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Stained glass is a common sight at most churches around the world. You can see them in small chapels or as large beautiful installations in bigger church spaces. They have been used for centuries to depict historical moments and details from our faith.  

However, in many modern churches, designers have opted to eliminate stained glass features as an anachronistic feature unsuitable for contemporary worship practices. This was done to push a more modern environment for churches. However, it seems like the younger generation still wishes to bring this distinguishing feature back.

Here’s what you need to know about getting stained glass for your church:

Modern Construction With Stained Glass

Most modern churches have excluded stained glass because of the use of projectors during the services. For a projector, you need a darkened room with a projector light so that parishioners in the back can see clearly. And you cannot dim stained glass windows as that would affect the visibility of the projector during services.

Also, mega-churches today feature non-traditional spaces like conference rooms and cafés with a massive worship space which poses a hurdle for installing stained glass. In contrast, traditional churches and chapels had a limited framework and were smaller in space.

a stained glass window inside a church

Where Can You Place Stained Glass In Your Church?

Some church architects report that stained glass seems to be making a comeback with the younger generation coming to church. Some prefer the modern church environment with its resemblance to a shopping mall or a business complex. However, traditional churches are more attractive and draw a bigger crowd due to their traditional elements.

With church-goer numbers dwindling, churches in the United States are improving their curb appeal to draw people in. A church that can draw the eye of people passing by raises the chances of people trying to come and visit the next weekend

Is Stained Glass Right For You?

Stained glass can be installed in any church. If you intend to build a church, you can speak with your designer and architect about the particulars. Stained glass can be a unique feature as no glass is made the same way and light hits it differently each day, creating a unique ambiance inside.

These beautiful images can inspire your worshippers when they alight. It’s symbolic of the presence of the divine entering through the window of the Christian faith.

Stained Glass Needs Protection?

If your new church is wanting to install stained glass throughout the main sanctuary, the church insurance company will want the windows protected. They may also provide a discount on your church property insurance rates.

By protecting your stained glass, you can prevent any unnecessary damage and exposure to the elements. The most straightforward method to preserve your windows is through glazing.

If you don’t have glazing on your windows yet, contact a professional for an evaluation and application. All glazing should be installed on the exterior of the windows.

How Do Church Insurance Companies Cover Stained Glass?

The best way to insure your stand glass windows is for the church property insurance companies to cover them individually. One of our church insurance agents will measure each window and identify them by their specific type of stained glass.

Each type of stained glass is rated differently as it can cost significantly more than another. We also recommend obtaining an independent appraisal and supplying it to the insurance company.

Get Church Insurance That Covers Your Stained Glass

If you’ve decided to invest in stained glass for your church, get the right insurance to protect against vandalism and damages. Check us out at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers for a tailored insurance plan for your house worship.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about church liability insurance and church property insurance. Or call us to get started on your insurance process.

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