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Christmas… isn’t it truly one of the most fun times of the year? The Christmas season is also unique for churches worldwide. Churches prepare for the occasion of celebrating the birth of their savior by decorating the foyers, sanctuary, and the stage with snow, trees, nativity backgrounds, and various other Christmas decorations. Some ministries get a whole bunch of trees and cover them with fake snow and lights to bring the winter wonderland look and feel into the ministry.


Research shows that not only are people more likely to fill the church pews during Christmas but also that their hearts and minds are much more inclined towards receiving God’s message receptively. If you’re looking for ideas to prepare your ministry for the crowds that visit your church for the Christmas service, here are some ideas that’ll help you get started.


#1- Create A Christmas-Themed Playlist

One of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere that reminds all visitors about the Christmas festivities is to play exciting Christmas-themed music in the background. Make an awesome playlist on Spotify or your favorite app to really set the tone for the Christmas service planned at your ministry.

#2- Add Some Holiday Smells and Treats

Scents and tastes provide incredibly powerful memories. Freshly baked Christmas cookies are simply magical; they instantly put us all in the holiday mood. You can also strategically place holiday-themed candles or air fresheners all around the ministry to enhance the experience of all your guests with the fairly noticeable scent that reminds them of Christmas right away. You can also put up a stall for freshly brewed hot cocoa or cookies to add some sweet fun to the Christmas service.

#3- Host A Christmas Play

Write a skit to gather the big church family together on this eventful occasion. Plays and skits are incredible for helping children, and new church members remember the true meaning of Christmas or the best ways to honor the teachings and birth of Jesus Christ. Watching children get dressed up to reenact the events throughout the month is a great way to make celebrations last long.


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#4- Dedicate The Service to Serving Others

This Christmas, set new trends by encouraging your congregation to devote their time and efforts to serving others. You can ask them to collect blankets, old clothes, and other items for the homeless people in the area. Preparing feasts for the needy, volunteering at orphanages or old-age shelters, and promoting various acts of kindness in place of the traditional Christmas service is an excellent way of sending the message of love and providing members an unforgettable Christmas experience of their lifetime.

#5- Host Candlelight Communion Services

Invite the ministry’s congregation to sing Christmas carols with candles lit to create a memorable impact. Let the worship team play music softly in the background while the leaders of each household guide their families in prayer, communion, and giving thanks to God for everything HE has blessed upon them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to witness the massive amount of crowds that’ll happily be willing to visit the church for such events. However, it’s critical to make sure that your ministry has taken all the safety measures to safeguard your ministry and all its members from potential dangers.


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