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We may not be able to prevent church vandalism all together, but we may be able to make some small changes to help reduce the possibility of your church from being vandalized.  Church vandalism is as much a phenomenon as any other anti-religious protest is. According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, around 120 incidents of church vandalism have occurred across the US since May 2020. During the incidents, the church property was greatly harmed, manhandled and abused by angry mobs unwilling to settle disputes through negotiation.

Many times, churches have also been ill-treated and vandalized based on allegations of sexual misconduct. These activities leave churches in the most haphazard state with a large church fund spent on repair and reconstruction. Such ill-treatment of a sacred place of worship has become more of an ongoing trend, especially in America.

While the American justice system needs to stop the deplorable treatment of churches at the hands of angry goons, churches also need to take some measures to cut repair costs and save funds for festivities and religious proceedings.

One of the best step you can take towards protecting the church building and equipment is to have it insured. Church insurance companies in California and Texas offer satisfactory insurance for smaller churches and larger well-established churches. You can either look into the insurance policy yourself or have a broker help you decide on an insurance plan for your church.

Here are other efficient ways to manage church vandalism:

Help Prevent Church Vandalism Involving Security Personnel

An act of vandalism is a threat to the entire community and not just a church. The church, however, can take the initiative—in line with community betterment—to devise a plan for possible instances of vandalism. For this, you’ll need to have security personnel on board. Have them suggest ways to protect your church and call for police patrols during high-tension events or communal clashes between groups.

Involving your local neighbors is another way to seek help when attempting to prevent church vandalism.  Reach out to your neighbors and ask them to keep on eye on your church property when you are not around.  This can also help in building relationships with your community, and see if there are ways you can also be of help with them.

Improve Fencing May Help Prevent Church Vandalism

Even when a church is a public place, you’ll need to work on its fencing to make it difficult to penetrate through. Install gates, increasing the height of your fences, adding additional outdoor lighting, and adding window locks if required. You can also go for ID authorization during tense situations. Always better to have a couple of CCTV cameras installed to monitor all indoor and outdoor activity within the church’s premises.

Try having a permanent caretaker for your church if it’s an established building. If you’re a startup, begin devising a church property insurance plan for your church building.

Come Up with a Maintenance Plan

To vandalize an already dilapidated property is a convenient option. Its paint, bricks and glass will easily come off, and that’s not what you want for your church. By keeping your church well maintained, will help prevent church vandalism from happening. It doesn’t have to be plush, either. A basic structural maintenance plan will do perfectly.

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