3 Advantages of Insuring Your Small Church With Our Church Insurance Agency

Top 3 Advantages of Insuring Your Small Church With Our Church Insurance Agency

Small churches face many of the same risks and liabilities as larger organizations, regardless of size or budget. For these congregations, having proper church insurance coverage is essential to ensure that claims for bodily injury, property damage, abuse and molestation, and other incidents are managed appropriately.


With our church insurance agency specializing in providing comprehensive policies tailored to small-sized churches and faith-based organizations, finding the proper protection against a range of potential problems is easy and cost-effective.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has been helping small churches with their insurance needs for many years.


Read on to discover three advantages you can experience when insuring your small church with us!

1. Best Church Insurance Companies

The first advantage of working with our church insurance agency is that we represent some of the best church insurance companies in the industry. We work with only highly rated, A-rated carriers to make sure you get the most comprehensive coverage at the best rate.


Flexible Coverage Options

We understand that each small church insurance program is custom-tailored to each church. There is no one size fits all insurance policy. That’s why we offer a range of flexible coverage options tailored to each church, allowing you to find the best policy that fits your budget and risk tolerance.


Uniquely Low Rates

Our church insurance agency can provide uniquely low rates on all types of policies for small churches. This helps you save money while still getting the most comprehensive coverage available.

2. Church Focused Liability Insurance Coverage

A small church insurance policy must include specific insurance coverages to protect religious organizations. Many new churches seek help from a local Farmer’s insurance or insurance broker who does not specialize in liability insurance for churches.

It is critical for churches to work with a church insurance agent as they can access church insurance companies that provide the needed insurance protection.


Must have Small Church Insurance Coverage

When obtaining business insurance coverage, businesses need to include the following core insurance coverages:

  1. General Liability Insurance
  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  3. Business Auto Insurance

Most commercial insurance companies can provide the above insurance coverages. However, your small church insurance package policy must also include the following insurance protection:

  1. Directors and Offiers Insurance
  2. Employment Practice Liability Insurance
  3. Abuse and Molestation Insurance
  4. Religious Expression Insurance Coverage
  5. Pastoral Counseling Insurance
  6. Stained Glass Window Insurance Protection
  7. Mission Trip Insurance Coverage
  8. Special Events Insurance
  9. Liability Protection for church camps that include overnight stays

Integrity Now Insurance Broker works with specialized church insurance companies that understand churches and the insurance protection required.

3. Risk Management Resources for Churches and Religious Organizations

Our church insurance agency offers churches risk management resources. Understanding and managing risks are essential to any organization’s ongoing operations, but it is often overlooked due to a lack of time or resources. We can provide helpful tools for assessing risk and getting the most out of your insurance coverage.


As a new or established small church, you do not have the funds or resources to develop the right risk management team or documents.


Risk management starts with understanding potential risks and how to address them thoughtfully. Our Risk Management department can review your existing policies and procedures to identify areas of improvement and help you develop new ones that will safeguard your small church insurance program from potential liabilities.


We are also available to answer any questions or provide guidance on implementing risk management practices to reduce liability issues within your church. Our mission is to provide churches with the best risk management resources and ensure they are adequately protected.

Call Our Small Church Insurance Team

We believe our church insurance agency will meet all of your small church’s needs for comprehensive church insurance coverage at an affordable rate.


Our California church insurance agents understand that each church’s requirements vary, so we have flexible coverage options tailored to you.


Contact us today to discover the advantages you can experience when insuring your small church with Integrity Now Insurance Brokers!


We service all 50 states and are here to help you boost your insurance protection and save your church money. If you are looking for a church renters insurance policy or church property insurance for your small church, contact us today and see how we can help.


Call us today and request a complete insurance policy review and obtain a church insurance quote that truly offers insurance for churches.

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