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The spirit of sacrifice is important for mankind. The ability to give from your assets for a greater cause is noble. Religious sanctuaries like churches are nonprofit entities that solely depend on donations and charities to carry out their functions and services. They need funding to cover expenses, including operational costs, seating costs, maintenance costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

In this blog, we are going to list some important and trusted ways that can help churches receive more sacrificial giving from worshippers and organizations. So, continue reading.


Preach the Need for Sacrificial Giving

It’s highly unlikely for someone to contribute to a cause if they are unaware of it. This holds for sacrificial giving as well. Most people remain unaware of the spirit of sacrifice and how it changes people for the better. This is where churches can play a significant role. They can teach worshippers about the importance of giving and help them see how their contributions can help the pastors spread the message of God. When people realize that their contribution is actually going to make a difference, they will be more likely to contribute.


Talk about How Important It Is to Give

There is nothing wrong with reminding worshippers of the instances of sacrificial giving. It is an effective way to encourage people to contribute to a greater cause. Causes that will help them feel more connected to God and help them feel like a part of God’s mission. Usually, churches introduce ministries, which act as a means for people to contribute financially or in terms of a service that the church can benefit from. Reminding worshippers of the past ministries will encourage more people to contribute.


Create Channels for Giving

Financial channels are important to create. It’s of utmost importance to create safe and secure financial channels where people can donate or contribute money. When it comes to creating financial channels, there are endless methods to opt for. For instance, in the current era of online banking and digital payment, you can transfer money directly to the church’s account. You can also opt for traditional means to donate by hand directly under the supervision of the church’s head.


Establish a Thorough Accountability System

People need to keep track of their money. They need to know that their hard-earned assets are being used for the right cause. Often the latter insecurity also prevents worshippers from donating and helping financially. This is why it’s important for churches to establish a proper accountability system, where they keep a strict record of the finances and produce regular money statements to ensure the proper utilization of the money.


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