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Why California Church Insurance Has Become Complex in 2023

As insurance costs continue to rise, churches in California are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain adequate coverage. 


In some cases, churches are forced to choose between cutting back on their programs or discontinuing them altogether.


This problem is compounded by many insurers’ withdrawal from the market, leaving fewer options for churches. As a result, church leaders must be more savvy about purchasing and managing their church insurance coverage.

What Are The Challenges of Getting Church Insurance in California?

1. Increase Frequency of Weather Related Risks

California was once the golden state for insurance companies to balance their financial statements to help pay for the high costs of other states like Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Florida. Due to a dramatic increase in weather-related events, California is no longer that safe haven for property insurance companies.


2. California Church Insurance Companies Raising Premiums by Double Digits

Due to numerous factors, church insurance rates in California are rising by double digits. Increasing costs of secondary perils, such as damage from storms and other natural disasters, have caused reinsurers to charge substantially higher rates related to church building insurance.


3. California Church Insurance Providers Non-renewing Insurance Policies

The consequences of getting non-renewing church insurance policies from providers in California can be costly and potentially devastating. Churches located in fire-prone areas such as a national forest or even near a hill are now coming under significant scrutiny by church property insurance companies.


Gone are the days of cheap church insurance quotes for many California churches located in areas with even a hint of brush near church property. Even providing adequate brush clearance is no longer enough to convince a church insurance company to keep a church.

4. Insurance Companies Increasing Property Deductibles

California church insurance companies are grasping at straws in an attempt to contain costs and maintain affordable church insurance premiums. With higher property deductibles, churches must pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim.


5. Churches Located in Fire Prone Areas Are Being Forced to Buy Church Insurance From the California Fair Plan

In California, churches in fire-prone areas are forced to purchase insurance to protect their property and the people within it. Churches in these areas need the right coverage to ensure they can continue their ministry operations in the event of a disaster.

The first step in purchasing church insurance is to contact Integrity Now Insurance Brokers. They have knowledgeable agents experienced in providing customized church insurance coverage in California. They can shop for the most competitive prices and coverage to meet the church’s specific needs.

Some churches may be required to join the California Fair Plan as this is a last-resort insurance option. Our church insurance agency is contracted to sell these policies if needed.

If your church insurance coverage is being canceled due to fire danger call one and talk with one of our church insurance agents for help.

affordable small church insurance program in California

Total Number of California Fires from 2008 to 2021

According to CalFire, we looked at the total number of fires in California and how much each fire cost. 

From 2015 to 2021, the cost of these fires has skyrocketed to over 24 trillion dollars and has seen little to no relief from your to year. The fires cost from 2008 to 2014 was only 266 million dollars. These costs do not factor in other weather-related costs to insurance companies.

Below are the statistics on California fires:

California Fires: 2021

  • Northern California Fires: 1,800
  • Southern California Fires: 1,254
  • 3,054 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $509,643,779 

California Fires: 2020

  • Northern California Fires: 2,120
  • Southern California Fires: 1,381
  • 3,501 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $4,264,918,165 

California Fires: 2019

  • Northern California Fires: 1,775
  • Southern California Fires: 1,311
  • 3,086 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $404,042,239

California Fires: 2018

  • Northern California Fires: 2,277
  • Southern California Fires: 1,227
  • 3,504 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $4,084,573,016

California Fires: 2017

  • Northern California Fires: 1,984
  • Southern California Fires: 1,486
  • 2,816 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $12,135,125,902

California Fires: 2016

  • Northern California Fires: 1,672
  • Southern California Fires: 1,144
  • 3,470 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $148,266,893 

California Fires: 2015

  • Northern California Fires: 2,121
  • Southern California Fires: 1,110
  • 3,231 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $3,033,125,059

California Fires: 2014

  • Northern California Fires: 1,955
  • Southern California Fires: 965
  • 2,990 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $11,196,376

California Fires: 2013

  • Northern California Fires: 2,415
  • Southern California Fires: 1,257
  • 3,672 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $29,799,753

California Fires: 2012

  • Northern California Fires: 1,663
  • Southern California Fires: 1,259
  • 2,922 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $28,213,200

California Fires: 2011

  • Northern California Fires: 1,685
  • Southern California Fires: 1,371
  • 3,056 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $7,222,651

California Fires: 2010

  • Northern California Fires: 7,508
  • Southern California Fires: 17,930
  • 25,438 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $3,397,442

California Fires: 2009

  • Northern California Fires: 1,878
  • Southern California Fires: 980
  • 2,858 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $33,956,897

California Fires: 2008

  • Northern California Fires: 2,429
  • Southern California Fires: 1,164
  • 3,593 Total Fires
  • Total Cost: $152,381,625

How California Church Insurance Agents Help Struggling Churches Afford Their Church Property Insurance?

Our California church insurance agents are dedicated to helping churches of all sizes find the best and most affordable insurance for their property and operations. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the most competitive pricing for church property insurance in California:


  1. Step 1: Contact our church insurance agents. Explain your church’s size, location, and budget, and make sure to include any unique needs or services you may require.
  2. Step 2: Our licensed insurance agent will shop around to find the most competitive pricing from multiple church specialty insurance carriers in California. They will also customize a policy to meet your needs.
  3. Step 3: We will ensure your policy includes building & church property Insurance, Liability Insurance Coverage, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Church Car & 15 Passenger Van Insurance, and Travel & Mission Trip Insurance.
  4. Step 4: Ask your insurance agent any questions about the coverage and policy options.
  5. Step 5: Choose the plan and coverage that best fits your needs and budget.

Integrity Now Insurance. Brokers specialize in providing affordable small church insurance coverage in California. As a small church, it’s important to have insurance coverage that protects your property, congregation, and leadership.


At Integrity Now Insurance, we understand the unique needs of small churches and provide tailored insurance solutions to fit your budget. Our church insurance brokers work with top-rated insurance carriers to offer comprehensive coverage options, including commercial property insurance, liability protection, pastoral counseling, and more.


We also offer workers’ compensation insurance for any employees or volunteers. You can trust our team to provide honest advice and transparent pricing.


We work hard to build lasting relationships with our clients, and our focus on integrity means you’ll always get the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our small church insurance coverage options and get a free quote for your church in California. 

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