Best Church Insurance Company

Best Church Insurance Company

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is constantly on the lookout for the best church insurance company available for our churches. We are not just looking for the cheapest church property insurance companies, but a combination of affordable church insurance and an insurance company that takes care of our clients.

Many church insurance brokers can struggle to keep their clients happy, as they mainly focus on price.  While your annual church insurance premiums are important, coverage should be on a church’s top priority list.

We also understand that churches put tremendous trust with the church insurance agents.   We have found insurance agents do provide a competitive church insurance quote, but the church may unknowingly purchase an insurance policy that is providing less protection.

Best Church Insurance Company

How Does a Church Know the Difference Between Church Insurance Coverages?

When a church is considering shopping for a more competitive insurance policy, how do they know if they are purchasing a competitive and comparable policy.

Church Property Insurance Company A
Church Property Insurance Company B

If Company A and Company B are showing the exact same policy limits, why would a church believe the coverage is any different?  They short answer is they wouldn’t.  Just like the above caption looks nearly the same minus the last letter (A vs B), this is about the only difference you will notice in the insurance quote you are provided.

In addition, the church insurance agent is not going to provide the entire policy form to the church.  Even if the insurance agent did provide the complete coverage form, the church will unlikely know the difference in the language.

How is a church to know which of the two companies is the best church insurance company? They are simply trusting the insurance agent to do the right thing.  If you are the church insurance agent who represents the inferior policy, how likely is it that they will disclose this fact.

Not only is it highly unlikely they will reveal they are offering an inferior product, but it is also very possible they have not been trained to know they coverage is lacking.   Many times, the insurance agent is thrown into the fire and told go find new church clients.  They are not trained to know more than the basics of the insurance coverage.

Working with a Trusted Church Insurance Agency

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is one of the top church property insurance agency located in southern California.  We are willing to have those difficult discussions, that deals with who we consider to be the best church insurance company that is available.  This is because we are not one of those church insurance agencies, who will sell our souls to an inferior product.

Unfortunately, we know many churches who have purchased this inferior church insurance policy, from one of these well-known church insurance companies.

We have spent countless hours educating churches, showing them how their policy truly reads.  Once a church reads what is in their policy, compared to how other church insurance companies write their policies, they quickly discover they need us to fix their churches insurance.

Does the education stop there?  No, we are there for our churches to help them with all their insurance and risk management needs.  We are constantly updating out blog page to relevant information, so our clients can quickly find information they need at a moment’s notice.

We recommend reviewing one of our blogs post called:  How the Coinsurance Clause affects Church Insurance Coverage.  This post was based on an insurance review we did for one of our church clients located in Washington.

When your church is looking for the best church insurance company to protect your church, reach out to one of our church insurance agents.  We are eager to review your church insurance policy and let you know how we can best help your organization.  Contact us today for an insurance review and church insurance quote.

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