on their policyholder surplus, giving you an idea of how strong they are financially and how likely they will be able to pay out on any claims in the future.


2. Church Insurance: Policy Features

When comparing church insurance policies, it is essential to consider the coverage they offer and the risks they cover. Many policies cover property damage, personal injury, liability, and other features such as cyber security protection.


3. Church Insurance: Annual Insurance Cost

Small church insurance and more extensive church insurance programs must provide comprehensive coverage while keeping insurance costs to a minimum. Using a church insurance agency can help keep your insurance costs down.


4. Church Insurance: Coverage Limits

Church insurance covers many risks, including fires, slips and falls, theft and burglary, and sexual abuse and misconduct. The coverage limits vary depending on the insurance company’s capacity of available insurance limits.


5. Church Insurance: Underwriting Guidelines

All insurance companies have underwriting guidelines of what they deem as acceptable risks and unacceptable risks. As your church insurance agent, we will take an application, and based on the answers provided, we can quickly determine which church insurance company will be your best option.


6. Church Insurance: Claim Process

When evaluating an insurance company’s claim process for a church, it is essential to compare the company’s speed and efficiency in handling claims. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is constantly evaluating the quality of the customer service for the insurance companies we send business to.


7. Church Insurance: Policy Language

It is also essential to contrast the language used in each policy to understand what is covered and what isn’t. For example, some insurance companies write policy language in favor of the church. In contrast, others can make it nearly impossible to gain abuse and molestation insurance coverage based on the policy language.


8. Church Insurance: Claims Experience

Claims experience is essential when choosing an insurance company for a church. Experienced staff members familiar with filing claims can ensure that your religious institution is well-protected against potential disasters. Additionally, having access to experts who understand the intricacies of church insurance policies can help you make an informed decision when choosing a provider.


9. Church Insurance: Customer Service

When evaluating a company’s customer service for church insurance, it is crucial to consider the availability of customer support. This may include phone lines, email addresses, live chat features, and other methods of communication that allow customers to get help.


10. Church Insurance: Access to Information

When choosing a church insurance company, it is essential to have online access to information. Today you need online access to vital resources and risk management training.

The Best Church Insurance Companies

The Best Insurance Companies For Churches Offer These Vital Coverages

1. Liability Insurance for Churches

Church general liability insurance is a business insurance policy that protects church ministries from the financial costs of being sued. Church liability insurance policies offer coverage for potential liabilities such as injuries on church property, damage to church property, or allegations of discrimination or other activities.


2. Church Building Insurance Coverage

Church building insurance typically includes two types of coverage: Building Coverage which provides insurance protection to church buildings, stained glass, pews, pipe organs, and other covered property attached to the building. Contents Coverage helps protect all things not connected to the building, such as computers, musical instruments and audio-visual equipment, chairs, and office equipment.


3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Religious Groups

Churches need workers’ compensation insurance because it can help cover the costs associated with an employee’s injury. Without this coverage, churches could be liable for medical expenses and lost wages if one of their employees is injured.


4. Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

Director and officer insurance (D&O) is a type of liability insurance that provides coverage for individuals who serve on a board of directors. It protects the board members from lawsuits that may arise from their actions while governing an organization.


5. Pastoral Professional Liability Coverage

Pastoral professional liability coverage protects against claims made by third parties due to the services provided by pastors or other church staff members who provide spiritual counseling on behalf of the synagogue.


6. Abuse and Molestation Insurance for Religious Organizations

Sexual misconduct liability insurance for houses of worship is critical to protecting the interests of the religious organization, its members, and its congregants. This type of insurance provides coverage for claims involving the abuse and molestation of minors or vulnerable older adults and can help protect against financial losses due to legal liability.


7. Employment Practice Liability

Employment practice liability coverage (EPLI) is a type of insurance that protects churches from legal costs associated with employee lawsuits. It provides coverage for claims such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and other violations of employee rights.


8. Religious Belief Insurance Coverage

The best insurance companies for churches offer religious expression insurance coverage. This includes coverage for a range of biblically-based beliefs an individual states caused harm to them.


9. Church Auto Insurance

Church auto insurance typically provides church-owned vehicles, hired auto services, and liability coverage for staff and volunteer drivers. This includes coverage for 12 and 15-passenger vans insurance, church bus insurance, private passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, light service trucks, and covered and utility trailers.


10. Umbrella Liability Coverage

Umbrella liability coverage, also known as “excess liability,” is additional insurance that provides an extra layer of protection above the limits of a general liability policy. It pays for claims that exceed the limits of other policies, such as auto, workers’ comp, and liability insurance.

Stand Insurance Policies Church Insurance Policies
General Liability Insurance
Building Insurance
Pastoral Professional Liability
Limited / Excluded
Directors & Officers Insurance
Abuse & Molestation Coverage
Religious Expression Insurance
Employment Practice Liability

Why Church Insurance Brokers are Essential for Religious Organizations

Church insurance brokers are essential for religious organizations because they provide specialized risk management and protection services. This can include coverage for property, casualty, and liability insurance to protect against financial loss or legal liabilities.


Church insurance brokers also offer protection from potential claims that may arise from personnel issues, such as wrongful termination or discrimination suits. Additionally, church insurance brokers can provide advice regarding compliance with local, state, and federal regulations that may affect the organization’s operations.


By having access to a knowledgeable broker like Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, who understands the nuances of religious organizations’ needs, churches can rest assured that their assets and operations are adequately protected.

Frequent asked questions faq

What type of liability insurance should churches consider?

Churches should consider several types of liability insurance to protect against potential financial and legal ramifications. These coverages include:

What factors should churches consider when selecting a church insurance company?

When selecting a church insurance company, churches should consider several factors. First, the company’s history and reputation should be taken into account. Researching the company’s customer service track record, financial stability, and reviews from other customers is essential.


Additionally, churches should compare insurance plans to ensure they get the best coverage for the best price. The coverage should include property damage and liability protection for the church and its members.


Churches should also inquire about any discounts available on premiums or other services. Finally, it is essential to work with a provider who understands their specific needs and can provide tailored solutions.


Our licensed church insurance agent ensures the top church insurance companies protect our clients at an affordable price.

We are Here to Help Obtain Church Insurance Quotes

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is committed to helping churches obtain the best insurance companies for churches. We understand that each church is unique and requires different coverage levels, and we are here to help you find the best policy for your situation.


With years of experience in this field, our team of church insurance experts can provide tailored advice and insurance solutions designed specifically for churches. Our goal is to provide reliable support and guidance so that you can make a well-informed decision regarding protecting your church from potential risks.


We prioritize integrity, professionalism, and respect in everything we do and are here to answer any questions you may have about church insurance quotes.


Give us a call at 562-606-1030 or complete our online quote form.

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