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A Complete Guide to Church Building Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is a necessary activity for churches. Most churches rely on offerings, donations, and fundraising campaigns to survive. Whether your church needs a new church building, church building maintenance, missionary support, or church insurance, you’ll need money to accomplish each of these items. Typically, churches aren’t moneymaking endeavors. Although some churches host events or perform other activities to generate funds, they’re usually not enough to fund the church’s budget for the entire year. Therefore, churches need to conduct fundraising campaigns.

Conducting successful fundraising campaigns is an art that not everyone can manage. There are two moments in a Church’s lifespan where access to funds is essential: when the church is starting and when the church is expanding. The ability to raise money successfully can be the make-or-break factor for your church’s existence.

We’ve prepared a guide to help your church raise the funds it needs for continued operations.

Running a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Before proceeding further, it’s vital to note that church fundraising campaigns are incredibly challenging to carry out successfully. According to the National Congregational Study Survey, there are over 380,000 churches in the United States alone. Therefore, it can be an arduous task to convince people to donate funds specifically to your church. Regardless, you must try your best, and this guide aims to help you create a campaign that meets your budgetary needs. Here are the steps for running a successful church fundraising campaign:

Devise a Timeline

If you’re planning to build a church building, you’ll need a timeline for the project. A fundraising campaign can help you devise a timeline, starting from the collection of funds to the construction of your church. We recommend that you speak to construction contractors in advance and get quotes. When asking people to donate to your church’s needs, you want to have a set figure. We also advise consulting with a church insurance agent to obtain information about church property insurance. Although rare, accidents can happen, resulting in significant financial losses. A comprehensive church insurance coverage policy will protect you from these losses throughout the process. You will also need to make sure you have a course of construction insurance policy.  This will provide an insurance policy that protects the construction project while the new building is being built.  Once your project is completed, you will need to add this new church building to your church insurance policy.

Build a Team

If you’re starting with the construction of a new church, you’ll have to rely on friends, family, and neighbors to support your cause. However, if your church has already been operational, an entire community will be supporting you. You can gather volunteers and ask them for their assistance in helping you with your church’s fundraising campaign. Many enthused volunteers will offer their services to join your team. Building a team to utilize their abilities can ensure your fundraising campaign is successful. Church members can help spread the word about your fundraising campaign on the ground level, while the team you build can contribute expertise such as accounting knowledge and marketing skills to your campaign. Utilize the support of your community to ensure your campaign is successful.

Formulate Strategies

Strategizing is essential for carrying out successful fundraising campaigns. You need to devise a marketing strategy to ensure you receive maximum attention and visibility during your fundraising drive. Get together with your team and figure out ways to approach people to donate to your campaign. Some churches utilize unconventional means of raising money by venturing online. You can use the power of social media for marketing and fundraising platforms to raise more funds. You can also consider harnessing the value of your church members by having them spread the word about your campaign.

Launch the Campaign

Once you’ve formulated strategies, it’s time to launch your campaign. Fundraising campaigns require transparency to be successful. You’ll need to communicate your goals to people to receive donations. We recommend creating a short manifesto detailing why your church requires funds, the amount, and how you plan to use it. We also recommend creating avenues for interested donors to contact you if they have any queries or wish to donate separately.

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Stepping Up After a Successful Campaign

Once you’ve run a successful campaign generating the funds needed, it’s time to step it up. Whether you’re constructing a new building or expanding, your church will require insurance coverage to ensure no harm befalls it.

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