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The Show-Me State of Missouri is anything but gullible! Located in the Midwestern region, the magnificent serves as the crossroads of the United States. It exudes a warm and welcoming disposition with wide-open spaces where cultures of the west come together with the experiences of the east to create a uniquely intriguing environment. The feature is honored through the iconic Gateway Arch that’s found in St. Louis.


Missouri is home to many glittering underground caves, famous sprawling mountains, rolling prairies, meandering rivers, and plenty of gorgeous hidden gems. The extraordinarily gorgeous state also boasts many man-made scenic landmarks, not to mention the centuries-old quaint neo-classical churches that exude nothing but charm and serenity.

With nearly 77% of the total population in Missouri being practicing Christians, there’s nothing as refreshing as witnessing the people of this state serve so passionately and selflessly in the house of God. Their penchant for religion and servitude in the house of God is inherited from their ancestors, who took part in many evangelic missions and revolutionary spiritual movements.

Churches in Missouri aren’t just houses of worship; they’re incredibly inclusive entities that provide a safe space for every vulnerable person who comes to them for help. The church extends its services to the destitute, differently-abled, people struggling with substance abuse, marginalized communities, and homeless communities. They also provide counseling services for people seeking emotional support, organize regular services and youth outreach programs, support local and foreign populations with evangelical missions, and rent out their facilities for grand-scale events like weddings, fund-raisers, vigils, wakes, and funerals.

That’s why church leaders in Missouri carry a great responsibility on their shoulders. They must streamline a robust risk aversion plan with comprehensive church insurance policies to ensure their congregation and operation are well-protected from reputational or financial dents.

Finding The Right Church Insurance Coverage Doesn't Need To Be Intimidating

Considering its specificity, there aren’t many options available in the market when it comes to church insurance. Obtaining it isn’t as simple as calling the local broker to get a quote. You’ll need someone who specializes in the area. This is where our highly qualified church insurance agents come in.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers highly optimized insurance programs to help make things easier for church leaders in Missouri. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a well-established church revered by the community, we can help you identify any risks associated with your organization and guide you line by line through every insurance policy to help you decide on the right one.

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We go above and beyond for our clients and connect them to the best insurance companies in Missouri at the most reasonable rates. Our network of AM Best A-rated church insurance companies is meticulously selected due to their stellar records.


Book a free consultation with us today to get started.

Why Does Your Ministry in Missouri Require Comprehensive Church Insurance Plans?

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While churches are holy places, it does not make them immune to structural damages due to storms, floods, and property theft. Numerous professional and personal liabilities can also happen in these houses of God, leading to excessive lawsuits.


Churches in Missouri are especially vulnerable to many calamities, including tornadoes, storms, flooding, and fires. In Missouri, there is an average of thirty tornadoes in a year, with ice storms, occasional coastal flooding, and wildfires that wreak havoc and lead to water damages, structural damages, and electrical surges. Reportedly, the crime rate in Missouri is also estimated to be around 5.6% violent crime and 25.7% property crime rate.

Churches are always receiving a lot of charitable donations and comprise vast facilities and assets like expensive furniture, office equipment, educational props, etc. It’s important to protect church property from any thefts and weather-induced catastrophic events.

It’s the church leader’s responsibility to keep the grounds well-maintained, repair broken furniture, and ensure that there aren’t any slippery surfaces to prevent injuries.


Anyone who suffers a bodily injury on church grounds can sue the church for a personal injury lawsuit. The church becomes legally liable for compensating for diagnosing, treating, and then rehabilitating the person until they feel better.


Since clergy might cause unintended emotional damage during sermons or counseling sessions and church board members are making a lot of legal and financial decisions daily, any of them can be held personally responsible for any damage that takes place due to their sheer negligence.


Some of the potential liabilities involving church board members can include failure to manage financial records, performing transactions that risk the ministry’s tax-exempt status and using charity funds in a manner that is against the donor’s wishes.


Thinking about other people’s safety is also important when you’re in charge of their well-being. Volunteer events, church sports, or church activities happen regularly. Accident insurance can be purchased to cover the medical costs of these people if they are harmed while participating in a religious event. In most cases, these plans take the place of the church’s liability policy’s medical payments coverage. With an accident policy, you have additional alternatives to expand coverage and increase the levels of insurance. This allows you to cover all the activities your participants or volunteers perform.


Due to the overwhelming risks faced by ministries in Missouri, it’s essential to invest in a comprehensive church insurance plan, so you have sufficient coverage when it comes to members, pieces of equipment, church-owned structures, and the pastor’s belongings without you having to deal with the financial or legal consequences of replacements, repairs, or hefty lawsuits.


Not sure how to streamline the most suitable church property insurance plan for your ministry? We’re here for you! Partner with us to get multiple coverages with several policies added in to help protect against specific risks unique to your situation.


Even if your current church insurance policy covers the basics, your risk assessment plan might require additional endorsements to protect your ministry from a 360-degree viewpoint. Our agency’s independent church insurance agents possess the experience and knowledge necessary for finding the right insurance coverage for your ministry or nonprofit organization in Missouri.

Different Church Insurance Plans Available For Ministries in Missouri

Every ministry leader should consider working with experienced church insurance agents who can show you the differences in policies church insurance companies in Missouri offer to understand how they can affect your coverage or get the claim denied.


Whether your church is just a fledgling start-up or a well-established organization, we will assist you in streamlining a robust insurance plan that will protect every aspect of your ministry.


Here are some different types of church insurance policies our insurance agents in Missouri can help you out with.

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General Church Liability Insurance For Churches & Religious Oranizations

One of the most popular insurance plans among church leaders of Missouri, general church liability insurance provides broad coverage to small and large entities alike.

This coverage plan protects the church from two of the most common liability claims: property damage and bodily injuries from members, volunteers, clergy, and employees.

Without signing up for this coverage policy, your church will be vulnerable to several lawsuits and legal charges that can become a financial strain that is hard to overcome.

A church liability insurance policy will shield the church from any litigations related to its activities and operations. Whether your church is just a start-up or is a well-established organization, church leaders can be held responsible for any cases of injuries and accidents that take place during mass service.

Consulting with a licensed church insurance agent will help you identify how vulnerable your organization is to any risks and what kind of insurance policy you should invest in that covers all the bases.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The EPLI coverage policy provides coverage for claims that arise from practices related to the employees. Any employee can accuse church members of age or gender discrimination, wrongful termination, negligence, harassment, and retaliation. But in that case, the EPLI policy will kick in and pay for attorney fees and any other liability claims.

Officers, Directors, and Trustees' Coverage

There are a lot of risks surrounding the administrative and financial decisions of the church. This is why church leaders must purchase the officers, directors, and trustees’ coverage plan to ensure church board members are safe from potential lawsuits, including financial decisions.

Fire Insurance

Wildfires are becoming a common occurrence in Missouri; this is why it’s best to get a good fire insurance policy to prevent out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to rebuilding church-owned structures.

Fires are also very common in churches due to frequent candles in religious ceremonies. But with a reliable fire insurance policy, your church will have ample protection, so your operation will continue running smoothly.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

The worker’s compensation insurance plan is mandated in Missouri. If any church employee sustains injuries on church premises, this insurance policy will provide coverage for their medical bills, lost wages, ongoing care bills, and even death benefits.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

This coverage plan protects the church from alleged and actual claims of sexual misconduct. Regardless of whether your ministry was involved or blamed notoriously, the fees of legal defense for abuse and molestation charges can easily reach up to six figures. The policy provides sound coverage when sourced from a reliable church insurance company in Missouri.

Employee Theft Insurance

Since theft is fairly common across all businesses in Missouri, an employee theft insurance policy will safeguard your church whenever there is a case of theft, fraud, or embezzlement by bonded ministry employees.

Pastor's and Ministers' Liability Coverage

Churches can ensure maximum protection for their ministers and pastors by purchasing the pastor’s and ministers’ liability coverage plan.

Sometimes people can accuse church counselors and pastors of mental, physical, or emotional harm. This is where this coverage policy will prove to be useful.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Churches in Missouri often offer transportation facilities to regular churchgoers, seniors, minors, employees, and clergymen. Church-owned vehicles and rental cars require insurance if there are any accidental damages due to collisions, vandalism, break-ins, floods, and fires.

Hired and non-owned auto insurance is equally important, as every ministry will occasionally hire a non-owned, personal vehicle for church-related tasks. Whenever a person uses a vehicle not owned by the ministry to perform a church-related task, the ministry risks a claim. The policy is especially helpful when a ministry gets sued after an auto accident.

Why High-Risk Ministries Must Consider Investing in Umbrella Church Insurance

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Umbrella Insurance Coverage

The umbrella coverage policy is a must-have layer of protection that you must add to your general liability coverage plan. This insurance policy provides extra protection to your organization in the case of an excessive liability claim.


This coverage plan will protect you if any church-owned vehicle gets into a serious accident, if any church board members are facing a hefty lawsuit, if anyone injures themselves on church premises, or if a neighboring building gets damaged because of a church-related accident.



The umbrella insurance is very useful when your base insurance plan reaches its limit in a liability claim. For example, if your church is being sued for $400,000, and the general liability insurance is only paying for $300,000, the umbrella insurance policy will cover the shortfall of $100,000.


Other advantages of this insurance policy include coverage for wrongful prosecution or eviction, false arrests or imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation, and invasion of privacy.

Why You Can Trust Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers

Every church leader needs to find a church insurance agency that can help them streamline specialized insurance plans with a comprehensive coverage policy at reasonable rates. This is why at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, our primary goal is to connect our clients to top church insurance companies in Missouri so you never have to worry about debt and excessive legal charges again.



Our church insurance agents are properly licensed and come with years of experience, and we will do our best to devise a robust insurance plan that minimizes risks and threats to your ministry. They’re well-versed in the insurance world’s dynamics and complexities, and with our insight and in-depth knowledge, your church is in safe hands.

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If you’re ready to get personalized church insurance policies, book a free consultation with our highly qualified church insurance agents today. Just fill us in with your budget plans and details, and leave the rest to us. Give us a call to ask any questions or convey your concerns regarding the church insurance claim process for our services in Missouri.


You can check out the resources on our website to understand the complex industry jargon, statutory and compliance requirements, your rights, tips and tricks, guides, and a lot more to help you make an informed decision. Or you can schedule a call to discuss the church insurance claim process or learn about our customized services in Missouri.

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