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Checklist for Winterizing Your Church Facilities

With the winter season approaching, there is no better time to start winterizing your church facility. This will help avoid costly surprise repairs and prevent any problems, ensuring peace of mind for your congregation.

Winter is already a busy season for churches, with special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, so preparing beforehand is a good idea. There is much more to winterizing your church than just decorating the halls. Thus, a checklist will help you make all the necessary preparations.

Checklist for Winterizing Your Church Facilities

Water Faucets

It is common for water faucets to freeze during winter. This is why you should detach all hoses from the outdoor faucets and move them indoors. In case the temperatures drop under zero, examine your church for any pips that might burst open inside the premises.

Clean the Gutters

Next, you should ensure all your gutters are clean, as the snow, ice, and water can weigh down on them. If there is a blockage, the water might not drain properly and accumulate outside your church.

Wrap the Pipes

This is a great way to prevent any pipe bursts. Pipe bursts can cause a lot of water damage to your church property. Thus, it is essential to take all measures to prevent this from happening. Protecting the pipes outside your church facility is one of the most important elements of winterizing your church.

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Roof Inspection

Water damage is very common when the roof is not maintained regularly. Therefore, getting your roof checked is a good idea to ensure it is in optimal condition and can handle the winter snow. Check the vents, skylight, and chimney as well.

Fortify Windows

Assess your windows and doors for any leaks or drafts before the winter. This will help you maintain optimal temperatures indoors during the cold season and also reduce your utility bills. If there are any leaks, seal them with caulk.

Hire Reliable Church Insurance Agents

Now that you know how to winterize your church facility, it is time to start.

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