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How Commercial Auto Insurance Works

A church’s operations are larger and quite more spread out than the premises of the church building. To disseminate the message of God and serve humanity, ministries are involved with missions and activities that require them to step out and go places. This means that the ministry needs to have an adequate fleet of cars, vans, or buses to help its operations run smoothly.

The  National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that every year, as many as 5.25 million road accidents take place in the U.S. Most churches rely on commercial auto insurance to protect their volunteers and fleets.

So how does commercial auto insurance work, and how could it benefit you?

Liability Coverage

A road accident is not merely limited to a collision between two cars. Often, the property is also impacted by car crashes. In these cases, the property owner can sue both the parties involved in the accident. If your commercial vehicle had an auto insurance policy for commercial purposes, the property damages and liability would be covered under it.

Asset Protection

A church car or van is the property of a church; asset coverage in the auto commercial insurance allows the church to get the expenses on the car’s repair reimbursed through the insurance. An extended auto commercial policy also allows car owners to cover the other party’s repair and damage expense, regardless of their fault. Some insurance companies may also cover a replacement vehicle cost under property protection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Accidents are not the only unexpected and unfortunate thing to happen to a church vehicle. Acts of violence, vandalism, theft, or fire are also some of the losses a church has to bear on its commercial vehicle fleet or a single car. Comprehensive coverage would allow you to make claims against such damages and prevent financial loss.

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Medical Coverage

Presumably, the most important aspect of commercial auto insurance is its medical coverage to the policyholders. Churches rely heavily on their volunteers, visitors, and the community. If an accident occurs and there are injuries, your medical coverage would enable you to take care of those in need. As a church leader, you do not have to worry about your vehicles or those who commute in them, as your auto insurance policy will have it covered.

Be Safe on the Road and Elsewhere

Churches have a great mission of spreading the message of God to people. In doing so, the devoted church leaders may overlook the various aspects of their protection. A church needs to know the importance of church insurance and ministry Insurance, including property insurance, building insurance, and auto insurance.

If you are running a church in California, Ohio, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, or Texas, Integrity Now Insurance is at your disposal. Our competent insurance agents are determined to help churches across these seven states to find the suitable insurance company that caters to their special needs. Call us for more information.

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