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Inexperienced Church Insurance Agent Can Cost Your Small Church Insurance Program Millions

Suppose your church is looking for a church insurance agent. In that case, the last thing you want is inexperienced church insurance agents providing you with a quote missing all of the essential churches insurance coverages.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a Christian insurance agency that works as your Christian business consults to provide the needed insurance for churches.


We offer our clients comprehensive insurance protection at a cheap church insurance price. Learn the most common mistakes inexperienced church insurance agents make and how your board of directors can avoid them.

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Church Insurance Agents

1. Lack of knowledge of church insurance needs


Many insurance agents are eager to build their clients as fast as possible so they can support their families. Unfortunately, this can come at a cost as they attempt to be more of a generalist vs. a church insurance specialist


This leaves agents selling an insurance product missing the critical coverage a church requires. While the church is happy to save money on their insurance premiums at the time of insurance claims, it could cost them millions due to uninsured exposures.


Most business insurance policies that include general liability coverage provide basic slip trip and fall coverage and exclude sexual misconduct insurance, cemetery professional liability, directors and officers, religious beliefs coverage, and more. Pastors who provide spiritual counseling must have pastoral professional liability insurance to protect them from lawsuits arising from their counseling services.


An inexperienced insurance agent will not have the knowledge required to offer these vital coverages nor the insurance companies who provide these critical coverages.


2. Failure to find the right church insurance coverage


Inexperienced church insurance agents may have access to the best insurance coverage that churches must have. However, their lack of experience can cause them to forget or not know their clients need specific insurance coverage.


Many agents only compete on price and not coverage. This can end up costing churches millions in uncovered claims or underinsured losses.  


3. Not investigating church insurance companies


Not researching church insurance companies when considering insurance options can significantly impact the work of inexperienced church insurance agents. Without researching the different church insurance companies, an agent may not fully understand the church’s coverage needs or the most competitive rate.


This can lead to an agent providing an inaccurate or incomplete quote or failing to offer the best possible coverage. Inexperienced church insurance agents may also be unable to recognize coverage gaps specific insurance companies include to restrict coverage under the insurance contract.  


Unfortunately, the insurance industry has a few bad apples that our independent insurance agency avoid at all cost. These insurance companies can offer an attractive premium while removing their obligations in the insurance contract language.


4. Not discussing church safety and liability coverage needs with church leadership


The church is responsible for providing a safe environment for its congregation, staff, and volunteers. Reviewing the potential liabilities and risks that could arise from operating a church is essential.


A church insurance policy should be tailored to meet the church’s and its community’s specific needs. In addition, church leaders need to be aware of the importance of liability coverage and how it can protect the church from financial losses if an incident does occur. 


An experienced church insurance agent will ensure they discuss each unique risk the church is involved in, as no two churches are the same.


5. Not understanding how insurance policies work


Not understanding the specifics of church insurance policies can lead to disastrous consequences. Without the necessary coverage, churches risk significant financial losses if something unexpected occurs, such as a natural disaster or a third-party liability lawsuit.


A lack of proper coverage can mean that the church cannot recover from such events, as the cost of repairs or damages may be too high and not covered by the policy. In the worst-case scenario, not understanding the details of an insurance policy can lead to a church having to close its doors due to a lack of funds.


6. Not finding a suitable church insurance provider


An insurance agent who is a generalist will be required to offer church insurance quotes from the standard or non-standard insurance market. While these policies may include some insurance to protect the church, these companies do not have more than basic liability protection and personal property coverage.  


7. Not getting enough coverage based on a church’s needs


If a church does not have the necessary coverage for its physical assets, legal liabilities, staff and volunteers, and more, they are at risk of experiencing significant financial losses. Without the proper coverage, a church is exposed to various risks, such as abuse and molestation cases, religious belief claims, property damage, business interruption, and claims made by members or employees of the church. 


8. Not checking into church coverage limits

Church insurance coverage limits vary depending on the state and the type of policy. While most commercial insurance policies provide adequate liability, different insurance companies may not have the required replacement cost estimators for churches to calculate the building replacement cost accurately.  


Underinsured can dramatically increase a church’s out-of-pocket costs above and beyond its property deductible. Working with an insurance agent specializing in church insurance helps to safeguard your church financially.


9. Not providing church property insurance coverage for all buildings


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers reviews many existing church insurance policies and discover entire buildings and property locations missing from their church insurance policy.


Typically an inexperienced agent does not realize churches own multiple properties such as a fellowship hall, parsonage, and rental properties. Our church insurance agents conduct full policy reviews and discuss the coverages with our churches to ensure nothing is missed when buying insurance for your church.  


10. Missing a risk exposure such as a private school or preschool.


Churches provide several ministries within their local community and are often far more than a simple church. Churches need insurance that protects their entire operations, including a private school, food pantry, homeless outreach ministry, mental health counseling, and more.  


Inexperienced church insurance agents may not know to ask specific questions about their general liability and auto liability exposures.  


Top 10 Church Insurance Required Coverages?

1. General Liability Insurance Policy For Churches


General liability insurance for churches is an essential factor to consider, as it offers financial protection in case of a lawsuit. It protects a church against claims by third parties for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.


2. Workers’ Comp Coverage for Religious Groups


Churches employing workers are legally obligated to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage affords injured workers the benefits prescribed by state law.


3. Business Auto Insurance


Churches can own passenger vehicles, buses, or vans with large numbers of people requiring special licenses. Business auto insurance can cover church-owned vehicles, including 15-passenger van insurance.


4. Umbrella Insurance


An umbrella policy, also known as ‘Excess Liability’ insurance, is a cost-effective coverage that provides additional protection beyond the limits of a primary liability insurance policy. This type of insurance is vital for churches, as it can protect them in the event of a large claim, such as the death of a person, which could exhaust the limits of their primary coverage.


5. Directors and Officers Insurance For Churches


Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is crucial for any organization, including churches. Church leaders, such as board members, pastors, and volunteers, have immense responsibilities within their congregations.


They may face lawsuits if they breach their fiduciary duties, mismanage church funds, or make decisions that harm members or the community. D&O insurance protects these leaders’ assets by covering legal costs and damages from legal proceedings.


6. Abuse And Molestation Insurance For Houses of Worship


Abuse or molestation coverage is an insurance policy designed to protect religious organizations from potential claims of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. This type of coverage typically includes liability protection for the organization and legal defense expenses for any alleged perpetrator, such as a church staff member, volunteer, or congregation member. 


7. Religious Expression Insurance For Nonprofit Organization Church Groups


Nonprofit church groups must have religious expression insurance coverage, which protects their beliefs founded in religious doctrine. 


8. Employment Practice Liability Insurance


Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI) is vital for churches because it ensures that they follow fair and ethical employment practices and do not discriminate against potential or existing employees. It also provides financial protection in case of a lawsuit, as many EPLI policies will cover the legal costs associated with defending against a claim. 


9. Pastoral Professional Liability Insurance


Pastoral professional liability insurance is essential for churches and their pastors, as it provides coverage in various situations. It acts as a form of errors and omissions insurance that protects the church, its board members, and its pastor from claims of physical or emotional harm to church members due to the pastor’s counseling, prayer ministry, or pastoral care. 


10. Cyber Liability Insurance For Churches


Cyber liability insurance for churches is an insurance policy that helps protect a church from claims of a third party for damages due to data breaches and other cyber-related incidents. This coverage is vital for churches because it provides protection and peace of mind during a cyber-attack. 


It can cover the costs of repairing damage, identifying stolen personal information, and compensating affected individuals. As churches increasingly rely on technology, they must have the necessary cyber liability coverage to help protect against cyber threats. 

How to Get the Best Deal For Your Church Insurance Needs?

When finding the best deal for your church insurance needs, working with an experienced church insurance agency like Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is essential. We understand churches are not immune to lawsuits and must protect their assets, employees, and volunteers.  


We work with insurance companies specializing in houses of worship and provide the right insurance at an affordable price. Our companies offer replacement cost coverage that does not factor in depreciation like actual cash value policies.  


Our experienced agents hold insurance licenses throughout the United States and specialize in helping churches with their insurance needs.  

How Do Church Consultants Help Religious Institutions With Their Church Insurance Program?

Religious institutions are not exempt from the risk of running any organization, which is why church insurance is so important. Church insurance consultants are vital in ensuring these institutions are adequately insured against damage, liability lawsuits, and other unforeseen risks.


Our insurance consultants at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and their coverage, making us well-equipped to offer guidance to religious institutions. We thoroughly assess the religious organization and identify the most significant risks they may face.


Our church insurance consultants work with the organization to craft a comprehensive insurance policy that can help minimize financial loss in case of any potential issues. We also support managing risks and claims to ensure that the organization can focus on its mission without worrying about the financial burden of unforeseen risks.

What Are The Benefits of Having Integrity Now Insurance Brokers: Church Insurance Program?

The benefits of having Integrity Now Insurance Brokers as your church insurance program consultant are numerous.


  1. We provide free access to risk assessments to help churches better understand their coverage needs.
  2. As independent insurance agents, we offer a variety of policies and benefits, such as property, liability, workers’ compensation, and health insurance coverage, to ensure that employee medical expenses are covered.
  3. We help churches with coverage tailored to their specific needs and provide discounts on their policies.
  4. We only work with A-rated insurance companies.
  5. We offer free church insurance quotes online or over the phone, and our independent agents work to ensure you get the best coverage for your church.
Frequent asked questions faq

What kind of insurance policies do inexperienced church insurance agents typically offer?


Inexperienced church insurance agents typically offer the minimum essential insurance coverage. These policies do not protect churches from the required liabilities and property-related losses. 


How does liability insurance coverage work for churches?


Liability insurance coverage is essential for churches that want to protect their buildings, staff, and congregants. This insurance policy protects against third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury.


Churches also insure against losses related to sexual misconduct coverage and board member liability. 


What are the risks associated with having inadequate liability protection for churches?


Inadequate liability protection for churches can put the organization at significant risk. Churches are vulnerable to various threats, including property damage, personal injury, and legal claims against pastors or other church leaders.


Without adequate liability protection, churches may be forced to bear the financial burden of expensive legal defense fees, settlements, or judgments. They may also be forced to sell off property or assets to cover these costs, jeopardizing their ability to continue operating effectively.


Liability claims can damage the church’s reputation, losing members and decreasing community support. 


What should churches look for when choosing church insurance brokers?


When choosing church insurance brokers, churches should look for an expert who specializes in church property and liability insurance, has access to multiple insurers and providers, and can negotiate for the best possible coverage for churches. 


Churches should also seek an A-Rated insurance company with solid financial backing and customer service. Additionally, churches should compare prices between different providers and look for a policy that offers enough coverage to protect the church, its members, and its property.


What Sexual Misconduct Claims Non-Profits Face?


Non-profit organizations are not exempt from facing allegations of sexual misconduct. These allegations can range from sexual harassment, assault, or abuse of power by someone in a position of authority within the organization or a volunteer or employee.


Organizations that work with vulnerable populations, such as children and older adults, are especially at risk for these claims. By having clear policies and creating a safe and inclusive work environment, non-profits can minimize the risk of sexual misconduct claims and protect their reputation.


Why Do Places of Worship need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Due to the nature of these establishments and the various tasks involved in running a place of worship, there is always a risk of accidents or injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance is essential for churches, providing financial coverage for employees or volunteers who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses.


Whether it’s a slip and fall accident, a severe lifting injury, or any other type of workplace injury, workers’ compensation insurance ensures that those affected receive the necessary medical attention and financial assistance to recover. With this coverage, places of worship can show their commitment to their staff and volunteers, ensuring a safe environment to fulfill their spiritual duties with peace of mind.


What liability risks do churches face of theft? 


Churches can face liability risks for theft in various ways.

  1. They may be held responsible for the security of the premises, which includes installing appropriate locks, alarms, and security cameras to prevent theft. If a theft occurs due to inadequate security measures, the church may be liable for negligence.
  2. Churches may face liability risks for personal property theft, such as theft of a member’s belongings while attending a service or event.
  3. Churches may be liable for embezzlement or theft by trusted employees or volunteers, such as administrators, treasurers, or food bank volunteers. 


To mitigate these risks, churches should develop comprehensive policies and procedures to oversee and manage their finances and volunteer programs to avoid theft and embezzlement and invest in adequate security measures. By being proactive, churches can reduce the likelihood of facing liabilities resulting from theft.

Need Experienced Church Insurance Agents On Your Risk Management Team

Finding the right insurance for your church can be a daunting task without the help of an experienced church insurance agent. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a reliable insurance broker helping churches identify and select the proper insurance to protect their assets while managing risks.


We have vast experience and knowledge of various Christian insurance companies that offer religious insurance, including health insurance for churches. With such an agent, you can expect unbiased advice, options, and the best coverage and premiums to protect your church well-protected.


Therefore, engaging an experienced church insurance agent, like Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, is crucial to ensure your church is well-insured and well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.


Contact one of our Church insurance agents today.

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