Church Lawn Care Insurance

Church Property Insurance and Lawn Care Insurance Needs

Part of your churches maintenance typically includes hiring a lawn care professional to maintain your churches lawns and gardens.

Some churches also have church members who will volunteer each week and take care of this at no cost to the church. No matter which option your church selects, it is important to have the proper church property insurance coverage in place.

This should include both a general liability and a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Depending on whose job it is to maintain your lawn, can change our recommendation for insurance coverage for your church.

Church Lawn Care Insurance

Volunteer Church Member Maintains Lawn Care Responsibility

When a church member volunteers to maintain your lawns and gardens, a church can help protect these members in the event they become injured.  This is accomplished by adding these individuals who regularly volunteer onto your churches workers’ compensation insurance policy.

While there is no associated payroll, they can be covered under the volunteer workers’ compensation insurance coverage clause.

As your church insurance brokers, we would notify the church insurance company and provide them with the details related to these individuals.  This would include their full name, date of birth, social security number, and type of work they do on behalf of the church.

The church insurance providers would then charge an insurance premium based on the risk.  This premium is typically a flat rated additional premium.

If one one of your church volunteers becomes injured, your church organization can rest assured they will be taken care of.

Hiring an Outside Lawn Care Company

When your church hires any outside company to include a lawn care professional, you need to find out if this company has the proper insurance in place.

This would include the following:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Business Auto Insurance

If the contractor has these coverages in place, your church will need to require they name your church organization as an additional insured on their policy.  By requesting this your church is now protected from being liable for one of their workers’ becoming injured.  The only exception would involve your church being actively negligible in causing the injury.  Your church insurance provider will require proof of this contractor having insurance and they named your church as an additional insured.

If your lawn care professional does not carry the needed insurance, your insurance company will assign an additional premium to your workers’ compensation insurance policy.  In doing this they extended the needed protection your church will need in the event of an injury.  The bad news is the premium associated with lawn care is very expensive.  In addition, you are being charged a premium on the contract amount and not the actual payroll associated with these individuals.

If the lawn care professional causes damage to a third party and does not have a general liability policy, your churches insurance will now have to pay on a primary basis.  The implications of filing an insurance claim on your policy, can equal higher premiums and a deductible you would be expected to pay.

When your church considers hiring a gardener, it will be important to ensure they have the needed insurance.  This will protect you from rising cost associated with your churches insurance, and ensure their employees have the needed protection in place.  The last thing your church needs, is to be in a legal fight with one of your contractors.

Lean of Us to be Your Church Insurance Expert

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has the expertise your church needs.  We are here to be your valuable resource you need to stay out of trouble.

Our clients reach out to us on a regular basis to ask different questions they face daily.  We always recommend for churches to require all contractors they hire, to provide to them the needed insurance protect.

We at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help place your church with the best church insurance companies. Our professional agents help churches in ArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, NevadaOhio, Texas, and Washington get the best health insurance they need for their church’s employees. Thanks to our experience, we offer a variety of services, including church property insurancechurch liability insurance, church building insuranceworkers’ compensation insurance for churches, and more.

Email us to get an online church insurance quote today.

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