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4 Common Mistakes Churches Make When Choosing Church Insurance

Churches are nonprofit organizations mostly associated with welfare and community work, which is why they don’t have a lot of knowledge about insurance. Plus, insurance policies and plans are complex and tricky to navigate. You need to have a reliable church insurance expert like Integrity Now Insurance by your side to ensure you don’t make common mistakes and regret them later.

When chosen correctly, church insurance can work wonders for your religious ministry. It will not only protect your church property but also safeguard your church against any legal issues and financial losses. Plus, your workers, volunteers, and members will feel more at ease knowing you have church insurance.

Here are some common mistakes churches make when choosing insurance. Keep reading to learn more.

Mistake # 1: Waiting a Long Time to Get Church Insurance

Most churches don’t realize the importance of insurance until they are struck with tragedy. It’s a good thing to be thrifty, but not investing in a thing as important as insurance can cost you tenfold in the long run.

Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and invest in church insurance as soon as possible. Whether you are a new church or old, small or large, don’t compromise on getting insurance for your safety.

Mistake # 2: Getting the Wrong Type of Insurance

As mentioned above, churches don’t have a lot of information on the different types of insurance policies and their benefits. Therefore, they are more likely to make a mistake, and the biggest mistake they can make is buying the wrong type of insurance for their church ministry.

Church insurance is a significant investment, so you need to ensure everything is per your needs. You are as good as being uninsured if you buy the wrong policy.

Mistake # 3: Getting the Bare Minimum

Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to save a little money, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your church’s safety.

Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t go with the basics and try to cover all the risky areas your church might be vulnerable to.

Mistake # 4: Choosing the Wrong Church Insurance Agency

Finally, having a dependable and experienced church insurance agency by your side can make or break your investment. You should not judge an insurance company by the price alone but also look for great reviews, word of mouth, impressive policies, and experience.

Whether you’re looking for church liability insurance or church property insuranceIntegrity Now Insurance Brokers can help you out. 

Contact us today to learn more today! 

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