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Successful Ways To Raise Money For Mission Trips

Mission trips play a crucial role in the lives of countless people. At one point, mission trips were reserved for career missionaries. However, today these trips can be short-term as they don’t necessarily include a lifetime commitment. The length of mission trips in this era ranges from a few days to a couple of years.

However, mission trips are incredible personal journeys for those undertaking them. Moreover, they’re life-changing for the underprivileged communities awaiting help. Most mission trips are designed while keeping specific goals or projects in mind, such as streamlining access to clean water, medical clinic, or rebuilding homes. These trips are a wonderful way of empowering, breaking cultural barriers, learning new perspectives, and making a significant difference in other people’s lives.

Although mission trips are always adventurous and exciting, the enthusiasm can sometimes dull down as the reality of fundraising kicks in. Experts at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have compiled a few creative fundraising ideas to help you accomplish your mission trip goals.

#1 Fun Walkathons

Data reveals that charity runs and walkathons tend to raise the most money since they enable anyone to participate. Many adventure lovers and health enthusiasts get excited about joining such causes, making it an extremely profitable endeavor. You can raise significant funds for your mission trip by encouraging people to share the event with their friends and family on social media or in person. The potential profits are limitless, and you get free publicity of the walkathon event, leading to your mission trip’s purpose being highlighted on credible public forums.

#2 Donut or Coffee Sundays

An easy and fun way to raise funds for mission trips is by serving hot cocoa, coffee, and donuts before, during, or after the Sunday services. You can ask people to volunteer at the booth where you can sell scrumptious goodies and request a free-will donation.

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#3 Doggie Daycare

Create a doggie daycare event or sign-up calendar for all the congregation members to request reliable pet-sitting services for their fur babies. Members of your mission trip can bathe pups, take them for grooming or daily walks, clean up backyards, or provide tailored services to congregation members. Set charges for different duties until you reach your mission trip’s fundraising goals.

#4 Candle Sales

People love candles, no matter what time of the year it might be. You can create your own candles or partner with reputable candle brands. Many brands price their products, so the group their values align with earns a certain percentage of profit on all purchases. Selling premium quality candles with refreshing and soothing scents can help you raise funds to light up the world for many less privileged communities worldwide.

Safety Above All

Missionaries face reduced levels of security and protection during distant trips. Churches and nonprofits should ensure all necessary precautions are taken to keep their missionaries safe from injuries, conflict, natural disasters, accidents, and so on. If you’re planning a mission trip, make sure your group is properly insured.

Most standard church insurance plans don’t provide optimal coverage outside the church premises or state. You’ll need additional liability coverage or mission trip insurance for foreign travel. If you’re unsure about streamlining the safety and security of your missionaries, our experienced church insurance agents can help you hammer out the details. Extra care could minimize headaches once the missionaries arrive on the mission field.

You can connect with us via call or email to get comprehensive mission trip insurance plans at the best rates. As your Church Insurance Brokers, we also offer a wide range of services, including ministry insurance, church property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, house of worship insurance, commercial auto insurance, church liability insurance, and more for churches and nonprofits in Texas, Washington, NevadaOhio, California, Colorado, and Arizona.

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